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    People who learn and think differently can use technology tools to work around their challenges. These tools are called assistive technology (AT).

    AT is any device, software, or equipment that helps people with disabilities learn, communicate, or function better. AT can be as high-tech as a computer. Or as low-tech as a walking stick.

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    Picture of C Pen Connect Digital Highlighter

    C Pen Connect Digital Highlighter

    C-PEN Connect is a Bluetooth digital highlighter for mobile use that captures text, recognise it, and streams it in editable format to supported host devices.

    Perfect to capture note and quotes from books or listening to text being read out.
    App supports saving, sharing, reading out loud, translation.
    Compatible with Android and iOS.
    Picture of C Pen Exam Reader 2

    C Pen Exam Reader 2

    C pen Exam Reader 2, the successor to the successful ExamReader, is a convenient portable off-line assistive text reader for printed text. Scan text with this state-of-the-art device and have text read out to you aloud in real time. Everything, including the natural speaking voices, is embedded in this off-line device and there is no need for computer or internet connections.

    Exam Reader 2 is specifically designed for use in tests and exams when a student requires reading assistance. Everything is embedded and there is no need for smartphones, computers or internet! Enable students to reach their capacity with the help of Exam Reader 2.

    Test knowledge ; not reading A student who has a hard time reading the questions can hardly be expected to be able to provide proper answers. Exam Reader 2 assists the students to read the questions but offers no help with the answers. Using Exam Reader 2 with earphones enables these students to be in the same room as their piers when taking the test, saving school resources.
    Picture of C Pen LingoPen

    C Pen LingoPen

    LingoPen is a language learning pen especially designed for students learning a new language, and students with English as an Additional Language (EAL). Become a fluent and independent reader in the language of your choice with the help of LingoPen.

    LingoPen is a convenient portable tool for those who need support learning a new language. Scan text with this state-of-the-art device to look-up and translate words between different languages in an instant. LingoPen has a text to speech function for further language retention. LingoPen also features a voice recorder and supports to store scanned text. Everything is built-in and there is no need or requirement for internet connection.

    Use LingoPen to support reading of text in a foreign language. Books, menus, business document, they can all be unlocked with the aid of LingoPen. The digital highlighter – alongside with the text-to-speech function – supports multi-sensory learning and aid language retention. Use the included voice recorder to support learner revisions. Students can record pronunciations or objectives from teachers to develop independent learning. Store scanned text and voice recordings using the 2GB available storage.
    Picture of C Pen Reader 2

    C Pen Reader 2

    With the C-Pen Reader 2 you are an independent reader, able to read any printed text on your own. Depending on your need, scan full paragraphs or single words and listen to the text being read out automatically. Definitions of words are just a few clicks away. If you get stuck on a word, listen to it being read out, and access the explanation of the word – read out aloud to you – with just a few clicks.

    It is well proven that multi-sensory learning is far more efficient than single-sensory learning. Listen to word or paragraphs being read out to you while at the same time visually following along on the screen or in the textbook – and learn faster. A well proven memorization technique is spaced repetition. The on-pen Practice function let you practice words you have found especially difficult lately. Spend a few minutes at the end of the day and practice pronunciation and understanding. C-Pen Reader 2 automatically spaces your repetition by allowing you to practice , .

    AI based character recognition: C-Pen Reader 2 features an AI based character recognition - supporting more fonts and is less dependent on print quality.
    Audio Boost: The Audio Boost feature provides a slightly higher volume which may come handy in noisy environments.
    Practice with words: C-Pen Reader 2 keeps track of words scanned and read out aloud and words looked up in dictionaries. Based on "your own" words, C-Pen Reader 2 provides instant words games allowing you to practice pronunciations and definitions.
    Easier to access definitions: Words often have multiple definitions. C-Pen Reader 2 processes the dictionary definitions and display these definitions one by one, making it easier to access each definition. Long-press UP/DOWN to step between definitions and press OK to listen to them one by one.

    Picture of Dragon Naturally Speaking Professional V16.0

    Dragon Naturally Speaking Professional V16.0

    Nuance Dragon Professional Individual version 16 is a speech recognition software that allows users to dictate and transcribe text with high accuracy and speed.

    The software uses advanced deep learning algorithms to recognize and transcribe speech, and it can learn and adapt to a user's voice over time to provide even greater accuracy. It can also transcribe audio files and convert them into editable text.
    Dragon Professional Individual version 16 includes a range of features to improve productivity, such as voice commands for formatting and editing text, the ability to create custom commands, and integration with popular applications like Microsoft Word and Excel. It is compatible with Windows operating systems and can be used with a variety of microphones, including those built into laptops.
    Picture of Inspiration v10

    Inspiration v10

    Inspiration is a simple to use mind mapping software that will help user’s structure reports, projects and presentations. Individuals can use maps, graphic organisers and diagrams to brainstorm ideas and communicate concepts visually.

    Inspiration aids productivity in the schools and the workplace and is popular among people with neuro-diversities such as dyslexia. Individuals with dyslexia often find information in a non-linear format much easier process.

