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    Dragon Naturally Speaking Professional V16.0

    Nuance Dragon Professional Individual version 16 is a speech recognition software that allows users to dictate and transcribe text with high accuracy and speed.

    The software uses advanced deep learning algorithms to recognize and transcribe speech, and it can learn and adapt to a user's voice over time to provide even greater accuracy. It can also transcribe audio files and convert them into editable text.
    Dragon Professional Individual version 16 includes a range of features to improve productivity, such as voice commands for formatting and editing text, the ability to create custom commands, and integration with popular applications like Microsoft Word and Excel. It is compatible with Windows operating systems and can be used with a variety of microphones, including those built into laptops.
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    Dragon Professional v16 provides powerful, enterprise-ready capabilities for easily deploying speech recognition across multiple users to drive higher documentation productivity.

    Dragon Professional v16 enterprise-ready speech recognition software enables fast, accurate dictation with robust customization features to improve documentation productivity for multiple users within an organisationwhether theyre in the office or on the road. This powerful solution, which provides support for Citrix virtualized environments, helps corporations work smarter and more efficiently for bottom-line results. Fast, easy deployment, customization and management Dragon Professional v16, along with Nuance Management Centre, enables administration across multiple Dragon users to save time and reduce support needs. The enterprise-ready solution makes it easy for IT administrators to:

    • Customize the installation and deployment to multiple computers
    • Manage and maintain (modify, repair, upgrade, remove) Dragon and all associated user profiles and configurations

    You can deploy Dragon to multiple desktops using the built-in Windows

    Installer (MSI) with customized options. Because all Dragon Professional custom commands and vocabularies can be shared, its fast and easy to push out customization updates as needed.

    The solutions centralised administration features allow you to track which employees have created user profiles and control where they are stored to facilitate license management compliance. With control over all user configurations, you can more efficiently schedule maintenance tasks, such as tuning using the Acoustic and Language Model Optimizer.

    The solutions centralized administration features allow you to track which employees have created user profiles and control where they are stored to facilitate license management compliance. With control over all user configurations, you can more efficiently schedule maintenance tasks, such as tuning using the Acoustic and Language Model Optimiser.

    Drive productivity with custom commands

    Dragon Professional v16 makes it easy for organizations to create custom commands to automate repetitive or manual processes, integrate them into existing workflows, and share them across the user community. Because these custom commands can be distributed to multiple users, employees are able to use them for immediate productivity gains instead of having to create them on their own.

    Dragon Professional v16 offers many options for creating custom commands  to meet your workflow needs:

    • Open-ended custom commands: Dragon Professional v16 allows for custom command types that support open-ended dictation, letting you to end the commands name with any word or phrase in Dragons vocabulary, as opposed to a word or phrase from a defined list of command variables. This enables users to have, for instance, commands that search for given words within their companys intranet (similar to the built-in search commands such as search Wikipedia for).
    • Dragon Templates: Filling out forms and files that have fields can be a challenge, but Dragon Professional v16 makes it easy to complete thetask using your voice. With the ability to add variable fields to a templatein any text document, Dragon Professional v16 speeds and simplifiesthe process of filling in commonly used forms. You just have to say NextField to navigate to each form field.
    • Macro Recorder: Use Dragons Macro Recorder to record your keystrokesand mouse-clicks, and then save the series of actions under a single voice command. This is a great feature for instantly executing commonly-used tasks that would normally require a series of multiple commands or hand actions.
    • Step-by-Step Commands: The Step-by-Step option in Dragons command-creation wizard lets you automate a series of actions (such as launching applications or invoking certain application features). This feature makes it easy to automate an action or series of actions with a single voice command, even if youre not a programmer.
    • Advanced Scripting: Those with some programming knowledge can use Dragons VBA-like advanced scripting to voice-enable specific custom functions on the computer in order to better integrate with your existing applications and Workflows.

    Increase dictation accuracy with custom vocabularies.

    Dragon Professional v16 lets you add custom words with any preferred formatting properties directly to the vocabulary so the software accurately types your dictation the way you want it to appear. You can import and export these vocabularies as neededin formats such as XMLfor easy sharing of customizations across specific user groups, departments, or the entire organization. Multiple vocabularies can be created, and managed by administrators to meet employee requests.

    Enhance productivity for on-the-go employees

    With roaming profiles and preferences stored and synchronized in a central network location, users can dictate from different computers on the network without having to create and train new profiles and preferences at each location. Users can even continue to use Dragon even if the network is unavailable. If HTTP roaming is configured, the administrator can manage security by setting up username and password authorization for specific user profiles.

    A USB Headsheet with Mic is also required to use this product - see AVID 100656

    Please note: One licence per purchase/PC. This is a download.