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    Elecfreaks is not just a brand; it's a realm of endless possibilities for tech enthusiasts, makers, and learners. With a mission to spark creativity, ignite curiosity, and foster innovation, Elecfreaks offers a wide array of cutting-edge electronic components, kits, and resources that empower you to bring your ideas to life.

    Whether you're a seasoned electronics guru or a beginner just dipping your toes into the exciting world of technology, Elecfreaks provides the tools and knowledge you need to turn concepts into tangible projects. From robotics and IoT (Internet of Things) to coding and automation, Elecfreaks is your trusted partner on the journey of exploration and discovery.

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    Picture of ElecFreaks 1 Channel Relay 3V Module

    ElecFreaks 1 Channel Relay 3V Module

    1 Channel Relay 3V Relay Module is one of the OCTOPUS series of electric bricks. It is fundamentally designed according to OCTOPUS electric brick series with same shape, PCB positioning holes and electric brick connectors. OCTOPUS 1 Channel Relay has adopted a mini and high-quality HUIKE relay, which is available to control all kinds of home appliances and high current load devices. This is a common accessory module for electronic DIY fans.

  • Equipped with a high current relay. Its max current can be up to 2A.
  • Adopt a 3V power supply, which is enough to support micro:bit.
  • Contact control, including a normally open contact and a normally closed contact.
  • Convenient wire connection.
  • €5.00
    Picture of ElecFreaks 360 Digital Servo with Wheel & Tire (EF90D)

    ElecFreaks 360 Digital Servo with Wheel & Tire (EF90D)

    360 Digital Servo(EF90D) with wheel and tire is a kind of 360° analog servo. It is light and portable, a little bigger than 5 cent coin. It works at 3V voltage and uses pulse width to adjust speed of the servo rotation, which also can be used to make small robot modules, mechanical arm modules and intelligent car modules.

  • EF90D micro:servo 360 degrees digital servo for micro:bit
  • Wheel
  • €5.45
    Picture of ElecFreaks Alligator Cables

    ElecFreaks Alligator Cables

    Alligator clips (or Crocodile clips, if you prefer) are likely to be the most useful thing on your workbench besides the workbench itself. Whether you're just trying to make a few quick connections to test your circuit or having trouble making your multimeter leads stay where you need them, these spring-loaded clips are a workshop must-have.

    Each lead in this pack of ten is 35cm long with a rubber shrouded alligator clip in 45mm length and 8.3mm opening on each end. There are three different colours, you get each of: red, black and yellow.
    Picture of ElecFreaks Breadboard 400 Ties Solderless

    ElecFreaks Breadboard 400 Ties Solderless

    White Solderless Prototype PCB Board Breadboard 400 Tie-points 83mmx55mm
    Picture of ElecFreaks Crystal Battery Box for 2xAAA Batteries

    ElecFreaks Crystal Battery Box for 2xAAA Batteries

    This is a battery box specialized for micro:bit. You can place two AAA batteries into the battery holder, switch on and then it will supply power to micro:bit via PH2.0 connector.
    Picture of ElecFreaks Edgebit for Micro:bit

    ElecFreaks Edgebit for Micro:bit

    Edge:bit is a breakout board for protecting your micro:bit golden finger. The special designed golden finger brings more convenience to micro:bit extension. But, at the same time, it is easily abraised or scratched by aligator clip. Edge:bit can provide an all-around protection for your micro:bit, which makes your micro:bit life span become much longer.

  • Perfect match the size of micro:bit golden finger and seamlessly connect various accessories.
  • Adopt human mechanical structure design in the plug end, which gives more comfortable grab experience.
  • Protect micro:bit from any scratches of alligator clips and prolongs the connector's life span.
  • After being soldered with pins, it becomes a good breadboard adapter.
  • €6.24
    Picture of ElecFreaks Experiment Box for Micro:bit

    ElecFreaks Experiment Box for Micro:bit

    Experiment microbit box Kit is a multifunction micro box experiment equipment that is based on professional experimental equipment and the actual physics learning situation. You will learn how to use the science lab kits to programmatically control physical circuits.

