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    Daler Rowney Impasto Gel Matt 75ml

    Manufacturer: Daler Rowney
    Daler Rowney Impasto Gel Matt 75ml is a thick, opaque, and non-reflective gel medium that is used to create textured and three-dimensional effects in paintings. It is made from a high-quality acrylic polymer that dries to a matte finish, and can be mixed with acrylic paints to create impasto or heavy-bodied paints.

    Impasto Gel Matt can be applied with a palette knife, brush or other tools, and allows for building up layers and creating a range of textures, from subtle to pronounced. It can be used on canvas, wood, paper, and other surfaces, and is ideal for creating bold and expressive artworks with a sculptural quality. Impasto Gel Matt is a popular choice among artists and painters who want to add depth and dimension to their work without the added shine of a gloss finish.
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