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Socks and underwear may come and go, but these beautiful art books will be enjoyed for years to come. These books and what they teach will give both a physical gift and the pleasure in the act of practicing art, to experience the power of art to take us beyond ourselves. These books are given as a call to use the gifts & talents we have been given.

Giving true Gifts

The poet Walt Whitman, believed “the gift is to the giver, and comes back most to him – it cannot fail”, so give yourself and someone you care about a gift today. That is many many gifts in one!!

The Best Books to Gift to the Art Lover or Art Practitioner in Your Life.

  1. The Oil Painters Bible

Oil paint is such a responsive and versatile medium that no two painters need use it in exactly the same way, and since its invention in Renaissance times it has never lost its popularity with artists. Amateurs also find it appealing, both because it is enjoyable to use and because mistakes can be so easily rectified so there is nothing to fear. This compact book explains all the materials, techniques and different approaches to painting with oils. Step-by-step sequences show how to paint a range of themes, from still life to portraits and landscapes, with advice on more difficult subjects. There are also suggestions for presenting your finished paintings and how to go about getting your work seen and exhibited.

Acrylic Fun
  1. Compendium of Acrylic Painting Techniques –

Brimming with expert advice, Gill Barron’s Compendium of acrylic painting techniques is perfect for all levels of artists to enjoy and treasure.

Broken down into carefully thought categories, this comprehensive guide will show you all you need to know: from what to do, and what not to do; mixing colours and creating effects using only one set of tubes; to setting up your own studio using household items to save money.

Aimed at all painters, from beginners to the more experienced, this book is packed with expert advice on all aspects of acrylic painting. Beginners can follow processes stage-by- stage, while more experienced artists can dip in and out for help with specific problems. A unique section on how to develop your art and take it to a wider public is full of professional secrets which can bring you success much more quickly. “Try it” and “Fix it” panels placed throughout the book suggest ways of practicing and developing new skills, and avoiding or correcting common painting errors. With over 40 years of expertise, Gill is well placed to pass on her knowledge, assisting you in becoming the successful artist you crave to be.

Ah go on, just paint it!
  1. Just Paint It!-

For anyone who has ever gazed longingly at a set of artists paints and brushes in a store and wished that they knew where to begin, this is the book for them. This companion to Barron’s Just Draw It! relies on the belief that anyone can paint, and encourages readers to not only learn, but to experiment and play with their art. Every exercise in this unique manual can be performed by artists at all levels of training and ability.

All exercises are designed to inspire, motivate, and break down any fears about painting. Covers a variety of techniques and approaches to expand and improve painting skills

A powerfully effective art course that never feels like a set of tedious drills. Lessons cover a number of subjects, including colour, tone, light and shade, compositions, textures, patterns, surface, and paint quality. Illustrations on every page are in colour and black & white.

Meditation, Relaxation
Colouring Book for Adults
  1. Derwent Unwind in the Wilds Colouring Book –

Made in collaboration with artist Sarah Taylor and inspired by the English Lake district, these nature themed images help with destressing and relaxing as you complete each page, while you improve your shading blending and colour skills. This book, like all derwent products has a high quality finish and a luxurious feel, it makes for a wonderful gift or calming personal project.


  1. Painting Abstracts: Ideas, Projects and Techniques

by Rolina van Vliet. This Painting Abstracts book is Clear, challenging and inspiring, it contains instructions for 65 abstract paintings that you can get to work on straight away, with no previous experience. All the basic information relating to picture elements, composition, theme and design is provided at the start of the book, together with an exploration of the meaning of abstract painting, and its importance as a means of self-expression and creativity.

Painting Abstracts

Share the Gift of Giving and the Gift of practicing Art, & the Power of Art to take us Beyond Ourselves, browse a full range of Art Books, Craft Books and Art Supplies here. Enjoy.

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