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    Picture of Buttons Assorted Colours 500g

    Buttons Assorted Colours 500g

    ED BJBU4510
    Ideal for Art and Craft projects, 500g bag of assorted size and coloured buttons.
    Picture of Buttons Cool Colours 500g

    Buttons Cool Colours 500g

    ED BJ29077
    Buttons Cool Colour Assorted 500g

  • Mix of cool tone colours.
  • Perfect for your art and craft projects.
  • €8.50
    Picture of Buttons Warm Colours 500g

    Buttons Warm Colours 500g

    ED BJ29076
    Buttons Warm Colour Assorted 500g

  • Mix of warm tone colours.
  • Perfect for your art and craft projects.
  • €8.50
    Picture of CE Buttons Standard

    CE Buttons Standard

    ED BJ28615
    CE Buttons Buttons Standard Various Sizes and Colours, perfect for your Art &Craft projects
    Picture of Craft Buttons Set half pound

    Craft Buttons Set half pound

    EV E468A
    Picture of Plastic Deco Bead Stars

    Plastic Deco Bead Stars

    RAY 56854638
    These 1cm Copper coloured Deco Bead Stars are small, eye-catching decorative stars made of plastic. With their copper color, they add a touch of sparkle and elegance to your craft projects.

    Measuring just 1cm, these stars are perfect for various creative applications such as cardmaking, scrapbooking, and DIY decorations. Let your imagination shine by incorporating these charming copper bead stars into your next crafting endeavor.
  • Glitter finish
  • Colour: copper
  • €3.99
    Picture of Plastic Beads 200pc

    Plastic Beads 200pc

    Picture of Rayher Wood Bead Mix 75g

    Rayher Wood Bead Mix 75g

    RAY 1209900
    Rayher Wooden Bead Mix (75g) is a versatile assortment of wooden beads that adds a natural and rustic touch to your crafts. This mix includes an array of shapes, sizes, and colors, offering endless possibilities for creative projects.

    With their lightweight and smooth texture, these wooden beads are easy to handle and ideal for jewelry making, macrame, and other DIY crafts. The 75g quantity ensures you have plenty of beads to work with. Unleash your creativity and incorporate these Rayher Wooden Beads into your next project for a touch of organic charm and artistic flair.
    Picture of Rayher Wood Beads Stars Classic Craft Kit

    Rayher Wood Beads Stars Classic Craft Kit

    RAY 63502000
    Embrace the trend of simple yet stylish Christmas adornments crafted from natural wood. These three exquisite stars, painstakingly created using graceful beech wood beads, are destined to captivate attention when adorning your Christmas tree.

    Inside this craft kit for three pendants, you'll discover an array of materials: 93 wooden beads with a diameter of 8 mm, 93 more with a diameter of 6 mm, 3 meters of specialized wire for effortless bead threading, and a comprehensive threading instruction booklet. Everything you need to fashion three chic stars, each exuding the fashionable "natural wood" aesthetic, meticulously crafted from premium beech wood beads sourced from Germany.

    The process is a breeze: simply follow the threading instructions to artfully assemble the wooden beads onto the dedicated wire for threading beads. Achieve elegant, one-of-a-kind ornaments in no time at all.
    Picture of Gems Stones 100 Pieces

    Gems Stones 100 Pieces

    EV 7
    Picture of Rayher Mega Crafting Box

    Rayher Mega Crafting Box

    RAY 69082000
    The mega-crafting box is not mega in name only, the content is really mega! Great crafting fun with over 1200 pieces!

    A great entertaining activity for the children from the age of 4 onwards. With the fluffy pipe cleaners, funny wobbly eyes, felt cuttings, cuddly pompons, Crepla elements, etc., creating animals is first and foremost fun, then playing or giving them away is a true pleasure. Always ready to hand in practical storage box.

  • 500 mica flakes
  • 250 acrylic rhinestones
  • 120 shapes out of Crepla
  • 100 pompons
  • 100 wobbly eyes
  • 72 craft wooden sticks
  • 48 mini wooden clothes pegs
  • 15 fluffy feathers
  • 10 chenille wires
  • 4 felt cuttings
  • 3 sequin dust
  • 1 craft glue
  • €19.99
    Picture of Rayher Glass Beads & Wire Mix

    Rayher Glass Beads & Wire Mix

    RAY 24086000
    A colourful mix that is a joy to behold: these sequin and glass bead mix. The beads and sequins are threaded in a jiffy, so you can give free reign to your imagination. A piece of jewellery or a decorative element - what's on today's agenda? This colourful mix consists of 90 g of sequin and glass bead mix as well of 50 m of wire with a diameter of 0.3 mm.

    The sequin and glass bead mix is quite versatile and colourful, thus numerous and various creative projects can be contemplated: elegant bracelets and necklaces, fanciful decorations as well as quickly made pendants for windows and the like.

    Decoration idea: thread the sequins and glass beads onto a wire using the bead spinner, then wind it around a wire shape of your choice. The result is a beautiful decorative pendant!