    Note: Microbit is not included

  • Portable design with all components in the box to avoid loosing anything
  • The banana line and the joint are common connection which can be widely used for power, signal detection, mutimeter, lead test and circuit boards maintenance.
  • For this Experiment Box, you'll use banana plug wires to connect different components. These wires are easy to insert and pull out yet still create stable connections.
  • Meanwhile, using banana plugs lays a foundation for further circuit design.
  • €59.95
    Picture of ElecFreaks IOT:bit for Micro:bit

    ElecFreaks IOT:bit for Micro:bit

    IoT:bit is an expansion board based on IoT micro bit. Iot boards uses ESP8266 as a WIFI expansion board and serial port to communicate with micro:bit. It also has extended all available IO ports of the micro:bit which is led by GVS and you can extend various 3V E-blocks as LED, photosensitive, and servo by using it. At the same time, the IoT:bit with an on-board buzzer for outside sound and an on-board RTC clock for timing without a power supply. Let's create your own IoT micro bit by makecode!

    IoT:Bit: A RELIABLE TOOL TO ESTABLISH CONNECTION ACROSS DEVICES The IoT boards can help anyone fully grasp the digital apparatus of computers. Establishing interconnected networks amongst devices can be crucial in data analysis. IoT-based components are often used to speed up this task for a micro bit. IoT bit is a device that works as an internet extension for a micro bit. It is applied on circuit boards to improve the means of productivity by creating valid communication with the micro bit. IoT bit is a very compact tool that is made with complicated circuitry within itself. Anyone who wishes a reliable internet WIFI extension board for their micro bit should try out this component. Various sorts of tasks done by them can be improved manyfold through this seemingly minuscule module.

    DESIGNED WITH A VARIETY OF FEATURES The IoT-based module is equipped with many handy features that can ensure the efficiency of the micro bit. The IoT bit uses an ESP8266 as a board for WIFI expansion for data transactions through the micro bit. Led by GVS, the board also has extended IO ports for the micro bit, which lets you add a variety of other parts. The onboard buzzer can be triggered from the outside, and the RTC clock within can stay functional even without a power supply. The IoT bit also has an earphone jack and an integrated buzzer. The design is very simplistic compared to the functions, as you can construct them any way you please. The four LEGO-like holes make them very adaptable when used in a micro bit.

    RELIABLE HARDWARE The IoT:bit is a valuable component that itself is made out of smaller components. The hardware of any electrical entity can be deemed very important. Through the micro bit, the direct current is supplied via a USB at five volts. The expectation for maximum current is around 800mA, which is appropriate to keep the micro bit functional. The hardware stays operational from -25 to 80 degrees Celsius. The WIFI module used for the micro bit is labeled ESP8266. The ESP12F is very reliable as it is widely used in components similar to IoT bit. The passive buzzer is worth mentioning too. The RTC timing mechanics lets the device memorize the pace of time even after cutting off the power supply of the micro bit. RTC battery for the micro bit is something you can add in yourself. The battery requires a CR1220 cell. The coding port is a serial port in the micro bit that can delineate the IO slot.

    EASY TO INSTALL & ACCEPTABLE SIZE Adding components to a micro bit can be difficult as it is a miniature computer. The IoT boards are very sizable addition to the micro bit. It has a surface area of fewer than 50 centimeters and is 23 millimeters in depth. The printed circuit board is an essential part of the entire system. The PCB thickness is about 1.5mm. IoT bit has four adaptable slots, which let them get attached to the micro bit. Each of these holes is 2.4mm in diameter.

    INTERPHASE VARIABLES There is much to discuss a variety of functions visible on the interphase of IoT bit. The micro bit you use will probably have lots of potential in it, which you could not utilize because of not having the right component. IoT bit has a GVS leaded function had grants access to the electronic building module and also a functional 12C communication device. No need to reset the time every time you start the micro bit because of the RTC timing system.

  • Integrated ESP12F WiFi、RTC and passive buzzer module
  • Extended most IO ports by GVS
  • Silk-screen indication onboard main components
  • Separately lead IIC interface, directly plug in OLED, BME280 and IIC, etc
  • Integrated buzzer and earphone jack
  • Adaptive for LEGO (4 standard spacing fixed holes)
  • €16.95
    Picture of ElecFreaks Joystick:bit for Micro:bit

    ElecFreaks Joystick:bit for Micro:bit

    Micro bit v2 Joystick:bit V2 is a game board based on micro:bit. It contains a 4-direction joystick and 4 undefined buttons. At the same time, it enhances the game experience with its on-board buzzer and vibration motor. micro bit v2 Joystick:bit V2 can also be used as a remote control with a good appearance and comfortable feels.

