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    Aquafine Watercolour Texture Jumbo Pad 300g 50 Sheets Range

    Manufacturer: Daler Rowney
    The Aquafine Watercolour Jumbo Pad is a fantastic option for watercolor artists looking for ample creative space. With an impressive 300g weight and 50 sheets, this pad provides a large, reliable surface to explore various watercolor techniques.

    The high-quality, acid-free paper ensures the longevity of your artwork, while its texture allows for excellent color absorption and blending, making it an ideal choice for creating stunning and vibrant watercolor masterpieces. Whether you're a professional artist or a passionate hobbyist, this jumbo pad offers a versatile and enjoyable painting experience.
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    Enjoy a pleasant crafting experience as this clay is odorless and non-sticky, keeping your hands clean. It boasts flexibility and semi-elasticity, maintaining its size and opacity as it dries. Here are some usage instructions:
  • Begin by kneading the self-hardening clay, adding water as needed until it's crack-free and ready to shape.
  • Work quickly, moistening the clay if it starts to dry while in use.
  • To join dry elements or add new ones, moisten the surface or use Darwi's super-strong acrylic adhesive.
  • When working on porous materials, dampen them first to prevent immediate drying.
  • Let your creation rest on paper towels after sculpting, ensuring the base dries too.
  • Allow approximately 24 hours for complete drying, although drying times may vary with room humidity.
  • Finish your masterpiece with acrylic paints and varnishes.

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