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    Picture of VEX IQ G2 Competition Kit

    VEX IQ G2 Competition Kit

    VEX 2287980
    The IQ Competition Kit makes starting a new VEX IQ Challenge team easy. This kit contains all the parts from the VEX IQ Education Kit and adds another two bins of parts and extra motors to allow teams to build a competitive robot.

    Organised Storage is a Game Changer The IQ Competition Kit comes packaged in four storage bins to keep everything organised and easily accessible.

    VEX IQ Electronics The IQ Competition Kit comes with everything needed to power, remotely operate, and code your robot. The Robot Brain now includes a colour screen. Improvements have been made to the Robot Battery that lets your competition robots run for even longer, the wireless controller that enables operation and testing of robot builds, and the Optical and Distance Sensors that enhance detection capabilities. Even though we have made many improvements to the electronics, IQ is still forwards and backwards compatible with the 1st generation electronics.