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    Picture of 3D Plywood Figures Kit Xmas Trees Large 1 pack

    3D Plywood Figures Kit Xmas Trees Large 1 pack

    CR 57886
    Picture of Avery Creative Stickers Stars Shiny Gold

    Avery Creative Stickers Stars Shiny Gold

    ED AY52419
    Avery Creative Stickers Stars- Shiny Gold
    Picture of Crafting Assortment Winter Collection

    Crafting Assortment Winter Collection

    You can use the contents of the bag in many different ways. Use the materials for free/imaginative play, for example by making figures or decorating various items such as recycled packaging, old toilet rolls, milk cartons and similar with pom-poms, pipe cleaners and some of the other fun crafting items you'll find in this set. Alternatively, you can use the different stencils found inside the packaging and use the kit for collage and paper cutting projects.

    All in all, this is a really good range of versatile basic materials for creative expression. The pack also includes Sticky Base, which is a multi-purpose glue and modelling gel in one. When used as glue, Sticky Base can be applied by hand to all absorbent and matte surfaces such as cardboard, card, wood, pom-poms, chenille stems (pipe cleaners) and so on..

    Contents: Sticky Base, sequins, pom-poms, glitter and metallic paper, iridescent paper, glitter pipe cleaners, iridescent cellophane lametta, self-adhesive wiggly eyes, silver string and EVA foam hearts with glitter..
    Picture of Elecfreaks micro:bit Christmas Tree Rainbow LED

    Elecfreaks micro:bit Christmas Tree Rainbow LED

    The Christmas tree rainbow LED, with 6 coding LEDs, can help you to decorate a beautiful Christmas night.

    Illuminate your holiday spirit with the Elecfreaks micro:bit Christmas Tree Rainbow LED! This festive accessory is designed to bring a dazzling display of colors to your micro:bit projects. With its vibrant RGB LEDs and simple connectivity, you can create mesmerizing light patterns, festive animations, and joyful effects. Whether you're a student, hobbyist, or educator, the Elecfreaks micro:bit Christmas Tree Rainbow LED is the perfect way to add a touch of magic to your seasonal projects. Let your creativity shine bright with this delightful and versatile LED module.
    Picture of Felt Santas

    Felt Santas

    RAY 56837000
    Felt Santas with hanging loop. Loop can be removed if wished and Santa is ideal addition for your Christmas Landscape model displays
    Picture of First Edition 6"x6" Christmas Paper 12 Days of Christmas

    First Edition 6"x6" Christmas Paper 12 Days of Christmas

    Elevate your Christmas DIY crafting with the perfect paper pack, offering a total of 48 sheets boasting 16 captivating designs. Within this collection, you'll find 8 double-sided sheets and 5 sheets featuring special effects.

    The 6" x 6" (15.2cm x 15.2cm) First Edition paper pack also includes 2 sheets with a luxurious gold foil effect, 2 sheets adorned with dazzling gold glitter, and one sheet of textured canvas paper. It's a versatile and exquisite addition to your crafting arsenal, ensuring your holiday projects shine with creativity and style.
    Picture of First Edition 8"x8" Christmas Paper Arctic Christmas

    First Edition 8"x8" Christmas Paper Arctic Christmas

    Elevate your Christmas crafting experience with the First Edition FSC Christmas Themed Pattern Paper Set in a convenient 8" x 8" format. This decorative paper collection is a must-have for card making, scrapbook embellishments, paper crafts, and more, offering a total of 48 sheets, featuring an impressive array of 16 captivating designs.

    Within this set, you'll discover 8 double-sided sheets and 5 sheets enriched with special effects, including 2 with a stunning silver foil finish and 3 adorned with glitter. The creative possibilities are boundless, ranging from crafting beautiful scrapbook layouts to designing unique gift wrapping paper for your cherished loved ones, as well as creating exquisite cards and invitations, and much more.

    Crafted from top-tier materials, these printed crafting papers are of the highest quality, boasting a robust 200gsm heavyweight cardstock construction. They are not only acid-free but also lignin-free, ensuring archival quality and preserving your creations for years to come. The exceptionally detailed high-definition prints on these sheets will truly elevate your projects.

    Our paper pads are trusted and cherished by professional crafters, and they are FSC certified, reflecting our commitment to superior quality and sustainability. Discover the perfect canvas for your Christmas crafting endeavors with the First Edition FSC Christmas Themed Pattern Paper Set.

