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    Picture of Grid (Graph) Whiteboard Enamel 6'x4'

    Grid (Graph) Whiteboard Enamel 6'x4'

    Grid (Graph) Whiteboard Enamel 6'x4' (1800x1200cm). High quality German made Grid whiteboard with markings etched into board

  • Suitable for writing on with dry wipe board markers
  • Aluminium frame with dark grey plastic corner caps
  • 30 cm marker tray
  • Easy wall mounting with concealed slot system
  • 5cm x 5cm grid square
  • Comes complete with mounting set, marker tray and board marker
  • €395.00
    Picture of Helix Black Board Protractor

    Helix Black Board Protractor

    HLX X03040
    non folding plastic Protractor non- magnetic 180º protractor, printed in single degrees. Maximum height 254mm (10") with 450mm (18") base. Easy-grip handle.
    Picture of Helix Blackboard Compass w WB adapter

    Helix Blackboard Compass w WB adapter

    HLX X64040
    Helix Board Compass non folded with whiteboard adaptor, sucker and point
    Picture of Helix Blackboard Metre Ruler

    Helix Blackboard Metre Ruler

    HLX X46040
    Helix Black/White Board Metre Ruler non magnetic. This is the stronger non foldable version but without magnets
    Picture of Helix Multi set, SS, Ruler, Protractor

    Helix Multi set, SS, Ruler, Protractor

    HLX X62040
    45° set square, 180° protractor and 50cm rule in one. Folding construction with detachable handles and magnetic strips.
    Picture of Helix Set of Board Equipment in suitcase

    Helix Set of Board Equipment in suitcase

    HLX X63040
    4 Piece Boxed (suitcase) Set Board Equipment The popular board equipment range has been upgraded to incorporate magnets ideal for use on magnetic whiteboards. The boxed set conatins a 60 degree set square, multi-instrument, metre rule and compass with white board adaptor. All parts are foldable. This box does not contain a protractor.
    Picture of SG Teachers Whiteboard Geometry Magentic Set

    SG Teachers Whiteboard Geometry Magentic Set

    SG 15104
    SG Teachers Mounting Board set Newer version since 2018 but still top quality German manufacture. Strong components with magnets on all parts bar compass. Set Contains: Ruler 100cm Protractor 180degree 50cm Set Square 45d 60cm Set Square 60d 60cm Compass with 3 suction pads (only take whiteboard markers up to a diameterof 18 mm) Pointer 100cm fibreglass Backboard made from plastic
    Picture of Universal Magnetic Whiteboard Pen Holder

    Universal Magnetic Whiteboard Pen Holder

    This handy, horizontal Universal Whiteboard Pen Holder holds up to 4 standard drywipe markers for quick, convenient access. The self-adhesive back is easy to apply to the surface of the board and the universal design is suitable for use with most drywipe markers. This pack contains 1 discreet white pen holder. Pen holder for use with whiteboards Horizontal design for up to 4 markers Self-adhesive back for easy application Provides quick, convenient access to markers Colour: White