  • Language: Javascript / Makecode / Microsoft Touch Develop / Python.
  • Load with buzzer.
  • Support vibration feedback.
  • Compatible with the MakeCode packages.
  • Power off automatically after unplugging the micro bit v2.
  • €17.10
    Picture of ElecFreaks Micro Servo 180° EF92A

    ElecFreaks Micro Servo 180° EF92A

    This is a micro servo It only weights 20g and provides a torque. It will comes with a 3-pin control cable and mounting hardware.

    Almost all the micro bit servo in the market have to be driven by 5V, but the normal working voltage for micro:bit is 3V. It is embarrassing to drive a 5V servo with a micro:bit. Thus, we have customized these two servos that can be driven by two batteries with the lowest working voltage at 2.7V. It is the first batch of the micro bit servo designed for the micro:bit in the market.

    The high linearity makes its control more accurate. It is designed for micro:bit with high-linearity, which gives you a smooth feel of control.

    Low working voltage, compatible to 3V-5.5V(With 2.7V at least), designed for micro:bit.
    Picture of ElecFreaks Micro Servo 360° EF90A

    ElecFreaks Micro Servo 360° EF90A

    ELECFREAKS micro:servo is a kind of 360 deg analog servo. It is light and portable, a little bigger than 5 cent coin. It works at 3V voltage and uses pulse width to adjust speed of the servo rotation, which also can be used to make small robot modules, mechanical arm modules and intelligent car modules.
    Picture of ElecFreaks Micro:bit Smart Agricultural Kit

    ElecFreaks Micro:bit Smart Agricultural Kit

    The micro:bit Smart Agriculture Kit has a well-selection of IoT:bit, DS18B20 temperature sensor, soil moisture sensor, water level sensor, PIR sensor, servos and etc.,

    The Kit can be used it to build such themes as the smart insects repelling machine, the ecological greenhouse, the fish pond water level monitoring device and more, from which we can learn the modern agriculture and program and explore more possibilities to apply the information technology in agriculture.

  • 1 x IoT:bit Internet WIFI extension board for micro:bit
  • 1 x Rainbow LED
  • 1 x PIR sensor
  • 1 x DS18B20 sensor
  • 1 x DHT11 sensor
  • 1 x Sonar:bit
  • 1 x Soil moisture sensor
  • 1 x Water level sensor
  • 1 x OLED screen
  • 1 x EF92A 180° servo
  • 1 x micro USB cable
  • Jumper wires
  • €79.95
    Picture of ElecFreaks Micro:bit Smart Coding Kit

    ElecFreaks Micro:bit Smart Coding Kit

    Elecfreaks Smart Coding Kit is a wearable device based on micro:bit button cell extension board Pro, a DIY micro:bit watch can be easily made with a simple installing method.

    NOTE: Micro:bit not included

    Easy Installation:Only need 4 simple steps, you can easily complete the installation. Children can also choose to hang around the neck with a string.
    Creativity: It fits for graphical Makecode and Scratch programming. Kids can creat many cases such as dice games,thermometer,compass, pedometer, play music, wireless control and so on...
    Two Button Cells: Let the microbit run without usb cable and bulky battery holder. In order to be as small as possible, we only support 2025 button cells.
    Wear:bit Extension Board has 2 Switches:Power Switch and Buzzer Switch, Children can better control the micro:bit and buzzer as needed.

    SUPPORT MULTIPLE PROGRAMMING The fun cases will bring children the joy of programming! Children can use programming to achieve what they want. It better improves children's interest in programming! Teachers or parents also can give the child some help through communication to let the child have fun in programming!

  • Powered by two 3V CR2025 lithium batteries.
  • Loaded with a buzzer that is controlled through the P0 port.
  • Loaded with a buzzer switch.
  • It can be used with the watch strap and the micro:bit.
  • €12.95
    Picture of ElecFreaks Micro:bit Smart Cutebot

    ElecFreaks Micro:bit Smart Cutebot

    Micro bit Bot Cutebot is a small programmable micro bit Bot designed for educational purposes, especially for teaching programming and robotics to children. The micro bit Bot Cutebot is based on the Micro-Bit microcontroller, a small, low-cost computer designed for educational use.

