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    Picture of Mini Clear Tape with Dispenser

    Mini Clear Tape with Dispenser

    NTS 5754
  • Clear Tape with Dispenser
  • 19mmx 33m
  • 1.15
    Picture of Sellotape


    SELLO 49876
    Sellotape Original in the size of 18x66mm is a trusted and iconic adhesive tape for everyday use. Its strong and reliable adhesive ensures a secure bond on a variety of surfaces.

    With a convenient size, it is perfect for wrapping gifts, repairing documents, or general household tasks. The Sellotape Original 18x66mm provides a hassle-free solution with easy tearability and a clear finish.
    Picture of Clear Tape Range

    Clear Tape Range

    This Clear Tape is an exceptionally versatile and high-quality adhesive solution designed for a multitude of applications. Boasting a length of 66mm, this transparent tape adheres securely to various surfaces, ensuring a discreet and neat finish. Its strong, durable adhesive makes it perfect for tasks such as gift wrapping, sealing envelopes, or fixing torn pages.

    Crafted with user convenience in mind, the Clear Tape is easy to unwind and tear, making it a reliable choice for both professional and personal use. Invest in this essential adhesive tool to experience its outstanding performance, convenience, and reliability.
    Picture of Bostik Blu Tack Economy Size

    Bostik Blu Tack Economy Size

    BOS 30590110
    Bostik Blu Tack Economy Size, is the versatile and reliable adhesive solution for all your creative and practical needs. This convenient and affordable pack of Blu Tack offers a generous quantity of this reusable and non-toxic adhesive putty. Perfect for sticking, fixing, and holding items securely in place, Blu Tack Economy Size is a must-have for classrooms, offices, and households. Its easy-to-use and pliable nature allows for endless possibilities, making it an essential tool for arts and crafts, posters, decorations, and more.

    Trust Bostik Blu Tack Economy Size to provide the sticking power you need while leaving no residue behind. For those of a nervous disposition we also sell White-Tac which though it doesn't hold as well is easier to disguise.
    Picture of Bostik Blu Tak White

    Bostik Blu Tak White

    BOS 30803836
    Bostik Blu Tak White is a versatile and reusable adhesive putty that offers a multitude of practical uses. Its white color provides a discreet and seamless appearance on lighter surfaces. Whether used for mounting posters, securing lightweight objects, or creating temporary displays.

    Blu Tak White offers a strong and reliable hold. Its removable nature allows for easy repositioning without leaving marks or residue behind, making it a popular choice for both home and office applications.
    Picture of UHU Fix Strong Double-Sided Pads

    UHU Fix Strong Double-Sided Pads

    UHU 40259
  • 56 double-sided adhesive foam pads for fast, clean and durable adhesion.
  • For fixing and gluing on metal, glass, plastic, textiles, paper, cardboard and many other materials.
  • Up to 400g
  • 2.20
    Picture of Sellotape Sticky Fixers 12x25mm Pack of 56

    Sellotape Sticky Fixers 12x25mm Pack of 56

    SELLO SE37984
    Sellotape Sticky Fixers 12x25mm Pack of 56. Double-sided foam pads for permanent holding and mounting and can be used instead of nails, screws and glue. Each pad is 12mmx25mm and has a weight load of 108g. Pack 56 pads.

  • The ultimate foam fixing pad (permanent)
  • Strong double sided adhesion
  • Pre-cut pads are easy to remove from the backing paper
  • Joins or mounts paper, card, wood, ceramics, metal and most plastics
  • Ideal for scrap books and craft
  • Strong enough to hold up to 90g in weight
  • Size: 12 x 25mm
  • Pack of 56
  • 2.85
    Picture of UHU White Tack 50g+33%

    UHU White Tack 50g+33%

    UHU 43480
    UHU White Tack allows you to stick paper or small objects to a multitude of surfaces around the home, office or school with ease.

  • Fixes pictures, notes, memos, cards and decorations to walls.
  • Holds ornaments, telephones, message pads, plant pods etc. firmly down on surfaces.
  • Keeps small items in place.
  • 1.30
    Picture of Silverline Magnetic Tape 25mmx3m

    Silverline Magnetic Tape 25mmx3m

    TSM 703514
    Silverline Magnetic Tape, Lots of uses including for use with magnetic planners, Whiteboards, easels etc.

