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    Design Journey Mixed Set Floral Watercolour

    Manufacturer: Staedtler
    Vibrant and versatile Watercolour Artist's Set, a curated collection designed to inspire your creativity. This beautifully presented box is a treasure trove of artistic tools, perfect for crafting stunning floral watercolour masterpieces and adding a burst of color to your artwork.

    What's included:
  • Double-Ended Watercolour Brush Pens: Unleash your artistic flair with 8 double-ended watercolour brush pens, each brimming with an array of assorted colors. These pens feature brush tips that effortlessly glide across most watercolour papers, allowing you to achieve mesmerizing watercolour effects. Use them for coloring and adding intricate details to your creations.
  • Pigment Liner: Precision meets creativity with the included pigment liner (308). It's perfect for contouring and accentuating the details in your artwork, helping your designs come to life.
  • Watercolour Drawing Pencil: The Mars Lumograph aquarell 100A pencil is a versatile tool for accentuating your artistic motives. Blend out pencil strokes with water to create shadows and add depth to your compositions.
  • Water Brush: The included water brush is to be filled with water, making it a convenient tool for watercolour painting. Its controlled flow of water ensures precision and control in your brushwork.
  • Eraser: The art eraser is your trusty companion for correcting and refining your creations, ensuring your artwork remains flawless.
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