The Write Stuff

Back to school with the right materials and equipment is more important than you may think.

 The first day of school days or the first day back to the classroom is bitter sweet for parents and children alike. It marks the end of the summer and a rite of passage for the child. We also have to knuckle down to the daily routine of school lunches, uniforms and homework, and can no longer enjoy day time TV in our pyjamas.

To make the whole process of back to school a little more tolerable, it is vital to be organised and getting the right equipment for children is part of that. For children, having the correct school supplies makes facing the school term ahead a little easier.  While all school children love the thrill of new pencils, a fresh sharpie and a snappy new felt pens, it seems that having the right equipment may be more important than you think.  In a survey   by a U.S. Children’s Charity, teachers reported a 82% increase in class participation and a 78% increase in learning interest, when children were provided with the school equipment which they needed.   Knowing that you are fully prepared for school makes the transition a little smoother and more pleasant. When you put thought and effort into getting the school bag and homework station organised, it sends your child a message that you take schooling, homework and study seriously. Children who are compelled to borrow a pen or a colouring pencil from other students or teachers are put in an awkward situation. Of course, sharing is something we must encourage, but if a student is always without the recommended school equipment, it will over time, undermine their confidence.  It also gives the message that studies are not that important. Thankfully, these days there is a huge indexselection of inexpensive back to school stationery that will ensure that your child is well stocked up for those vital first days back at the desks.

Children love stationery and arts and crafts supplies.  The extent of brand marketing, from favourite Disney characters to business logos on backpacks and pencils etc. is testament to the selling power of Minions, Frozen or Nike and the popularity of a cool pen. The hip kids are secretly waiting for term to start so they can show off their new pencil case, full to the brim with smelly gel pens, brand new sharpies, handwriting pens and the cleanest erasers you will ever see.  Glue pens, glitter, bright paper and felt pens are on the wish list of every student.   Here are a ten top arts and craft/stationery items which you might like to pop in a cool school bag.

  1. Show –me Medium Dry Wipe Pens: Specifically designed for smaller hands to use and sporting a pressure resistant tip
  2. Shatter-Proof ruler: Classic. Survives all kinds of horseplay and functions well in class. Who hasn’t been whacked with a shatter proof ruler?
  3. Coloured Pencils: Perfect for writing your name 50 times on the back of a copy in joined up writing.
  4. Sharpie Markers: The #1 brand in permanent markers, these are famous for their water-resistant, permanent ink that adheres to most surfaces.
  5. Glue Stick: Safe, practical and economical.  As used in history projects, father’s day cards and in sticking paper flowers on book covers.
  6. Tipp Ex Shake & Squeeze Pen: Avoid tipp-Ex spills and fumes with this amazing correction pen.
  7. Crayons: It’s all about the colours. You can stay within the lines later.
  8. Topper: Pencils are an obvious choice for the ‘pencil’ case, but if you have no cool topper to make those lovely pencil curls, they are just incomplete.
  9. Folders and A4 Pockets: So much loose paper/information sheets are distributed in schools these days. A colourful selection of folders will ensure all is kept neat and tidy and accessible for study.
  10. Scissors: A good craft scissors makes life so much easier for the older student. No running though!

An added extra to make you all smile

Talking Hot dots Pen:   Not strictly for school but definitely for making learning fun. With brand new sound effects and phrases, the audio and visual feedback, this pen gently redirects incorrect answer choices and congratulates correct ones. Sounds can be muted for quiet classroom use.