    Cut to size with scissors, peel off cover paper and stick to the back of any card or paper you wish to use as a magnetic accessory.

    Size - 25mm x3m.
    Picture of Sello Tape Dispenser

    Sello Tape Dispenser

    The SelloTape Dispenser is a practical tool that makes tape application quick and efficient. Designed with convenience in mind, it holds and dispenses the tape smoothly, eliminating the need for fumbling with rolls. Its ergonomic design and sturdy construction ensure durability and ease of use.

    The SelloTape Dispenser is an essential accessory for any home, office, or crafting space, providing a hassle-free and organized tape dispensing experience.
    Picture of Packaging Tape Fragile Logo

    Packaging Tape Fragile Logo

    VIV 1120FR
    The ultimate solution for secure and easily identifiable fragile shipments. This specialized packaging tape features a bold and unmistakable "Fragile" logo, ensuring that your delicate items receive the special attention they deserve.

    With its strong adhesive and tear-resistant construction, this tape provides a reliable seal while clearly communicating the need for careful handling. Safeguard your fragile goods during transit with Packaging Tape Fragile Logo, the trusted choice for effective packaging.
    Picture of Stik-ie 3D Mounting Foam Pads 10mm (240 Pieces)

    Stik-ie 3D Mounting Foam Pads 10mm (240 Pieces)

    PR 10186
    Stik-ie 3D Mounting Foam Pads 10mm (240 Pieces), the perfect solution for easy and secure mounting. These adhesive foam pads are designed to provide a strong bond and create a 3D effect when mounting objects. With a thickness of 10mm, they offer a significant lift, adding depth and dimension to your projects.

    The Stik-ie 3D Mounting Foam Pads come in a generous pack of 240 pieces, ensuring you have an ample supply for various mounting needs. Whether you're displaying artwork, photographs, or creating layered designs, these foam pads offer reliable adhesion without leaving any residue or damage.

    Effortlessly apply the pads to surfaces, and watch as your items instantly stand out. The Stik-ie 3D Mounting Foam Pads provide a professional and sleek finish, making them an excellent choice for DIY crafts, scrapbooking, or enhancing the visual appeal of any project.
    Picture of Packaging Tape Clear Roll

    Packaging Tape Clear Roll

    VIV 1120T
    The Packaging Tape Clear, measuring 48mm x 66m, is a reliable solution for securing and sealing packages. With its strong adhesive and durable construction, it provides a secure bond that withstands the rigors of shipping and handling. This versatile tape ensures your packages stay securely sealed during transit, offering peace of mind and protection for your items.

  • Packaging Tape made from quality Vinyl
  • 48mm x 66m
  • Clear
  • 2.50
    Picture of Pritt Stick Range

    Pritt Stick Range

    Original quality Pritt Stick quick, easy, clean & washable. Ideal for sticking paper, card and many craft items.
  • Small 10g
  • Medium 20g
  • Large 40g
  • Jumbo 90g
  • 1.65
    Picture of Tape Dispenser for Packaging Tape 50mm

    Tape Dispenser for Packaging Tape 50mm

    VIV 1380
    Tape Dispenser for Packaging
    Picture of Tesa Cloth Duct Tape Silver

    Tesa Cloth Duct Tape Silver

    NT 4613
    A super strength tape ideal for use within construction, industry, home and garden. It is designed to be used in multiple indoor and outdoor applications.

  • Colour: Silver
  • Size: 48mx50m
  • Easy tear
  • High tensile strength
  • Strong adhesion
  • Temperature resistant (-5° to 60°C)
  • Water resistant
  • 5.95
    Picture of UHU All Purpose Adhesive 35ml

    UHU All Purpose Adhesive 35ml

    UHU 40063
    UHU All Purpose Adhesive in a 35ml size is a versatile and reliable adhesive for a wide range of materials. Its strong bond and fast-drying formula make it ideal for various projects, from crafts to repairs. The compact 35ml size is perfect for portable use and smaller tasks. With UHU's trusted quality, this all-purpose adhesive ensures durable and long-lasting results.
    Picture of UHU Solvent Free All Purpose Adhesive 33ml