    The ELECFREAKS Smart Cutebot microbit Robot Kit is a rear-drive smart car driven by dual high-speed motors. There is much onboard equipment on the Cutebot including an ultrasonic sensor and distance sensor, two RGB LED headlights and clearance lamps on the bottom, two line-tracking probes, and an active buzzer as the horn. It has rich graphical programming for Cutebot microbit Robot Kit, allowing kids to learn programming from the simplest to the more complex.

    NOTE: Micro:bit is not included

    SMALL & CUTE Exclusive silk-screen design, smooth and burr-free edges, eco-friendly and safe materials, and playful and cute shapes make up our Cutebot microbit Robot Kit. Start using Cutebot directly after receiving it, no need for secondary installation.
    HIGH PERFORMANCE & EXPLOSIVE POWERAlthough the ELECFREAKS Smart Cutebot microbit Robot Kit’s body is relatively small and cute, it has powerful explosive power and can be used to participate in robot fighting competitions.
    RICH EXPANSION ACCESSORIES It can be connected with other accessory packs, such as ELECFREAKS Cutebot Lithium Battery Pack, ELECFREAKS Mechanical Catch, ELECFREAKS Smart AI Lens Kit, and ELECFREAKS Interactive Coding Accessories Pack, and other sensors, such as ELECFREAKS PlanetX OLED, ELECFREAKS PlanetX 8x16 Matrix Sensor, and octopus sensor, etc.
    RICH ONBOARD RESOURCES Cutebot contains rich onboard functions, such as ultrasonic, RGB rainbow light, RGB chassis light, buzzer, infrared receiver, line-hunting sensor, and gimbal wheel
    FULLY ENCLOSED MOTOR Cutebot adopts a fully enclosed motor, which will not be damaged due to dust entering.
    SUPPORT MULTIPLE PROGRAMMING Support Makecode, Python, JavaScript, and C++ programming. You can use the ELECFREAKS Smart Cutebot microbit Robot Kit to learn four different programming styles.
    MULTIPLE REMOTE CONTROL MODES You can use Bluetooth, infrared remote control & Joystick:bit control the car to drive.
    Picture of ElecFreaks Micro:bit Smart Health Kit

    ElecFreaks Micro:bit Smart Health Kit

    The micro:bit Smart Health Kit has a well-selection of the Sensor:bit, Analog UV Sensor, PIR Sensor, MQ3 Alcoholic Sensor Brick, Servo and etc., you could use it to build such themes as the UV light detections, the sitting posture reminder, the alcoholic detector, smart trash can and more, from which we can learn how to program and how to keep healthy living habits in a scientific way. Build better science habits with this ELECFREAKS micro:bit Smart Health Kit.

  • 1 x Sensor:bit
  • 1 x MO3 Alcohol Sensor
  • 1 x Cash Sensor
  • 1 x Rainbow LED
  • 1 x PIR Sensor
  • 1 x DHT11 Sensor
  • 1 x UV Sensor
  • 1 x Soil Moisture Sensor
  • 1 x Motor with Fan
  • 1 x OLED Screen
  • 1 x EF92A 180° Servo
  • 1 x micro USB cable
  • Jumper wires
  • €79.95
    Picture of ElecFreaks Micro:bit Smart Home Kit

    ElecFreaks Micro:bit Smart Home Kit

    Smart Home Kit is a product about smart home project base on micro:bit which is developed by Elecfreaks. With selected executed components commonly used at home such as a temperature sensor, sound sensor, crash sensor, servo, motor, you can build scenes like windowsill, wardrobe and fish tank, create yourself smart sweet home and programming to intelligently driving them using micro:bit. Smart home is what makes life more practical and playing with it is what makes life more interesting.

  • 1. Extend most IO ports by GVS terminal.
  • 2. Independently lead out IIC interface. Enable to plug in IIC components like OLED, BME280, etc..
  • 3. Integrated a buzzer and an audio jack.
  • 4. Support building blocks interface.
  • 5. Mark out each IO port with silk printing.

