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    Picture of CB Full Face Mask Plastic - Single

    CB Full Face Mask Plastic - Single

    CB 83794
    Picture of Classmaster Hand Sanitiser 250ml

    Classmaster Hand Sanitiser 250ml

    EP HS60250
    Premium European-manufactured product that is certified to all relevant European regulations High-alcohol content of minimum 70% so ideal for the public sector, hospitals, schools and offices etc. Super-friendly to hands - includes built-in moisturisers, Aloe and Vitamin E - ideal for frequent use Simply rub the clear gel into your hands for approx 20 seconds - no water required Highly effective against a wide range of viruses, and kills 99.99% of E.Coli and MRSA
    Picture of Face Mask 3 layer single

    Face Mask 3 layer single

    This single-use disposable face mask covers the wearer's nose and mouth, providing a general physical barrier to protect the wearer from the environment, and the environment from the wearer. Made with a built-in adjustable wire nose piece and elastic band ear loops to help fit securely to your face.
    Picture of Q-Connect PC Screen wipes

    Q-Connect PC Screen wipes

    For a simple and easy way to ensure that your computer is always as clean as it possibly can be, you need these high quality Q-Connect wipes. These wipes are designed to cut through grease more effectively than water alone, meaning that you can be sure that all of the dirt is taken from your computer. They are also designed not to be overly abrasive and are alcohol-free, meaning that you don't have to worry about your computer sustaining damage. Wipes for easy maintenance of your computer Ensures your screen and keyboard are clean Cuts through grease with ease, more effectively than water Designed not to damage your computer High value alternative to branded products Alcohol free Pack of 100
    Picture of Dispenser Pump

    Dispenser Pump

    The plastic pump is designed to cut down on unnecessary waste by accurately dispensing 30ml per pump, making each bottle last even longer and saving you money on refills.
    Picture of Maxell AE400 Air Sanitiser

    Maxell AE400 Air Sanitiser

    MAX AE400
    The MXAP-AE400 ozone anti-bacterial deodorizer decomposes bacteria, viruses and sources of odors utilizing the powerful oxidizability of ozone.
    It has three ozone generating modes that cover a wide range of areas.
    In AUTO mode, it uses an odor sensor to detect odors and automatically controls the amount of ozone generated to provide a comfortable atmosphere.
    It provides a comfortable atmosphere in large public areas such as medical and nursing facilities, hotels, offices, hospital waiting rooms, etc.
    Picture of Handisan Antibacterial Hand Gel 5 litre

    Handisan Antibacterial Hand Gel 5 litre

    HAND 55100
    Handisan is an unperfumed, thickened hand sanitiser designed for use where a high standard of personal hygiene is required. 80% alcohol by volume. Denatured alcohol-based hand sanitiser. Effective quick drying sanitiser.
  • Denatured alcohol-based hand sanitiser
  • Effective quick drying
  • Handisan evaporates quickly on the hands
  • Contains skin conditioners and moisturisers to prevent drying
  • €85.00
    Picture of Social Distance Tape (2 Metre)

    Social Distance Tape (2 Metre)

    Help increase social distancing awareness with our durable floor marking tape. Produced onto a rugged PVC material and lamitnated for additional durability.

  • Printed with text "PLEASE KEEP A SAFE DISTANCE OF 2 METRES".
  • Heavy duty, laminated PVC tape
  • Highly visible black / yellow design
  • Ideal for temporary floor marking
  • Sticks to most clean & dry surfaces
  • Pattern repeats approximately every 50cm
  • €4.50