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    Picture of Circle Template

    Circle Template

    HLX H67010
    Circle template – 32 metric circles with marked diameters
    Picture of Columbus Graphite Sketch set

    Columbus Graphite Sketch set

    Faber Castell Graphite Columbus Pencil Set The Columbus pencil was first manufactured here in Ireland in the 1950s. Since then this distinctive pencil has gone on to become Ireland's favourite. It is made from the highest quality Californian Cedar wood and German leads. The range has the right pencils for every task. 6B to B are for artwork, the soft leads are perfect for sketching and shading. HB through 5H are specially made for writing, drafting and fine lines. The Sketch set includes 2H, HB, B,2B, 4B,6B+ eraser+sharpener
    Picture of Double sided  Tape - 19mm

    Double sided Tape - 19mm

    NT DST19
    Double Sided Sticky Tape 19mm
    Picture of French Curve Set - 3 in wallet

    French Curve Set - 3 in wallet

    Ideal for drawing ellipses ; irregular curves. 3 piece set incorporates a series of isometric ellipse templates ranging from 10mm-50mm and a series of non standard external curves
    Picture of GreyBoard  A1 (640 x 900mm) 1500 micron pack 10

    GreyBoard A1 (640 x 900mm) 1500 micron pack 10

    GREYB SRA1 1500
    Heavy Duty Grey Board Heavy - 1500micron Size (640x900mm)= SRA1 Used in modeling and backing for art photos. Open texture similar to the inside box of cornflakes, only 3 times as thick. Pack of 10
    Picture of Helix Ellipse Template

    Helix Ellipse Template

    HLX H82010
    Made from shatter resistant material with a bevelled inner edge and ringbinder holes. Features 26 ellipses
    Picture of Helix Engineers Scale Ruler 30cm

    Helix Engineers Scale Ruler 30cm

    HLX K85010
    Helix Engineers scale ruler 30cm
    Picture of Mapac A1 Portfolio Quality Sleeve single

    Mapac A1 Portfolio Quality Sleeve single

    MAP 15401001
    Mapac Portfolio Quality Sleeves The sleeves are lightweight, strong, high archival quality and fit all conventional portfolios we offer which have ring-bindings, necessitating portfolio sleeves. Choose size option from the dropdown list