    UHU Solvent Free All Purpose Adhesive 33ml

    UHU 44930
    UHU Solvent Free All Purpose 33ml

  • UHU All Purpose adhesive solvent free, the modern, liquid universal adhesive with high initial tack
  • It sticks as firmly as the classic
  • Ideal for school and office
  • 3.25
    Picture of UHU Superglue 3g Ultra Fast

    UHU Superglue 3g Ultra Fast

    UHU 40755
  • Bonds in seconds
  • Instant glue
  • Suitable for Wide Range of Applications
  • Ideal for: Ceramics - Plastic - Metal -Wood - Rubber - Leather- Porcelain
  • The dried adhesive remains Transparent
  • Bonds Most Materials in Seconds
  • Will flow into the smallest corners and joints
  • Blister Carded with Full Instructions
  • 3g Liquid in Easy to Use Tube
  • 1.55
    Picture of Masking Tape Economy Range

    Masking Tape Economy Range

    Masking Tape - Economy Range
    General Purpose masking tape.
    This tape will stick strongly, high tack
    Picture of SG Drafting Masking Tape 19mm / 3/4"

    SG Drafting Masking Tape 19mm / 3/4"

    SG MTAA19
    Drafting masking tape, measuring 19mm in width, is a versatile and reliable tool for artists, architects, and designers. It is designed to be used in drafting and drawing applications, where precision and accuracy are essential.

    The tape is made of a low-tack adhesive, which allows it to be easily applied and removed without damaging delicate surfaces or leaving any residue behind. It is perfect for masking off areas of a drawing or design that need to be protected, such as edges or borders, and can also be used for labeling or organizing sketches or blueprints.
    Picture of Scotch Magic Invisible Tape

    Scotch Magic Invisible Tape

    Scotch Magic Tape is the original matt, invisible sticky tape with hundreds of uses. Frosty on the roll, invisible when applied. Write on it with pen, pencil or marker.

    The essential adhesive tape for the home and office available in a variety of widths and lengths, and fits a wide range of tape dispensers. The original matt, invisible sticky tape. Gives a strong, secure permanent seal using 3M trusted adhesive technology.

  • 19mm x 33m
  • 2.50
    Picture of UHU Epoxy Heavy Duty Glue 24ml Syringe

    UHU Epoxy Heavy Duty Glue 24ml Syringe

    UHU 45585
    The UHU plus endfest in the practical double chamber syringe is a powerful 2-component epoxy resin adhesive designed for highest loads up to 3000N/cm².The processing time is up to 90 minutes, the curing time and final strength (up to 3000N/cm²) are temperature dependent. The adhesive is solid at room temperature after 12 hours. The user-friendly double-chamber syringe allows automatic dispensing of the 2 components in the correct mixing ratio.

    The adhesive is impact resistant, resistant to ageing and temperature. Can be drilled, filed and painted over after curing. Suitable for metals, stone, concrete, marble, porcelain, wood, glass, rubber, duroplastics, polystyrene, rigid PVC and glass fibre reinforced plastics. Crystal clear and highly durable 2-component adhesive in a practical double-chamber syringe for application in the correct mixing ratio.

  • Epoxy 2-component high strength adhesive final strength up to 3,000 N/cm squared
  • Resistant to impact, ageing and temperatures from -20 deg C to +100 deg C
  • Resistant to dampness, oil, diluted acids, alkalis and many solvents
  • For metal, stone, concrete, wood, glass and many plastics
  • After curing can be drilled, filled and painted
  • 9.95
    Picture of SG Clear Tape Range

    SG Clear Tape Range

    Clear tape, measuring 66m in length (different width's available), is a commonly used adhesive tape that is versatile and reliable. It is made of a clear, glossy material that allows for a discreet application, making it ideal for a variety of uses such as packaging, gift-wrapping, and general household use.

    The tape is strong and durable, providing a secure hold on a variety of surfaces including paper, cardboard, and plastic. Its long length makes it a cost-effective option, as it lasts longer and requires less frequent replacement than shorter tapes.
    Picture of Double Sided Tape Range

    Double Sided Tape Range

    Double-sided tape is a versatile adhesive solution that provides a secure bond between two surfaces. With adhesive coatings on both sides, it offers reliable sticking power for a wide range of materials.

    Whether for crafting, home projects, or office use, double-sided tape is a convenient tool that allows for temporary or permanent bonding. Its easy application and clean removal make it a practical choice for mounting, sealing, and attaching items with precision.