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    Picture of AVID AE-36 Headset Range

    AVID AE-36 Headset Range

    The Avid AE-36 headset is a durable and comfortable headset designed for use in classrooms, libraries, and other educational settings. The headset features a padded headband and ear cups that provide a comfortable fit for extended use, and its durable construction ensures it can withstand frequent use by students.

    The headset also includes an in-line flexible microphone for clear communication during online classes or video conferences. Its 3.5mm jack is compatible with a wide range of devices, including laptops, tablets, and smartphones, making it a versatile choice for educators and students. The Avid AE-36 headset is available in a choice of colors and is a popular choice for its combination of durability, comfort, and affordability.
    Picture of AVID AE-42 Headset Range

    AVID AE-42 Headset Range

    The AE-42 is designed as one of the most robust thin-profile headsets on the market. The headsets in this series have minimal moving parts and a ruggedised headband to withstand even the toughest mechanical abuse. The AE-42 features an adjustable padded headband for ultimate comfort.

    AVID knows that the classroom environment is one of the roughest places for headphones. That’s why the AVID AE 42 headphones / headsets are designed to be one of the most durable headphones / headsets on the market. The headset has minimal moving parts and a ruggedized headband to withstand even the toughest mechanical abuse. The braided nylon cord is woven to exacting specifications that are designed to prevent even the most tenacious child from chewing the cord apart. Great choice for school headphones

    Highly Posable for a Comfortable Listening Experience The AVID AE-42 headphones / headsets feature a highly adjustable headband, padded headband, and repositionable ear cups which work together to provide an incredibly comfortable fit for children of all shapes and sizes. In addition, the soft-touch surface finish prevents scratches and other signs of wear from becoming noticeable ensuring that the AVID AE42 looks as good on the first day of use as it will during its whole lifespan.
    Picture of Avid FV-060 Headset Blue

    Avid FV-060 Headset Blue

    AVID 100580
    Adjustable headphones which will ensure correct fit. With vinyl earpads for comfort and making them easy to Clean Six-foot cord allows for large range of motion, ear cup cord strain relief.
    3.5 mm right angled jack - compatible with all Windows PCs and prevents breakage by eliminating pressure points
    Easy to Clean and Store - Rotating Ear Cups
    Standard 12 month Manufacturers' Warranty
    No microphone
    Picture of AVID AE-54 Headset Blue and Silver Headset with microphone

    AVID AE-54 Headset Blue and Silver Headset with microphone

    AVID 101102
    The AVID AE-54 is a stylish and comfortable headset with a sleek blue and silver design, complete with a built-in microphone. It is perfect for use with computers, laptops, tablets, and smartphones, making it ideal for online gaming, video conferencing, or listening to music.

    The headset is equipped with high-quality speakers that provide crystal-clear sound and deep bass, ensuring an immersive listening experience. The microphone is also adjustable and can be positioned for optimal clarity.

    The headset is lightweight and features soft cushioned ear cups that provide comfort even during extended use. Overall, the AVID AE-54 headset is a great option for anyone looking for a high-quality headset with both style and functionality.
    Picture of Avid AE-35 Headset Blue no mic

    Avid AE-35 Headset Blue no mic

    AVID 100583
    The Avid AE-35 headset is a lightweight and durable option for individuals who require clear audio and reliable communication. It is designed with a single 3.5mm jack, making it compatible with a wide range of devices including computers, laptops, tablets, and smartphones.

    The ear cups are cushioned for comfort during extended use, and the headband is adjustable to fit most head sizes. The Avid AE-35 is a great option for students, professionals, or anyone who needs a reliable and affordable headset for daily use.
    Picture of AVID AE-39 USB Headset with USB Mic

    AVID AE-39 USB Headset with USB Mic

    AVID 100663
    The AE-39 USB headset gets an A+ for its feature-packed, do-it-all design.

    Make distance learning more comfortable with this durable and practical headset. With added thoughtful touches like an all-ages, fully adjustable headband and a widely compatible USB connector to make the AE-39 your go-to for remote classrooms and conferences.

    Omnidirectional boom mic captures every word for a better learning experience, padded headband and cushioned earpads add all-day comfort.
    Reliable and consistent results in every environment. Compatibility across multiple platforms and learning applications. Ideal for testing and assessments
    Picture of Avid Fishbone cable adaptor

    Avid Fishbone cable adaptor

    AVID 100844
    We all know the frustration of broken audio pins, so Avid decided to do some problem solving.

    The Fishbone breakaway adapter won Best of Show from ISTE and it’s easy to see why. It’s a simple, yet highly effective adapter that prevents audio pins from breaking off inside your device inputs.

    Flex it, bend it - no problem! The Fishbone gives you 360 degrees of input angles and minimizes stress on your device pin. Prevents your audio pin from breaking off inside an electronic device. Compact design for effortless travel or storage.
    Picture of Logitech Z120 Speaker set USB

    Logitech Z120 Speaker set USB

    Playing all of your music and audio files with the greatest ease, Logitech Z120 Speakers are great for home and office use. Plugging in to any 3.5mm jack (the industry standard for headphones), this product can be used with MP3 players, desktop computer and laptops.

    With a balanced sound, not too heavy in bass but not tinny either, you can be sure that all of your music gets the treatment it deserves, sounding better than ever. The compact design makes the speaker easily portable. Speakers to make the most from your music and audio Gets a level and fulfilling sound Portable for use anywhere Suitable for desktops, laptops and MP3 Players USB cable length: 1.2m Plugs into any 3.5mm jack