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    ElecFreaks Crystal Battery Box for 2xAAA batteries for micro:bit

    Manufacturer: Elecfreaks
    This is a battery box specialized for micro:bit. You can place two AAA batteries into the battery holder, switch on and then it will supply power to micro:bit via PH2.0 connector. Packing List 1 x Exclusive Crystal Battery Box
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    Picture of Kitronik Clippable Servo

    Kitronik Clippable Servo

    KI 25105
    New clippable servo has had the standard pin header replaced with super useful crocodile clips. This allows it to be used in projects that feature other clippable connection points, such as projects utilising the Kitronik Klip Motor Driver. The 180 degree rotation servo is based on the Feetech FS90MG-CL and features metal gears, which are more reliable and hard-wearing than their plastic counterparts. The servo is rated to operate between 4.8V - 6V, which gives output Torque of between 1.8kg - 2.2kg respectively. If the clippable servo is being used in micro:bit projects, a separate power supply is required. If you are using the Kitronik Klip Motor Driver, the power can be taken directly from the Klip motor driver board.
    Picture of Kitronik Klip Motor Driver for BBC micro:bit - V1 & V2

    Kitronik Klip Motor Driver for BBC micro:bit - V1 & V2

    KI 5655
    The Klip Motor Driver for the BBC micro:bit does much more than just drive motors. It also breaks out pins 0, 1, 2, 3V and GDN (just like the main pads on the BBC micro:bit itself), and there';s a ZIP LED output as well, along with the battery voltage and another GND connection. All of these pads are designed specifically for use with crocodile clips and banana plugs. That means no soldering or fiddling with connection blocks. Also, the pads have been designed and spaced to make it difficult to short two together with crocodile clips. This makes it ideal for use with younger children who can build buggies with little more than a couple of motors, a chassis, some elastic bands and the clip motor driver. . It can run two DC motors simultaneously, both clockwise and counter-clockwise, and at varying speeds. Some examples of motors to use would be right angled geared hobby motorsand solderless gearmotors. The ZIP LED output connection is ideally suited for use with the ZIP Hex boards, as they also have croc-clip connections.
    Picture of Kitronik STOP:bit - Traffic Light for BBC micro:bit - V1 & V2

    Kitronik STOP:bit - Traffic Light for BBC micro:bit - V1 & V2

    KI 5642
    The STOP:bit for the BBC micro:bit is the ultimate upgrade for traffic light/pedestrian crossing projects. Not only does it make coding the project a breeze, but the board is also supplied pre-assembled so you don't even need to fire up the soldering iron. Love it or hate it, variations of the pedestrian crossing project have been around for decades. When I did mine, it was on a 6502 EMMA board and coded with Assembly and it also included a level crossing. Thankfully, tapping low-level programming languages into a hexadecimal keypad is now a thing of the past. The Kitronik STOP:bit is a purpose-built accessory that can only lead to a more enjoyable project with a nicer looking end result.