Interesting and Unique Techniques by Emerging Artists

True originality is hard to achieve when we consider the legacy of Hirst’s formaldehyde tanks and diamond skulls and Tracey Emin’s unmade bed.  The rise of digital influences on contemporary art must also be changing techniques and methods of working.  But some emerging artists are still employing new and unconventional techniques and methodologies to unleash their creativity.

Christian Rosa, TBT 004
Christian Rosa, TBT 004

Christian Rosa has become one of the most sought after painters.  He works in pencil, spray paint and oil allowing instinct to create abstract painted worlds on large canvas. His paintings can be chaotic, dense, always eloquent and interesting, they have been compared to automatic writing.

Many artist are embracing the digital age and we now see the use of Photoshop and illustrator in the works of artist like Jeff Elrod who explores the relationship between classical hand painting and digitally created mark making. He has dubbed his analogue and digital combination method ‘frictionless painting’. His work is now keenly collected and is being called the ‘new abstract’.

artists MARCEL EICHNER Untitled, 2013
Marcel Eichner, Untitled, 2013

Mixed media is an all-encompassing description which may mean a combination of oils and acrylics or of buttons and crayons.  One of the most original and clever emerging artists currently working in ‘mixed media’ is Marcel Eichner. The Berlin based artist has gained notoriety with his haunting paintings where the surreal and the ordinary spin out in chaos. The artist uses ink, acrylics and gouache to produce unique art works which are not comfortable to categorize or enjoy, but they do provoke the emotions and draw the viewer into this world of dreams and nightmares.

Artists Ben Long Horse Scaffolding Sculpture 2013
Ben Long Horse Scaffolding Sculpture 2013

Street art has long since left its ‘graffiti’ title and the debate about art or vandalism behind to see the emergence of strong artists who command respect and admiration. Ben Long is one unusual artist who maintains that he is making the mundane marvelous by producing amazing travelling artwork on the back of dirty vehicles and creating sculptures from scaffolding poles. Long seems to embrace the impermanence of his art just as much as he embraces the diversity of his tools.

Artists Tom Deininger, self portrait
Tom Deininger, self portrait

Art can be made from practically anything. Some art is junk and some can be called junk.  Artist Tom Deininger uses all manner of discarded objects, metal, trash, car boot sale items to produce highly original art. Known as the junk artist, his sculptures and portraits are a joy to behold. The artist is an environmentalist and his work reflects his belief in the beauty that surrounds us. His rabbit sculpture made entirely from old cigarette butts, is a case in point.

It is astounding that creatives continue to find new techniques and tools with which to express themselves in unique and wondrous ways. The overall artistic vision is achieved regardless of, or with the incorporation of, any number of diverse art supplies and media.  We never cease to be amazed.

Top Arts and Craft trends and techniques for 2017

Now that the world of arts and crafts has so many new techniques, supplies and inspiration than ever before it is a much more exciting an innovative place?  Knitting, crochet, weaving and paper art are among the crafts which are not just experiencing a revival, but are thriving due to renewed interest and the imagination of a whole new generation of crafters. The internet is revolutionising the arts and crafts world. The artsy website Pinterest is just one place where crafters can exchange ideas and techniques and showcase their work as a catalyst for others to get making in a new and unique way.

Among the trending crafts at the moment is the very beautiful quilled paper art. This is paper art at its most elegant and exceptional.  New crafting tools make the process a little more accessible, although quilling is not for the faint hearted or those, like me, who stick themselves to all surfaces every time open a tube of super glue.  Quilling is a classy and most effective paper craft which is on the rise in popularity with more complicated patterns and amazing results.

Paper Art






Upcycling is the process of taking an object and transforming it into something of greater value.  It is also very very hipster trendy at the moment. The upside to upcycling is that it can cost as little or as much as you want. ( .  Some of the worst include melted crayon candles and sandals fashioned from flattened plastic water bottles, with the label as a strap. Upcycling also imparts the smug feeling that you are helping the environment by re-using something that might be destined for the landfill.uch as you want.  In fairness, there is a very blurred line between a successful upcycle and rubbish being presented in a different way. But one person’s treasure is another person’s sow’s ear.  The most successful upcycling are the repainting/varnishing and cleaning up of old furniture, mason and pickle jars as utensil holders and the countless uses for old t shirts.

Chalk Paint
Upcycling Furniture





Crochet and knitting have made a post boom/post Celtic tiger return in popularity.  Handmade is the way to go now and it is not unusual to see commuters crocheting their way to work on the Dart. There is a meditative quality to knitting and crochet and this is mirrored in one of the biggest hobby trends in years.


Meditation, Relaxation

Colouring in!  Yes, colouring in is now a meditative practise and templates for mandalas and decorative repetitive patterns abound as adult ‘meditation’ colouring books are available everywhere. Apparently, all those years ago when you spent hours colouring in, you were in fact practising mindfulness.

Try it for yourself and embrace the soothing meditation of intricate colouring.

Arts and crafts can only benefit from the advances in trends and techniques which are now a few clicks away.  Crafters only have to Google key words like clothes peg, egg boxes, acrylic paints or upcycling tin cans and a world of ideas and patterns are at your crafty fingertips in minutes.  Be inspired.

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