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    Cartridge Paper A3 190g White (400 Sheets)

    Cartridge paper A3 190g is a heavier and more robust version of the A3 140g paper. It is a high-quality drawing paper that is commonly used by artists, designers, and illustrators who require a thicker and more durable surface to work on. The 190g weight per square meter gives the paper a sturdier feel and greater resistance to bending or warping, making it ideal for more demanding artistic techniques such as painting, sketching or mixed media.

    The A3 size (420mm x 297mm) is large enough to accommodate a range of drawing and painting projects. Cartridge paper is typically acid-free, which helps to prevent yellowing and aging, ensuring that your artwork will last for many years.
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    Picture of SG Quickset Compass Sleeved

    SG Quickset Compass Sleeved

    SG 32850
    Quality bow compass with quick-set mechanism.
  • Legs can be rapidly adjusted
  • Effective clamping of needle and lead
  • For circles up to 340 mm Ø
  • Including lead box.
  • Spare Pin & Screw available here 
  • Spare Needle available here

  • Note:Improved version with thicker bow (video shows older version)

    Picture of Spare Pin & Screw for SG 32850 Compass

    Spare Pin & Screw for SG 32850 Compass

    SG PS32850
    The spare pin and screw for a compass are essential replacement parts that ensure the continued functionality of your compass. Designed specifically for SG Quickset Compass, these spare parts are used to secure the needle and maintain accuracy during measurements and drawing circles.  With the spare pin and screw, you can easily replace any damaged or lost components, keeping your compass in excellent working condition.
    Picture of Compass Spare Needle

    Compass Spare Needle

    Spare compass needle is a replacement part for a compass that ensures accurate and precise measurements. This spare needle is designed to fit into the compass housing and provides a reliable magnetic reference point. It allows for smooth and fluid movement, enabling users to navigate and draw circles with ease. Having a spare compass needle ensures that you can quickly replace a damaged or lost needle, keeping your compass functional and ready for use.

    This Needle part is compatible with the SG 2 Part Compass, SG Quick Action Compass with Pencil Holder and the SG Quickset Compass.
    Picture of SG A2 Drawing Board with Tilt & Hardwood T-Square Combo

    SG A2 Drawing Board with Tilt & Hardwood T-Square Combo

    SG Drawing Board with Tilt and Hardwood T Square fitted in holder. We have combined the SG A2 Hardwood T Square and the Tilt Drawing board to offer a better deal for our customers.

    This A2 drawing board with tilt and T-square holder is a versatile and practical tool for students, architects, and designers. Its generous A2 size provides ample space for creative expression and precise drafting. The board features a convenient tilt mechanism, allowing users to adjust the working angle for enhanced comfort and control. Additionally, it includes a dedicated T-square holder and hardwood A2 T-square, ensuring that the T-square is securely held in place, ready to assist with accurate measurements and straight lines. This combination of features makes the A2 drawing board with tilt and T-square holder an indispensable companion for anyone engaged in artistic or technical drawing tasks.

    Box contains:
  • A2 Drawing Board with Tilt and holder. Board Size: 64cm x46cm
  • Hardwood A2 T Square 72cm length
  • €32.90