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    Picture of Circle Template

    Circle Template

    HLX H67010
    Circle template – 32 metric circles with marked diameters
    Picture of Combination Square Set

    Combination Square Set

    TSM 991857
    Multipurpose square for use as tri square, marking and depth gauge, mitre square and straight edge. Stainless steel 300mm blade marked in metric and imperial graduations. Aluminium stock 180° protractor and centre head. Knurled brass screws for easy adjustment. Includes scriber and vials.
    Picture of Crown Bevel, Wing Nut, 229mm 9inch Walnut

    Crown Bevel, Wing Nut, 229mm 9inch Walnut

    CROWN 116
    The Crown 9” Rosewood Bevel is a quality 9” Bevel with rosewood handle made with hardened, tempered, and blued steel blade. Fitted with brass, this tool is an accurate, attractive, traditional Sheffield product. Use with dovetails and framing - anywhere there are odd angles. Features: Brass lever nut Hardened, tempered blued steel Use with dovetails and framing Use to transfer corner angles to shelves Manufactured to british standard BS3322 Specifications: Length: 9" Weight: 0.18 kg
    Picture of Crown Combination Mortice & Marking Gauge, Walnut.
    Picture of Crown Cutting Guage 300mm

    Crown Cutting Guage 300mm

    CROWN 140
    Picture of French Curve Set - 3 in wallet

    French Curve Set - 3 in wallet

    Ideal for drawing ellipses ; irregular curves. 3 piece set incorporates a series of isometric ellipse templates ranging from 10mm-50mm and a series of non standard external curves
    Picture of Helix Ellipse Template

    Helix Ellipse Template

    HLX H82010
    Made from shatter resistant material with a bevelled inner edge and ringbinder holes. Features 26 ellipses
    Picture of Helix Erasing Shield

    Helix Erasing Shield

    HLX T20054
    Helix Erasing Shield Ideal for precision erasing and can be used with battery powered erasers.