Helen & Scott McNutt

Exhibition by Helen & Scott McNutt at the SG Artshop

Artists Statement..

This has been a husband and wife collaboration. Helen and Scott McNutt are a retired couple who have had a connection with textiles all their lives.
Scott had a business in Downings, Co. Donegal for 40 years-McNutt Handweavers.

Scott was always trying to make products on a hand loom that could not be mechanized, to justify their production by hand. His main markets were Denmark, USA, Canada and Germany.

With this knowledge the pair have tried to make unique pieces that no business would attempt to reproduce. The warps (the vertical threads) are coloured copper and stainless steel. These metal warps have no elasticity so that usual hand weaving techniques quickly lead to an awful mess. However it is worth the effort because the light reflection and colour play is constantly changing with the light conditions. In addition each piece is a one off, not to be reproduced. (Not possible even if it were attempted) A limited number of pieces can be woven from each warp. It takes well over a day to get the loom to the stage where one can start weaving, .

To stay sane during lockdown they started to make textile creations using unusual materials. Nothing was ruled out from sink plug chains to sticks and stones.
Scott supplied the technical know-how and Helen was the inspirational source. Between the two of them they have created artistic creations that are way beyond craft.
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