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    Cellulose Powder Paste 45gram

    Cellulose paste powder adhesive non toxic granules contains no harmful fungicides and is acid free. Dissolve in water to make an adhesive for paper, card, etc.

    Can also be added to paints to thicken and add texture. Once the paste is made it must be used within 3 days. 45g cellulose paste powder bag makes 5 litres.
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    TerraCotta Clay 12.5kg

    TerraCotta Clay in a 12.5kg package is a popular choice for pottery and sculpture projects. It offers a distinctive reddish-brown color, adding warmth and character to finished creations. With its excellent plasticity and workability, TerraCotta Clay is easy to shape, mold, and carve. Once fired at the appropriate temperature range, it results in a durable and rustic-looking finished product, making it a preferred clay for artists and craftsmen alike.

  • TerraCotta Clay: Ideal for pottery and sculpture projects, available in a 12.5kg package.
  • Distinctive reddish-brown color: Adds warmth and character to finished creations.
  • Excellent plasticity and workability: Easy to shape, mold, and carve for desired designs.
  • Kiln firing: Results in durable and sturdy finished product.
  • Temperature range 1200° - 1300° C

  • Please note that the purchase of two or more units of the School Buff Stoneware in a 12.5kg bag may incur an additional delivery fee due to its weight.
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    DAS Papier Mache in 1kg offers a lightweight and easy-to-mold material for various crafting and artistic projects. Made from recycled paper, this eco-friendly option allows you to create sculptures, masks, and decorative items with ease. Its versatile nature and smooth texture make it a popular choice for both beginners and experienced crafters.

  • A cellulose, easy to work after being moistened and kneaded replaces the traditional paper mache Ideal for making light volumes and puppets, mobiles.
  • Can also be used to cover the cardboard structures toasting ball cellulose .
  • Once dry it can be sanded, carved and decorated with paints.
  • Bag of 1 kg of pulp powder.
  • €15.50
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  • Non Glare Green Finish
  • Double sided use with Graduations on Both Faces
  • Self Healing surfaces returns to a flat work surface after cutting.
  • An ideal desk / work surface being impervious to cuts, abrasions ;liquid spills.
  • Non-slip
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