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    Picture of Bingo Bus Geometry

    Bingo Bus Geometry

    Get on Board the Bingo Bus™! The well-loved game of BINGO is transformed into fun topics for Math.

    Each set includes 30 Bingo cards and markers.
    Picture of Folding Geometric Shapes

    Folding Geometric Shapes

    LER 0921
    Perfect for hands-on learning and illustrative teaching of symmetry, perimeter, surface area and volume, this set of eight 2-in-1 geometric shapes shows both 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional solids.

    Each shape is in both fold-out net form (shows 2 dimensions) and clear plastic casing (shows 3 dimensions). Includes cylinder, square pyramid, cube, rectangular prism, cone, hexagonal prism, triangular pyramid and triangular prism.
    Picture of Geoboard 9 11x11 pin

    Geoboard 9 11x11 pin

    LER 0917
    Sturdy plastic, transparent geoboard is perfect for use on an overhead projector. Features a 23cm 11x11 pin grid with raised edges to protect knobbed pegs. Elastic bands included.
    Picture of Geoboard With Bands

    Geoboard With Bands

    LER 0153
    5 x 5 Pin Geoboards (Set of 10)

    Sturdy plastic geoboards in assorted colours feature a 5 x 5 pin grid with raised edges to protect knobbed pegs.
    18cm geoboards are labelled with letters of the alphabet for easy identification.
    Elastic bands included. Ages 5-13

    Extra Elastic Bands available separately!
    Picture of Geomag Education Classic Geometry Lab

    Geomag Education Classic Geometry Lab

    GM 236
    Made up of magnetic rods, steel spheres and different shaped panels, this Swiss-made product is the symbol of the magnetic construction system that has brought worldwide recognition to the Geomag brand. Thanks to these simple components and the magic of magnetism, endless 3D structures can be created with total freedom of imagination and creativity.

    By reinforcing the concepts of Euclidean geometry with 2D polygons, 3D forms and much more as they build concrete models and make real-life comparisons, students then enjoy elaborating their models in a creative, stimulating and productive classroom environment. This concrete approach to understanding abstract concepts gives students a head start. Contained in a plastic Gratnells SmartCase® for easy storage. 244 pieces + 80 cards.

  • Constructing 2D and 3D shapes
  • Perimeters and areas, doubling/halving
  • Triangles and quadrilateral shapes
  • Pyramids, quadrangles, triangles, octagons, hexagons
  • Repeating sequences and tessellation
  • Parallel and mirror lines
  • Symmetry and rotational symmetry
  • Distinguishing between straight and turning movements/recognizing 1/2 and 1/4 turns
  • Visualizing and describing shapes, movements and transformations
  • Applying numeracy skills to other areas of learning
  • Collecting and recording data/analyzing and explaining results and procedures
  • Solving problems by breaking down into smaller tasks
  • €250.00
    Picture of Helix Geometry 15cm Set

    Helix Geometry 15cm Set

    HLX Q68048
    Helix Clear Geometry Set

    Each comes in its own bag and contains:
    15cm/150mm ruler
    45 degree set square
    60 degree set squares
    180 degree protractor
    Picture of Helix Geometry Class Set of 30

    Helix Geometry Class Set of 30

    HLX Q99040
    All your geometry needs are taken care of with this superb classroom resource. This quality selection offers real vale for money as it allows for up to 30 children to participate in geometry lessons using content carefully chosen with quality and safety in mind. Housed in the sturdy Gratnells Tray, the content will be protected and can be stored away neatly after use.

    Contains 30 each of:
    Shatter resistant rule 30cm/300mm
    Metal safety compass
    9cm pencil
    13cm/60° set square
    10cm/45° set square
    Circular Angle Measure Protractor 360 degree
    Picture of Helix Ireland Tin Maths / Geometry Set

    Helix Ireland Tin Maths / Geometry Set

    HLX B09000
    This 8-piece Irish maths / geometry set supplied in a sturdy tin box set contains -

  • 6"/15cm clear ruler
  • 45 degree set square
  • 60 degree set square
  • 180 degree protractor
  • Metal self centering compass
  • 3.5"/9cm pencil
  • Sharpener
  • Eraser
  • €3.51