  • Brand: First Edition
  • Size: 8" x 8"
  • Weight: 200gsm Cardstock
  • 48 Sheets
  • FSC Certified for Sustainability and Quality
  • €9.95
    Picture of Icon Craft Gift Tags 24 Pack

    Icon Craft Gift Tags 24 Pack

    ICON 77953
    Picture of Icon Styrofoam Balls 80mm Pack of 6

    Icon Styrofoam Balls 80mm Pack of 6

    ICON 62843
    Elevate your crafting projects with this pack of six 80mm Styrofoam Balls. These lightweight and versatile balls serve as an ideal foundation for creative DIY decorations, ornaments, and art projects. Unleash your creativity as you transform these Styrofoam balls into distinctive and eye-catching creations.
    Picture of Nutcracker Christmas Toppers

    Nutcracker Christmas Toppers

    These cute little nutcracker card toppers from Simply creative is a party essential to have as decoration this festive season. The pack includes 6 basic nutcracker shaped card topper cut outs. Their unique design and vibrant colours make these nutcracker decorations an impressive addition to any Holiday Christmas party.

    They measure 8cm x 2.4cm in size and are covered in glitter, making them stand out wherever you use them. They can be used as cake decorations, beautiful centrepieces, wall decorations or for creating impressive and unique cards and party invitations. They can also be hole-punched for stringing them together as part of a holiday banner or hang individually as a nice ceiling decoration.

    However you choose to use them, they will definitely make a statement. The nutcracker toppers are professionally printed on heavy-duty card stock paper, so you know they are high quality. They are also carefully inspected and packaged neatly, ready to be used when you get them.
    Picture of Paper Addicts  Paper Pad 12"x12" Festive Luxe

    Paper Addicts Paper Pad 12"x12" Festive Luxe

    Elevate your festive season crafting endeavors by securing the Festive Luxe Paper Pack for your creative repertoire. This set offers a generous selection of 24 double-sided sheets, each boasting a sturdy 200gsm weight and measuring a versatile 12" x 12" (30.5cm x 30.5cm). Featuring 24 simply stunning and unique designs, this paper pad is a must-have for all your DIY crafting projects.

    Unleash your creativity as you discover the endless possibilities this pack offers. It's perfectly suited for various applications, including crafting captivating scrapbooking layouts, elevating gift wrapping, crafting bespoke cards, designing enchanting invitations, creating intricate paper embellishments, and indulging in expressive journaling, among other creative pursuits.

    With an array of amazing and endearing designs at your fingertips, you'll never run short of inspiration. These pads are tailor-made to complement your Christmas DIY crafting projects, infusing your home with the enchanting ambiance of the season.

    The durable and user-friendly paper cardstock in this pack lends itself beautifully to a wide range of crafting techniques. It's pliable, foldable, glueable, and easily cut to shape, making it the perfect canvas for journaling, scrapbooking, paper crafting, gift wrapping, and more.

    Notably favored by professional crafters and artists, these paper pads have garnered positive reviews and high recommendations for consistently delivering outstanding results. Elevate your craft with the Festive Luxe Paper Pack, and let your creativity flourish this holiday season.
    Picture of Paper Addicts Paper Pad 12"x12" Arctic Wonder

    Paper Addicts Paper Pad 12"x12" Arctic Wonder

    Enhance your crafting with this premium quality paper pack, meticulously crafted from top-tier 200gsm cardstock. These paper pads offer remarkable durability and flexibility, making your crafting projects a breeze.

    Rest assured of eco-friendliness as these paper pads are FSC Certified, free from harsh chemicals, and boast acid-free and lignin-free properties. This ensures that your projects not only look stunning but also stand the test of time with fine high-definition prints.

    The Arctic Wonder Paper Collection pack provides you with 24 double-sided sheets, each measuring a perfect 12" x 12". With 24 enchanting designs at your disposal, these paper pads are ideal for your scrapbooking endeavors, enabling the creation of enduring keepsakes.

    Explore a world of creative possibilities with our diverse range of designs. Whether it's for the holidays or any occasion, our paper pad offers charming options to fuel your imagination.

    Unlock endless crafting potential with this versatile paper pad, the ultimate tool for all your DIY crafting needs. Whether you're crafting scrapbooking layouts, enhancing gift wrapping, designing cards, invitations, embellishing paper, journaling, and more, your creativity knows no bounds with this remarkable paper collection.
    Picture of Polystyrene Balls 3cm (Pack of 20)

    Polystyrene Balls 3cm (Pack of 20)

    EV 8A
    This polystyrene ball pack is so versatile! Why not glue them together to create polystyrene animals like a polystyrene bear, stick them together to create fun abstract polystyrene shapes, or even create a bracelet

    Grab your paint brush and get creating! If you are looking for creative activities for kids, look no further! With a bit of glitter glue, this 3cm pack is a great addition to your kids art & craft supplies
    Picture of Polystyrene Balls 4cm (Pack of 10)

    Polystyrene Balls 4cm (Pack of 10)

    CR 543021
    Polystyrene shapes provide you with a wonderful blank canvas to work with.
    You can paint or use felt markers, you can add some sparkle with glitter and sequins.
    These balls are 4cm in diameter
    Picture of Polystyrene Balls 4cm Pack of 10

