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    CircuitMess Wheelson Build & Code AI Robot Car

    Manufacturer: CircuitMess
    Autonomous cars are the future and we'll show you how it works. This tiny wheeled robot has a camera and a microcomputer and can be programmed to autonomously navigate a small road while driving, just like an autonomous car would.

    It has built-in Bluetooth and Wi-Fi so you can connect it to other devices wirelessly. Wheelson also has an LCD display where you can see what the robot sees.When applying different filters and computer vision algorithms, you';ll see a different output on the screen so that you can understand how robots see and interpret the world around them.

    Wheelson is powered by four small electromotors and has a rechargeable Li-Po battery included.

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    What you’ll learn:

    • How to assemble a small 4-wheeled robot
    • How to control an electromotor using a microcomputer
    • How computer vision works
    • How to calibrate your robot’s camera
    • How autonomous cars work and how to make your car navigate a road autonomously
    • How to recognize and scan a QR code using your robot’s camera
    • How to recognize different simple objects using a camera and image processing algorithms
    • That Tesla’s engineers aren’t some kind of magicians

    What you can do with it:

    • Drive your newly assembled robot buddy around
    • Code Wheelson to drive autonomously using its camera
    • Make it recognize QR codes on the floor and flash the built-in RGB LED accordingly
    • Make a custom program in CircuitBlocks
    • Play with built-in line tracking and objection recognition algorithms

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