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    Picture of Create Brush Dipper Single

    Create Brush Dipper Single

    CR 258388
    Stainless steel dippers for use with oil paint solvents & mediums Clips onto palette for ease of use Includes lid
    Picture of Bob Ross 100ml Brush Conditioner

    Bob Ross 100ml Brush Conditioner

    BR BR406245
    Bob Ross 100ml Brush Conditioner Extend the life of your precious Bob Ross Brushes. Gently rubbing this nutritious cleaner/conditioner into the natural bristles will help protect your investment! For use with the Bob Ross Wet-on-Wet Technique, as well as other methods of painting. 4 oz.
    Picture of Bamboo Brush Roll

    Bamboo Brush Roll

    JAK 6631
    Jakar Bamboo Brush Roll

    A light and handy bamboo brush roll containing 10 cotton pockets with a string tie 36 x 34cm.
    Picture of Create Non Spill Pot with Lid

    Create Non Spill Pot with Lid

    CR 349146
    Create Non Spill Pot with Lid
  • No spill means no mess.
  • Ideal for schools and children.
  • This reusable non spill water pot is perfect for art projects.
  • €1.05
    Picture of Faber Castell Clic&Go Water Cup Range

    Faber Castell Clic&Go Water Cup Range

    The Clic&Go water cup is a great addition to any paint box and supports the playful painting fun. It can be folded easily and is therefore space-saving and quick to store. It can also be used as a brush tray, keeping the workplace clean and tidy. In combination with the Connector opaque paint box, the Clic&Go water cup offers many possibilities for painting, crafting and playing.

    Practical folding mechanism for storage and transport. Wavy edge serves as a brush tray - so the workplace stays clean
    Very robust, non-slip material, easy to clean.
    Available in Red and Blue
    Perfect for school and leisure time
    Picture of Frisk Magic Watercolour Sponge Erasers Pack of 4

    Frisk Magic Watercolour Sponge Erasers Pack of 4

    FR 38060099
    Picture of Ajustable Apron Navy 84cm Navy

    Ajustable Apron Navy 84cm Navy

    A simply styled and great value apron with adjustable halter and cord ties.
    The 67% polyester and 33% cotton makes it high quality and durable.
    84 cm - best suited for ages 13-16
    Picture of Hand Brush Soft Coco

    Hand Brush Soft Coco

    TSM 277870
    100% natural and biodegradable with comfortable, contoured rubberwood handle with soft coco bristles. For indoor and outdoor use.

    Traditional banister brush style. 75mm bristles.
    Picture of Childrens Apron – Blue 60cm

    Childrens Apron – Blue 60cm

    ED MR1030
    Major Brush Childrens Apron – Blue 60cm. Children’s Play Aprons

    The Polyurethane Coated Nylon Play Aprons Feature Half Length Sleeves With Elasticated Cuffs. This Extra Feature Gives Protection From Paints and Water Running Down Little Arms and Getting on Their Clothes. The Waterproof Material Protects Clothing Underneath From Splashes and Stains. They Also Have Velcro Fastenings on the Back Which Ensures a Snug and Secure Fit.

    These Aprons Are Hand Wash Only and Should Not Be Tumble Dried.
    Picture of Frisk Maskaway Block (5cm x 5cm x 9mm)

    Frisk Maskaway Block (5cm x 5cm x 9mm)

    FR 22000559
    This simple yet highly effective tool erases good quality masking fluids from a wide variety of surfaces. It can be easily cleaned after use and can be cut to shape for more detailed erasing. Maskaway can also be used to remove a wide variety of sticky marks, including adhesive tape, and cleans dirty paper or after using Tracedown.