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    Based in Italy, and founded in 1935,Arda is a leader in the production and design of technical drawing items, which it supports with a complete range of office items, blackboards and school accessories. Arda pursues technological excellence and production quality, with particular attention to design and innovation.

    SG Education carries the Arda range of Compasses, T-Squares, Board Protractors and Set Squares, Magnets, Display Cases, Rulers, Mobile Whiteboards, and Drawing Tubes.

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    Picture of Arda Board Set Square 45d Magnetic Yellow with Handle

    Arda Board Set Square 45d Magnetic Yellow with Handle

    AR 1101
    Picture of Arda Board Set Square 60d Magnetic Yellow with Handle

    Arda Board Set Square 60d Magnetic Yellow with Handle

    AR 1100
    Picture of Magnetic Display Case with Lock 930x655mm

    Magnetic Display Case with Lock 930x655mm

    AR BA8A4
    Introducing the Magnetic Display Case with Lock, a sleek and secure solution to showcase and protect your valuable items. This premium display case measures 93x65.5cm, providing ample space for your prized possessions.

    Crafted with a sturdy aluminium frame, this display case offers both durability and a modern aesthetic. The aluminium construction ensures long-lasting performance, making it ideal for both residential and commercial settings.

    Designed with convenience in mind, this display case features a magnetic backboard to securely hold the contents in place. Additionally, the lock adds an extra layer of security, giving you peace of mind when showcasing your most treasured belongings.

    The display case comes with screws included, allowing for hassle-free installation. With the provided screws, you can easily mount the case on any desired wall, enhancing the visual appeal of your space while keeping your items protected.

    Whether you want to exhibit collectibles, art pieces, awards, or any other cherished objects, this Magnetic Display Case with Lock provides a stylish and secure solution. Elevate the presentation of your valuables while keeping them safe from dust, moisture, and unwanted handling.
    Picture of Arda Board Compass with Adaptor

    Arda Board Compass with Adaptor

    AR 1002
    Introducing the Arda Board Compass with Adaptor, a reliable and versatile tool designed for precise drawing on various surfaces. This high-quality compass offers exceptional durability and functionality, making it perfect for use on whiteboards, blackboards, and more. The included adaptor ensures a secure and stable grip, preventing any unwanted movements or slipping while you work.

    With its smooth adjustment mechanism and clear markings, the Arda Board Compass allows you to effortlessly create accurate circles and arcs. Whether you're a student, teacher, or professional, this compass is an essential addition to your toolkit. Experience superior precision and ease of use with the Arda Board Compass with Adaptor, and unlock your creativity with confidence.
    Picture of Arda Magnetic Board Protractor Yellow with Handle

    Arda Magnetic Board Protractor Yellow with Handle

    AR 1004
    ARDA Blackboard Magnetic Protractor 180° / 50cm

    Quality sturdy magenetic protractor for use on a Blackboard.
    Made in Italy from yellow plastic.

    Picture of T Square Plastic for Board Yellow Magnetic

    T Square Plastic for Board Yellow Magnetic

    AR 1003
    Picture of Compass Adaptor

    Compass Adaptor

    AR 1005
    Picture of Arda Magnetic Metre Ruler Yellow with Black Handle

    Arda Magnetic Metre Ruler Yellow with Black Handle

    AR 1097
    Arda Plastic Metre Stick with Magnetic - ideal for school use
    Picture of Set of 4 Magnets for Boards

    Set of 4 Magnets for Boards

    AR 1006

    set of 4 magnets

    suitable for light board equipment 

    Picture of Drawing Tube (Teletube)  A3 to A2 Small -Clearance

    Drawing Tube (Teletube) A3 to A2 Small -Clearance

    AR 1543
    Clearance Item for Temporary product substitute during COVID
  • Perfect for secondary school students
  • A3 sized tube extends to A2.
  • Minimum length 43cm extends to max 76cm.
  • Secure screw top & handy removeable carry string (not strap) .
  • €9.50 €6.49
    Picture of Drawing Tube (Teletube) A4 to B1

    Drawing Tube (Teletube) A4 to B1

    AR 1543N
    This Drawing Tube is a practical and reliable tool for artists, architects, designers, and anyone who needs to transport or store their valuable artwork or documents safely. This drawing tube is designed to protect rolled-up drawings, posters, blueprints, maps, and other large documents.

    With a length of up to 70cm (B1) and a diameter of 6.8 cm, the Drawing Tube provides ample space to securely store and carry your important creations. It features a durable construction with a sturdy plastic body and reinforced and lackable end cap that offer excellent protection against bending, crushing, and moisture.

    The twist-and-lock mechanism ensures a tight seal, keeping your artwork or documents securely in place during transport. The adjustable cotton shoulder strap allows for easy carrying, and the lightweight design adds to its portability.

    Whether you're an art student, a professional artist, or simply looking for a reliable storage solution for your valuable documents, the Drawing Tube provides a secure and convenient way to protect and transport your rolled-up creations. It is a must-have tool for those who value the safety and preservation of their artwork or important documents.
    Picture of Mobile Magnetic Whiteboard 1200x900mm

    Mobile Magnetic Whiteboard 1200x900mm

    AR CF90120
    The Arda Mobile Whiteboard Magnetic 1200x900mm is a versatile and functional whiteboard designed for various professional and educational settings. With its generous size of 1200x900mm, this mobile whiteboard offers ample writing space to capture ideas, presentations, or visual aids. The magnetic surface allows you to easily attach documents, notes, or visual aids using magnets, enhancing the interactivity and versatility of the board.

    The mobility feature of this whiteboard makes it convenient to move and position according to your needs. It comes with sturdy caster wheels that ensure smooth and effortless transportation, allowing you to easily shift the whiteboard from one room to another or to different areas within the same space.

    The high-quality construction of the whiteboard ensures durability and long-lasting performance. The surface is smooth and easy to write on, erasing cleanly without leaving any ghosting marks. It also resists stains, scratches, and dents, ensuring a pristine surface even with frequent use.
    Picture of Valigetta Messenger Bag

    Valigetta Messenger Bag

    AR 0229
    Black is the New Green with this Briefcase style messenger bag. Made from 100% recycled, re-generation plastic.

    Expandable soft briefcase measuring 37x30cm with removable shoulder strap
    Picture of Arda Metal Pencil Sharpener Twin Hole

    Arda Metal Pencil Sharpener Twin Hole

    The Arda Metal Pencil Sharpener Twin Hole is a durable and efficient tool for sharpening your pencils with precision. Its dual holes accommodate both standard and large pencils, making it versatile for all your creative and writing needs. Crafted from high-quality metal, it's built to last and ensures a sharp point every time.