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    CircuitMess Wacky Robots Bundle (5 pack)

    CircuitMess is a team of young individuals who work on software & hardware development and manufacture educational and fun electronic devices. With the goal to bring electronics and programming to everyone in a fun, interesting way, they give you Wacky Robots. These quirky robots are the perfect soldering practice kits that will help you get started with electronics.
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    These quirky robots are a perfect soldering practice that will help you get started with electronics.

    We have prepared 5 soldering badges in this bundle, each teaching you different aspects of electronics. Here's what you'll learn with each tiny badge/robot:

    1. Bob

    This is a beginner-friendly 16-piece kit. It has 6 RGB LEDs that automatically change colors. You will learn about light-emitting diodes (LEDs).

    CircuitMess Wacky Robots 5-Pack Bundle 7

    1. Capacitron

    Beginner-friendly 12-piece kit. It has 2 pushbuttons that will demonstrate capacitor charge and discharge. You will learn how capacitors work.

    CircuitMess Wacky Robots 5-Pack Bundle 5

    1. Mr. Bee

    This is a beginner-friendly 8-piece kit. It vibrates and moves around (buzzzz like a bee, duh!). You will learn about intentionally unbalanced motors.

    CircuitMess Wacky Robots 5-Pack Bundle 8

    1. Marv

    This is a beginner-friendly 12-piece kit. It has 2 blue LEDs and a pushbutton. You will learn the difference between a pushbutton and a switch.

    CircuitMess Wacky Robots 5-Pack Bundle 11

    1. Resistron

    This is a beginner-friendly 8-piece kit. It has a variable resistor that dims the brightness of the LEDs. You will learn about resistance and ohm’s law.

    All of these robots come with cell coin batteries and instruction booklets to help you start with electronics in a fun and simple way.

    Build Guides - CLICK HERE

    Community Forum - CLICK HERE

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