    Inspiration allows users to organise ideas and use visual symbols as a memory aid.
    Picture of LightKey Educational 1 Year Licence Range

    LightKey Educational 1 Year Licence Range

    Lightkey, the AI powered multi-word prediction software offering up to 18 words including punctuation in advance. Lightkey also offers spelling and real-time grammar corrections ensuring your work is contextually accurate.

    Lightkey is a software that offers intelligent text prediction. It is intuitive in that it learns from what you type into it, meaning it can offer intelligent word predictions. Not only that, it is able to predict commonly typed phrases. This software supports users that struggle with spelling and those that struggle with the time it takes to produce essays. The user is always in control of their work and they make an active decision whether to use the predicted word rather than having it changed for them. The number of keystrokes needed to produce written work is reduced using this software meaning attention can be spent elsewhere. This software is an effective, time-saving solution for those composing written work.

  • 60+ Subject dictionaries
  • 80+ Languages
  • Inbuilt calculator
  • Read-Aloud Predictions & Corrections
  • Compatible with other AT products & Screen Readers
  • Real-time grammar corrections
  • Phonetic spelling corrections
  • Works with all your native applications
  • Predicts up to 18 words including punctuation

  • €240.00
    Picture of Pro-Study 1 Year Licence Range

    Pro-Study 1 Year Licence Range

    With Pro-Study all your research is in one place! Pro-Study helps students take the stress out of collecting, organising and referencing research for their assignments.

    Pro-Study is an online complete research solution, which has been designed to simplify the assignment research process, by allowing the student to effortlessly collect and organise research material into a centralised database. Pro-Study allows a student to read the essay question or assignment brief, identify the key discussion points, before conducting relevant research on each point in isolation.

    Pro-Study can be used for extracting, organising, and storing research material. Each piece of information captured in the programme's dedicated centralised database, will automatically produce a direct hyperlink back to the original source, as well as automatically capturing the reference information. Using AI, Pro-Study’s Auto Tiles tool can analyse the webpage or document for the student and pick out the key points. Pro-Study’s searchable database allows the student to effectively re-visit and re-use important information from previous projects for new assignments.

  • Pro-Study uses powerful integration with Microsoft Word and PDF to produce a full report containing all of the research and references. Students also have the option to export to Excel for further content analysis.
  • Pro-Study integrates with mind mapping software, allowing a seamless transition from the research phase to the planning process.
  • Pro-Study users can collaborate with each other by sharing projects. Uploading projects to the major cloud platforms allows colleagues and peers to also have access to the research.
  • Pro-Study’s powerful OCR Feature can capture information from multiple sources including websites, journals, books and PDF’s.
  • Pro-Study is connected to a database of over 9500+ referencing styles and over 27 million books
  • Pro-Study’s bookmark feature helps students keep their open internet tabs down to a minimum.
  • Pro-Study and the Pro-Study web extension will help the student to search through research material to identify key information. The student can then extract and organise this information

  • €99.00
    Picture of TextAid by ReadSpeaker Educational Range

    TextAid by ReadSpeaker Educational Range

    At least 10% of children do not reach their full potential because they have difficulties with reading due to a SpLD, ADHD or reading in their non-native language. TextAid removes this barrier to learning by reading any text aloud. ReadSpeaker are world leaders in computer voice technology and the natural sounding voice will read back any text including worksheets, exam papers, pages of a book and websites. ReadSpeaker TextAid is browser based which means you don't need to download it onto specific devices. Students can use it in the classroom, at home and on their phone or tablet and all their work is saved into their online library.

    As well as text-to-speech there are other tools too including a screen ruler, text mode to make text easier to read, translation, word prediction, download as audio and a highlighter tool which extracts key information.

    It allows students to work independently and improve comprehension. Students simply click play to listen to any text, reducing the need to rely on adult support. TextAid will read any document, even websites and text in a picture. Students can concentrate on the content rather than decoding individual words


    Picture of Touch-Type, Read and Spell Range

    Touch-Type, Read and Spell Range

    TTRS is modular in design and contains 24 levels with 31 modules in each level. A module typically takes a few minutes to complete. Student success is encouraged by immediate feedback and positive reinforcement. This feedback includes a score that appears at the end of each module.

    The course starts with students learning to touch-type, read and spell the vowels - "a, e, I, o, u ". The audio track accompanies the letters as they appear on the screen, reinforcing sound-letter correspondence, which is a crucial skill for sounding out words in reading. The student then receives their first score - and success!

    In the second module,the student is introduced to words grouped by onset, vowel-blend, and final consonant. For example - fed, wed, led. This teaches phonics in context and at the same time, the student is learning how to touch-type. With repetition, these words move from short-term to long-term memory.

    Every 5th module is a dictation module that removes the visual element encouraging the student to listen to the words and then type out what they hear. This reinforces the words introduced in the previous 4 modules. It also develops spelling by testing sound-letter mapping skills.

    Some students with dyslexia have problems with their short-term memory. Repetition is a way of “over-learning” which can help with these problems. TTRS uses a multi-sensory approach to repetition learning.

    Through the multi-sensory approach, students hear the words using headphones, see the words printed on the screen, and are prompted as to which fingers to press via the on-screen keyboard.

    Finally, through the sense of touch, they type out the words and learn to “spell with their fingers”.