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    Flux Ador Laser Printer Cutter 20 Watt

    Manufacturer: Flux
    The Flux Ador is the world's first laser cutter with a colour print module option!

    This is the FLUX Ador premium diode laser cutter of 20Watt. The Ador laser cutter has a user-friendly interface, supplemented with intuitive software with advanced AI functionalities. Designed for ease of use, ideal for beginners and those who want both laser cutter and the option to add colour to their project.

    Add-on modules available:
  • To print in colour :  Flux Ador Print Module
  • To engrave on metal: Flux ador 2w Infrared Laser Module

  • Dimensions: 64 cm x 49 cm x 23 cm
  • Weight: 19 kg
  • Working area post-installation: 430 mm x 290 mm
  • Maximum laser resolution: 1000 DPI
  • Connectivity options: Ethernet, USB, and Wi-Fi (via a Wi-Fi USB stick)

  • Compatible Materials for Laser Cutting with Diode Laser module (Some materials may require multiple cutting passes):
  • Plywood: Up to 10 mm thickness
  • Black Acrylic: Up to 8 mm thickness
  • Leather: Up to 3 mm thickness

  • Full information on the Flux Ador Laser Printer can be found


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