    Polystyrene Balls 4cm Pack of 10

    EV 8B
    Polystyrene Balls

    Pack of Polystyrene Balls, available in various sizes.
    Picture of Polystyrene Balls 8cm Pack of 5

    Polystyrene Balls 8cm Pack of 5

    EV 8C
    Polystyrene Balls 8cm pack of 5 are versatile craft supplies, perfect for creating various DIY projects, decorations, and school projects. These lightweight and easy-to-handle balls offer endless creative possibilities for art and craft enthusiasts. Whether used for making ornaments, sculptures, or floral arrangements, these polystyrene balls are a fantastic addition to any crafting arsenal.
    Picture of Polystyrene Mini Balls

    Polystyrene Mini Balls

    ED MR795SNO-50
    These polystyrene mini balls are suitable for collage work and model making and is ideal for use as fake snow.
    Approximate diameter 2mm
    Supplied in 50g bags
    Picture of Rayher Christmas Frosted Fir Twig with Berries

    Rayher Christmas Frosted Fir Twig with Berries

    RAY 55868000
    Visually deceptively real, but guaranteed needle-free!The frozen pine branch with red berries is a great decorative accessory for winter and Christmas decorations.

    Perfect for floral decorations such as wreaths and flower arrangements, but also a beautiful decorative material for Christmas handicrafts and winter decorations.

    The fir branch has a length of 24.5 cm and inspires with an iced look and red berries.

    Visually, the branch looks fresh from the forest and still has the great advantage that it is guaranteed not to needle and will retain its perfect appearance.
    Picture of Rayher Christmas Greetings Stamps

    Rayher Christmas Greetings Stamps

    RAY 50219000
    Especially at Christmas, personalized Christmas cards, tags, gifts or decorations are a beautiful thing and you can make your own with these creative stamps.

    This pack includes 7 designs. Made with high quality and durable photopolymer.

    Clear Stamps are transparent stamps for precise stamping. They are easy to clean and you can see exactly where you're dabbing.

    Individual stamps are glued between two clear, sturdy sheets. They are safely stored and can be used over and over again.
    Picture of Rayher Christmas Natural Cone Mix

    Rayher Christmas Natural Cone Mix

    RAY 55917000
    Experience the essence of Christmas with this delightful blend comprising a variety of authentic cones, slices of branches, bundles of twigs, and an artificial red berry branch. This mix is perfectly suited for enhancing floral arrangements and wreaths with its natural charm. Additionally, it effortlessly creates a magical atmosphere when used as a centerpiece for your Christmas table decorations.

    Inside, you'll discover a total of 20 pieces, featuring small cones approximately 3 cm in height, large cones ranging from 4.5 to 5.5 cm in height, branch slices with diameters of approximately 4 to 5 cm, twig bundles measuring around 9 cm in length, and a berry twig standing at approximately 6 cm in height. Please note that due to their natural origin, these products may exhibit slight variations in dimensions and appearance.
    Picture of Rayher Felt Santa Claus Craft Kit

    Rayher Felt Santa Claus Craft Kit

    RAY 53346000
    Immerse yourself in our range of the latest craft hits and seasonal decorations and allow your creative fantasy free reign.

    What delights the heart more than homemade Christmas decorations and more importantly the time making them.
    Picture of Rayher gold star self adhesive

    Rayher gold star self adhesive

    RAY 87455616
    Picture of Rayher Mini Christmas Wreaths

    Rayher Mini Christmas Wreaths

    RAY 46598282
    Snow-covered mini Christmas wreaths with red ribbon adorn gifts, fir branches, Christmas cards and much more.
    As a Christmas table decoration, they adorn festive tables.
    Contents: 5 artificial miniature wreaths - 2 wreaths with a diameter of 5 cm, 3 wreaths with a diameter of 3 cm.
    Picture of Rayher Mini Motif Puncher Christmas Tree

    Rayher Mini Motif Puncher Christmas Tree

    RAY 69049000
    Handy little mini-puncher with a key ring for the punching of delicate motifs in the shape of a Christmas Tree (0.95cm) This little mini-puncher is perfectly suitable for scrapbooking, creation of cards and paper decorations. The punched motifs, you can also use them as outstanding miniatures. A funny accessory for any bunch of keys!
    Picture of Rayher Present Tags (20 Pack)

    Rayher Present Tags (20 Pack)

    RAY 57804000
    Rayher Present Tag pack is a set of 20 high-quality gift tags designed for various occasions. These tags are made from durable materials that ensure they can withstand handling and transportation without getting damaged.

    These tags come with a pre-punched hole and a string, making them easy to attach to your gifts. Whether you're wrapping presents for birthdays, weddings, or holidays, Rayher Present Tag pack is a versatile and practical choice for adding a personal touch to your gifts.