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    Since 1921, ELMO has prided itself on providing the greatest quality, innovation, and service possible. ELMO develops award-winning products that set the standard for today’s classroom technology solutions, and their technologies are used in schools and business settings all over the world. From their globally acclaimed document cameras to our collaboration devices and audio systems, every product in the ELMO line is expertly designed with our years of research and experience.

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    Picture of ELMO CRA-1 Wireless Slate/Tablet

    ELMO CRA-1 Wireless Slate/Tablet

    ELMO CRA-1
     An interactive link to better teaching, better learning The CRA-1 is easy to set-up and provides a wide range of convenient functions like stamping, text input and insert image. Attached with a document camera, the CRA-1 can perform tasks like draw on live image of a the document camera, easily controlling the document camera and its functions to create lesson materials containing real objects and digital images.

    Teach anywhere - the ELMO CRA-1 wireless tablet allows you to walk around the classroom to take a closer look at what the students are doing and engage them easily.
    Easy setup - After activating Image Mate Accent software, all you have to do is insert the wireless adaptor (USB dongle) to the computer USB host.
    ELMO Integration - The ELMO Tablet partners effortlessly with an ELMO document camera for dynamic, smooth-flowing lessons.

    Wireless interactive whiteboard capability To help teachers get their points across, whiteboard mode offers a choice of six lesson-reinforcing backgrounds- including musical score, horizontal lines, and graph paper. Teachers can write and draw on those whiteboards from distance while walking around the classroom. Furthermore, wireless control function allows you to use any educational materials stored in your computer such as Power Point slide, PDF and Word files etc. Online educational materials are not exception.
    Picture of Elmo L-12W Visualiser A3 Wireless

    Elmo L-12W Visualiser A3 Wireless

    ELMO L12W
    The ELMO L-12W is a high-quality document camera designed for use in various educational and professional settings. This document camera features a 1/3.2 inch CMOS sensor that provides high-quality images with excellent detail and color accuracy. The camera has a zoom capability making it easy to capture detailed images of documents, objects, or surfaces.

    The document camera also has a built-in microphone and speaker, which allows users to record audio and video presentations with ease. The ELMO L-12W has a flexible arm that allows for easy adjustment of the camera angle and focus, making it ideal for capturing detailed images of small or intricate objects. The document camera connects to a computer via USB and is compatible with various software applications, making it easy to capture, annotate, and share images and videos.

    The main improvements of the L-12W to it's successor the popular ELMO L-12iD are as follows:
    More zoom
    Built-in annotation app and built-in QR reader app
    LAN/Wifi for Internet Browser
    Miracast (wireless image mirroring to Miracast compatible display system)
    For the initial setting, you need to connect to the display system by HDMI or VGA, but once the setting is done, it will connect wirelessly.
    L12W is certified with UVC(USB Video Class), so you can use it as an USB camera with Windows/Mac.
    The Elmo L12W is compatibile between L12W and the latest Windows or MacOS .

    Overall, the ELMO L-12W is a great choice for anyone looking for a high-quality and versatile document camera that can enhance teaching, presenting, or collaboration.
    Picture of Elmo MX-P3 Portable Visualiser

    Elmo MX-P3 Portable Visualiser

    As an interface between the analog and digital world, the ELMO MX-P3 supports presentations with or without a computer.

    The camera enables the display of 3D paper documents, 3D objects or an object of your choice that you want to show the audience in detail. The compact design and light weight makes the ELMO MX-P3 ideal as a mobile document camera for your presentations.
    Picture of Elmo Transformer for L1 ex & l12 & L12F

    Elmo Transformer for L1 ex & l12 & L12F

    The transformer is designed to take power surges. It is not covered under warranty for this reason.
    Picture of Elmo Transformer for L12W

    Elmo Transformer for L12W

    Picture of Elmo Replacement Pen

    Elmo Replacement Pen

    The Elmo 1320 Replacement Tablet Pen is designed for use with CRA-1 Wireless Slate / Tablet. This precise and lightweight pen provides mouse functions and makes writing smooth and easy.

    Teachers can use this pen to annotate online educational materials and images captured by a document camera, or to enhance their own digital teaching materials. For added emphasis, adjusting the amount of pressure applied to the pen when writing changes the thickness of the lines.

    This Tablet Pen also works as a computer mouse to operate all your computer functions.