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    Picture of Cellulose Powder Paste 45gram

    Cellulose Powder Paste 45gram

    EV CB18
    Cellulose paste powder adhesive non toxic granules contains no harmful fungicides and is acid free. Dissolve in water to make an adhesive for paper, card, etc. Can also be added to paints to thicken and add texture. Once the paste is made it must be used within 3 days. 45g cellulose paste powder bag makes 5 litres.
    Picture of Clay Gun with 19 Discs

    Clay Gun with 19 Discs

    CR 349234
    Ideal for pottery or sugarcraft.
    Comes with 19 discs allowing you to experiment with new shapes and designs.
    Picture of Crayola Model Magic White 907g

    Crayola Model Magic White 907g

    CRAY 57.4400
    Model Magic Collection is an extremely lightweight modelling material that is perfect for small hands to use. Clean to work with Model Magic won't stick to or stain skin or clothing, or flake or crumble.

    It dries within 24 hours and once dry can be decorated with markers, glitter glue, acrylic paints or watercolours.

    For ages 3 years and over.
    Picture of DAS Modelling Material 500g White

    DAS Modelling Material 500g White

    DAS S153870
    With this clay's super pliability, producing a permanent work of art is easy and fast for all ages. In fact, this safe-to-use product dries in 24 hours or less while providing ample open time to complete projects. Clay can be painted or decorated wet or dry with almost any art medium. Best of all, this clay doesn't require oven baking, eliminating a major step in the modelling process. Helps build hand strength and fine motor skills.
  • Packages are resealable.
  • AP certified non-toxic.
  • 500g
  • €3.51
    Picture of Fimo Air Light Modeling Clay 250g

    Fimo Air Light Modeling Clay 250g

    FIMO 813150
    Modelling is easy and fun with Fimo Light Modelling Clay. It's ready to use from the packet and dries in the air so no need to bake in an oven. With ease of use, you can quickly get to creating your own designs with this extremely lightweight, neutral smelling modelling clay.

    It can be used for moulding, sculpting, shaping, cutting, rolling and texturing. Once you've created your design, you can add embellishment to your modelling clay with glues, paints and varnishes too, allowing you to create something totally unique.
    Picture of Galeria Carvable Modelling Paste 250ml

    Galeria Carvable Modelling Paste 250ml

    GAL 3040814
    Winsor ; Newton Galeria Heavy Carvable Modelling Paste is the do-it-all version that is tough and fully "carvable". It remains flexible on a variety of surfaces. Suitable for multiple layers. Formulated to have the least effect on colour change from wet to dry. May be overpainted. Colour may be added directly to modeling pastes (note that colour will become lighter and more 'chalky' and the resulting paste will have reduced body).
    Picture of Modroc Plaster of Paris Continuous Strip 15cm x 80m Long

    Modroc Plaster of Paris Continuous Strip 15cm x 80m Long

    Modroc is a gauze strip impregnated with a special resin based plaster. A superb product for creating three dimensional work. Models can be created by adding Modroc in layers over a wire framework, mold or former. While wet the surface can be textured or embellished with fibres such as Angelina, skeleton leaves, silk, cotton or wool tops. It also has the capacity for fine detail and can be easily reworked when wet. Once dry, it is hard wearing, rock hard and lightweight. Use acrylic based paints to paint the surface. 15cm Wide x 80m Long
    Picture of Newclay Hardener (454g)

    Newclay Hardener (454g)

    This is a powder which must be whisked into hot water and solution left to cool. Apply solution only when Newclay pieces are completely dry. The treated piece can be hardened still further when placed in a cold oven and warmed up to a maximum temperature of 200c-400F.