  • 1 x Relay
  • 1 x Temperature Sensor
  • 1 x Light Sensor
  • 1 x Rainbow LED
  • 1 x Soil Moisture Sensor
  • 1 x Motor With Fan
  • 1 x Crash Sensor
  • 1 x 3V Sensor:bit (Size:57mm*42mm)
  • 1 x OLED Display
  • 1 x Noise Sensor
  • 1 x Submersible Pump
  • 1 x 180° Servo
  • 1 x micro:bit USB Cable
  • 9 x GVS 3-Pin Dupont Wires
  • 1 x Guidance Manual
  • 1 x Crystal Battery Box

  • €70.00
    Picture of ElecFreaks Micro:bit Smart Science IOT Kit

    ElecFreaks Micro:bit Smart Science IOT Kit

    ElecFreaks Micro:bit Smart Science IOT Kit offers a gateway to the exciting world of Internet of Things (IoT) exploration, designed to expand your horizons and enhance your learning experience. This kit, although excluding the Micro:bit board, provides a comprehensive suite of components and sensors to fuel your IOT projects.

    With a wide array of sensors and modules, you can delve into various aspects of science and technology, from environmental monitoring to data analysis. The kit is a versatile tool for both beginners and seasoned enthusiasts, offering endless possibilities for experimentation and innovation.

    Whether you're interested in building a weather station, tracking environmental data, or creating interactive projects, the ElecFreaks Micro:bit Smart Science IoT Kit provides the essential building blocks to bring your ideas to life. It's a must-have for anyone eager to embark on a journey of IOT discovery and hands-on learning.

    ELECFREAKS Smart Science microbit IOT Sensors Kit is developed based on IOT:bit, a new breakout board compatible with internet of things sensors such as the ultrasonic sensor, dust sensor, light sensor, and water level sensor, including RTC Timing and WIFI module. You can gather data via the internet of things sensors and send data to the cloud with a more stable and accurate data analysis.

    NOTE: Micro:bit is not included
    Picture of Elecfreaks Microbit Breakout Board

    Elecfreaks Microbit Breakout Board

    Micro:bit breakout board is a kind of breakout board for micro:bit. It can lead out GPIO port, serial port, IIC port, and SPI port on the micro:bit board. The biggest feature of Octopus:bit is that it can switch electric levels for some GPIO ports, which makes micro:bit available to be adapted to 5V sensors.

  • Input voltage: 3.3V(powered by the edge connector of micro:bit)
  • Extend all the GPIO ports(P0~P16, P19~P20).
  • Beneath each I/O port, there are pins for VCC and GND. These pins are differentiated by different colors, which enable you to connect your extension module easily. The spread of pins is fully compatible with the Octopus series products.
  • With a voltage boosting module, you can shift the working voltage of P8, P9, and P11~P16 between 3.3V and 5V through the voltage switch.
  • Lead out the serial port, I2C port, and SPI port, among which I2C can connect 3 channels of I2C devices and SPI can connect 2 channels of SPI devices.
  • Available for direct serial port communication between two breakout boards.

  • APPLICATION It is suitable for all conditions that require micro:bit GPIO such as programming education, smart device creation, and so on.

    Picture of ElecFreaks Motor:bit for Micro:bit

    ElecFreaks Motor:bit for Micro:bit

    Motor:bit is a motor driving board based on micro:bit. It has integrated a motor driving chip, which is used to drive two motors with maximun 1.2A DC single channel current. It has also integrated 12 GVS ports (for connecting OCTOPUS series of electric bricks) and 1 IIC communication port. These ports allow you to extend with various sensors and electric modules.

    On the board, P3-P7, P9-P10 are IO ports for directly driving 3.3V devices; P13-P16, P19-P20(IIC port) support 3.3V/5V voltage switch. Sliding the voltage switch onboard, it is available to drive 3.3V or 5V devices. Besides, you can play music with the buzzer on motor:bit. Motor:bit is totally designed for DIYers. You can use it to create your own smart car or any funny projects.

  • Support 2 DC motors.
  • Max driving current of single channel is 1.2A.
  • Extend 14-channel IO ports and lead out it by GVS pins. Among it, 6 ports support 3V/5V voltage switch.
  • With 1 passive buzzer on board.
  • €17.50
    Picture of ElecFreaks Powerbit for Micro:bit

    ElecFreaks Powerbit for Micro:bit

    ELECFREAKS Power:bit is a pocket-sized extension board. Power:bit is powered by two 2025 button batteries and carries a buzzer on the board. Due to its small cute size and abundant electric power, it is quite suitable to be applied to micro:bit wearable devices like pedometers, timers, portable music broadcasters, and so on.

