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    Derwent Graphic Pencil Range

    Manufacturer: Derwent
    The Derwent Graphic Pencil range is a versatile and professional-grade collection of pencils that cater to the needs of artists, illustrators, and designers. Renowned for their exceptional quality, these pencils come in various grades, from soft to hard, allowing you to achieve a wide range of tones and line weights in your drawings and sketches.

    With smooth, consistent lead and excellent durability, the Derwent Graphic Pencil range is the go-to choice for creating detailed, expressive, and captivating artwork. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned artist, these pencils will bring your creative visions to life with precision and depth.
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    Pencil Grade
    Pencil Grade8B, 7B, 6B, 5B, 4B, 3B, 2B, B, HB, F, 2H
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    Picture of 3mm Poplar Laser Plywood 300mm x 200mm Sheet

    3mm Poplar Laser Plywood 300mm x 200mm Sheet

    KI 3272
    This is a high-quality AB/AB Italian Panguaneta Poplar Plywood sheet (laserply) that is suitable for a wide range of applications and is particularly suited to laser cutting. Panguaneta manages its own woodlands, so it knows that every last sheet has been produced responsibly, sustainably, and to the highest of standards. This Poplar Plywood has an AB/AB grading which is typically the best grade of plywood available.

    Poplar has a lower density than Birch, meaning that it can be easily laser cut at lower power settings

  • High-quality poplar laser plywood sheets (laserply).
  • Low density for easier laser cutting.
  • Top-quality AB/AB grading meaning fewer knots aiding consistency of laser cutting.
  • Interior grade glue.
  • Length: 300mm.
  • Width: 200mm.
  • Height: 3mm.
  • €2.50
    Picture of Create Hard Back Sketchbook - A5 110gsm - Bound

    Create Hard Back Sketchbook - A5 110gsm - Bound

    CR 060112
    Picture of Faber Castell Double Hole Sharpening Box

    Faber Castell Double Hole Sharpening Box

    Faber Castell Double Hole Sharpening Box

  • Quality sharpener for a simple and clean sharpening
  • Sleeve prevents waste from falling out
  • Ergonomic shape
  • Suitable for graphite and colour pencils
  • For all popular pencil shapes: standard and jumbo
  • With safety screw
  • €2.60
    Picture of Faber Perfection Eraser Pencil

    Faber Perfection Eraser Pencil

    F185612 S
    Faber Castell Perfection 7056 Eraser Pencil

    The quality of an eraser and using the correct eraser are crucial for optimum results. Basically, two different materials are used to make erasers: rubber and plastic. All rubber erasers and the majority of the plastic erasers made by Faber-Castell are PVC-free. Faber-Castell PVC-Free erasers do not contain harmful phthalate plasticizer. Phthalates have been reported to cause several undesirable effects when exposed to the human body. The balanced plastic mixture guarantees soft and smear-free erasing.

  • Precise erasing
  • Soft eraser for graphite pencils and carbon copies
  • PVC-free
  • €1.50