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    Elements Acrylic 500ml Range

    Manufacturer: Elements
    Elements Acrylic 500ml Range.

  • Ideal for a range of surfaces and techniques.
  • Highly pigmented.
  • Fast drying.
  • Lightfast.
  • Superb mixing abilities.
  • Ideal for a wide range of surfaces including canvas, paper, card and board.
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    Picture of Galeria Acrylic Paint 500ml Range

    Galeria Acrylic Paint 500ml Range

    Our entire range is available in 500ml bottles, making this quality acrylic perfect for large scale projects whilst being more economical. Winsor & Newton Galeria acrylic colours are a range ideal for the artists who require large quantities of good quality acrylic colour at an economic price. They are extremely versatile, high quality and are suitable for a variety of techniques.

    Galeria Acrylic are wonderfully affordable and yet impressive in their vibrancy and quality. These are made with a high level of pigment and also have opaque versions of some naturally transparent colours. You'll find their texture buttery enough for quick and easy coverage, but thick enough for brush marks to remain, should you want them. There are 60 magnificent colours to choose from.

    As with all acrylics, equipment should be cleaned with water immediately after use.
    This large, economical pot size from Winsor & Newton also offers convenience and ease of dispensing.
    Picture of Goldline A4 Aquapad 300g 50 Sheets

    Goldline A4 Aquapad 300g 50 Sheets

    GL 975721C
    Goldline Aquapad A4 300g Medium Fine Grain

    A brand new paper with a medium-fine grain dedicated to wet technique to answer student expectations and all those who are searching for a good value for money product. 100% cellulose off-white paper. The grain is quite stronger on one side and almost smooth on the back. Sized internally and on the surface to stand wet technique watercolour requirements.

  • 50 sheets
  • 300g
  • A4
  • €18.95
    Picture of A3 160g Card Black 25 Sheets

    A3 160g Card Black 25 Sheets

    Black Card A3 160g (25 Sheets) is a versatile and high-quality material specifically designed for graphics and arts projects. With its A3 size and 25 sheets, it offers ample space to unleash your creativity. The 160g weight provides a sturdy and durable surface, perfect for various graphic techniques, including drawing, sketching, and paper cutting.

    The deep black color of the card creates a striking contrast and adds an elegant and dramatic touch to your artwork. Whether you're creating posters, invitations, or unique craft projects, Black Card A3 160g is an excellent choice to bring your creative vision to life with a bold and sophisticated flair.
    Picture of Das Modelling Material 1kg Terracotta

    Das Modelling Material 1kg Terracotta

    DAS S153876
    DAS Modelling Material 1kg - Terracotta
    With this clay's super pliability, producing a permanent work of art is easy and fast for all ages. In fact, this safe-to-use product dries in 24 hours or less while providing ample open time to complete projects. Clay can be painted or decorated wet or dry with almost any art medium. Best of all, this clay doesn't require oven baking, eliminating a major step in the modeling process. Helps build hand strength and fine motor skills.

  • Air Drying
  • Colour : Terracotta
  • Packages are resealable.
  • AP certified non-toxic.
  • €5.95