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    Picture of Columbus Graphite Sketch set

    Columbus Graphite Sketch set

    Faber Castell Graphite Columbus Pencil Set The Columbus pencil was first manufactured here in Ireland in the 1950s. Since then this distinctive pencil has gone on to become Ireland's favourite. It is made from the highest quality Californian Cedar wood and German leads. The range has the right pencils for every task. 6B to B are for artwork, the soft leads are perfect for sketching and shading. HB through 5H are specially made for writing, drafting and fine lines. The Sketch set includes 2H, HB, B,2B, 4B,6B+ eraser+sharpener
    Picture of Cotman 6 Tube set

    Cotman 6 Tube set

    COT 0390635
    Winsor ; Newton Cotman 6 Water Colour Tube Paint Set This set contains 6 x 8ml tubes of Cotman Water Colour, offering a perfect starter palette for the medium. The 6 x 8ml colours included in this set are: Ultramarine Viridian Green Burnt Umber Ivory Black Cadmium Yellow Hue Cadmium Red Pale Hue
    Picture of Derwent Intense Hanging pencil Wrap  Empty

    Derwent Intense Hanging pencil Wrap Empty

    DER 0700434
    Derwent Pencil Wrap The smart way to carry your pencils around! Suitable for 30 pencils and accessories. Lightweight and wraps to a neat bundle. (Note - Pencils Not Included)
    Picture of Derwent LineWash Sketch Set

    Derwent LineWash Sketch Set

    DER 2302162
    Derwent Line+Wash Sketch Set This Derwent Line and Wash Set of 13 Assorted items gives you all you need for a sketching trip in one compact package. The set comes with 5 Derwent Graphic Pencils, high-quality sketching instruments with easy-grip hexagonal barrels in a variety of hardnesses. It includes2 Derwent Watersoluble Sketching Pencils, with soft wide cores that make bold lines when dry and soft, subtle washes when wet. Along with these comes a range of handy accessories including a Derwent Waterbrush which carries water in its barrel, the whole lot housed in a handsome silver tin. Product includes: Derwent Graphic Pencils in 4B, 2B, B, HB, H and 2H Derwent Watersoluble Sketching Pencils in 4B and HB Derwent Waterbrush Eraser Shield Paper Stump; Sharpener Plastic Eraser Double Layer Silver Tin
    Picture of Double sided  Tape - 19mm

    Double sided Tape - 19mm

    NT DST19
    Double Sided Sticky Tape 19mm
    Picture of Faber Redline Plastic Double Ended Fibre Tip Pens

    Faber Redline Plastic Double Ended Fibre Tip Pens

    Faber Castell Plastic Double Ended Fibre Tip Pens Product details: Brilliant colours make children's eyes sparkle With a fine and a thick tip Thin tip for fine lines Thick tip for all-over colour Water-based ink Washes out of most fabrics Varying line widths ensure creativity with unlimited colouring technique possibilities Brilliant colours Plastic wallet of 10
    Picture of Galeria Black Lava Tex Gel 250ml

    Galeria Black Lava Tex Gel 250ml

    GAL 3040812
    Galeria Black Lava Texture Gel 250ml Winsor ; Newton Galeria Black Lava Gel is a granular paste containing fine particles of black flint allowing the artist to achieve a heavier and more pronounced effect that can be achieved with Mineral or Sand Texture Gel. Use alone for colourless results or mix with acrylic colour.
    Picture of Galeria Sand texture Gel 250ml

    Galeria Sand texture Gel 250ml

    GAL 3040811
    Galeria Sand texture Gel 250ml from Winsor ; Newton. This Galeria Sand Texture Gel 250 ml from Winsor and Newton is a finer and more consistent texture than the pumice in Mineral Texture Gel. Whilst natural or environmental sand can be added to acrylic colour, any impurities can seriously compromise the chemistry of the paint film. Galeria Sand Texture Gel has been formulated with refined and purified sand to ensure the most interesting possible texture as well as security and durability.