  • Powered by two CR2025 li-batteries.
  • The buzzer on board is connected to the P0 port on micro:bit.
  • P0, P1, P2, 3V, and GND can be led out by pins.
  • Enable to match micro:bit and acrylic watch band.
  • €6.95
    Picture of ElecFreaks Retro Arcade

    ElecFreaks Retro Arcade

    The RETRO Arcade for Education is the first arcade device in a big screen with a high resolution. Kids are able to use them to create their games in a fun and easy way through the blocks program, and the Retro allows for a self-defined game role, multiple game sceneries and plots design. It surprises you more with the bountiful built-in sensors and gives kids more chances for creation.

    WHAT IS Microsoft MakeCode ARCADE?
    MakeCode is a graphical programming platform born for education under the Microsoft Corporation. It provides programming tools and learning tutorials for children at different coding levels. MakeCode has instant results, a blocks editor, a text editor, a steps guide, and other features that allow children of all ages to learn to program. Arcade is a game programming project under the MakeCode graphical programming platform, Microsoft supports it with a technical framework.
    Picture of ElecFreaks Sensor:bit IO Extension Board for Micro:bit

    ElecFreaks Sensor:bit IO Extension Board for Micro:bit

    Sensor:bit is a breakout board based on micro:bit. It has extended all available IO ports on micro:bit, and lead out them in the form of GVS. With this board, we can extend various 3V electric brick modules like LED light, photocell, etc.. On the board, it has integrated a buzzer and an audio jack, which allows you to hear music from the buzzer or with headphones.

  • Extend most IO ports on micro:bit by GVS pins.
  • Independently lead out IIC interface. Enable to plug in IIC components like OLED, BME280, etc..
  • Integrated a buzzer and an audio jack.
  • Support interface.
  • Mark out each IO port with silk printing.

  • €9.50
    Picture of ElecFreaks Smart AI Lens Kit

    ElecFreaks Smart AI Lens Kit

    Smart Ai lens kits is an Artificial Intelligence module compatible with 3.3v~5v micro:bit expansion board which can be programmed graphically. Buy Smart Lens from us. Our ELECFREAKS micro:bit Smart AI lens kits are designed for children. The Smart AI lens kits can be applied in card identification, line-tracking, ball tracking, color identification, one-button to the quire, and face tracking.
    Picture of ElecFreaks Tinker Kit for Micro:bit

    ElecFreaks Tinker Kit for Micro:bit

    ELECFREAKS micro:bit Tinker Kits is sourced from Singapore's training organization TINKER ACADEMY which has a professional team and a strong academic background. A variety of octopus sensors and lots of micro bit projects tutorials to help you create dozens of amazing digital maker micro bit projects! ELECFREAKS Octopus:bit is a kind of breakout board for micro:bit. It can lead out GPIO port, serial port, IIC port, and SPI port on the micro:bit board. The biggest feature of Octopus:bit is that it can switch electric level for some GPIO ports, which makes micro:bit available to be adapted to 5V sensors.

    Plant Monitoring Device : Upload your code into the micro:bit and stick that moisture sensor into the base of your plant. You pots will be able to tell you when your plants are thirsty!
    Music Machine:Since there are 5 buttons, we need to code 5 similar conditional statements. Each button controls a sound of a particular pitch. So press each buttion, we will get sounds of different pitches.
    Electro-Theremin: We want to make sure the highest potentiometer value still corresponds to the highest note we can play. Check out the value of the lowest and highest notes in the micro:bit piano keys. Twist the knob to control alien noises!
    Smart Light: Upload your code into your micro:bit. Walk into the dark with your new smart light, or place it in a room to brighten up when you walk in.
    Picture of ElecFreaks Octopus MP3 Player Module

    ElecFreaks Octopus MP3 Player Module

    Octopus MP3 module is a tiny and delicate sound module with on-board loudspeakers, it is able to play music stored in the TF cards via program.

  • Feature 1: Control the volume, files, and on/off status via the program
  • Feature 2: Read TF cards directly
  • Feature 3: Load with earphone ports, it is able to connect with the loudspeaker box.
  • €11.96