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    Picture of Bostik Gluesticks (Pack of 14)

    Bostik Gluesticks (Pack of 14)

    BOS 30813367
    The Bostik Gluesticks (Pack of 14) provide a convenient and reliable solution for all your adhesive needs. Each gluestick in the pack offers a strong and secure bond on materials like paper, cardboard, and lightweight fabrics. With their easy-to-use design, these gluesticks ensure smooth application and quick drying for hassle-free projects.

    The pack of 14 gluesticks ensures a long-lasting supply, making it ideal for classrooms, offices, or home use. Whether it's crafting, scrapbooking, or general repairs, these Bostik Gluesticks are a versatile choice for all your bonding tasks.
    Picture of Bostik Handy Glue Gun

    Bostik Handy Glue Gun

    BOS 30813546
    The Bostik Handy Glue Gun is a versatile and compact adhesive tool that is perfect for small craft projects and repairs. With its ergonomic design and comfortable grip, it offers easy handling and control. The glue gun heats up quickly, allowing for fast and efficient bonding.

    Compatible with standard-sized glue sticks, it ensures a reliable and secure bond on various materials like paper, cardboard, and lightweight fabrics.
    Picture of Glue Sticks 7mm (Pack of 10)

    Glue Sticks 7mm (Pack of 10)

    CR 39133
    The Glue Sticks 8mm (Pack of 10) are essential adhesive tools for a variety of projects. Each stick has a diameter of 7mm, making them compatible with most standard glue guns. With this pack of 10, you have an ample supply to tackle multiple tasks. These glue sticks provide a strong and reliable bond on materials like paper, cardboard, fabric, and lightweight plastics. Whether it's for crafting, school projects, or general repairs, these glue sticks offer convenient and mess-free application.

  • For use with your hobby glue gun
  • 7mm
  • 10 Pack
  • €2.95
    Picture of Hobby Glue Gun

    Hobby Glue Gun

    TSM 583333
  • 230V hot melt glue gun with smooth trigger action
  • For wood, paper, plastics, fabrics and ceramics
  • Integral fold away stand
  • Supplied with 2 glue sticks
  • CE approved
  • Ideal for DIY, Craft or repair jobs
  • €14.94
    Picture of Loctite Glue Gun

    Loctite Glue Gun

    EV HA16
    The Loctite Glue Gun with Glue Sticks offers a reliable and convenient solution for all your bonding needs. This glue gun is designed to provide strong adhesive bonds on various materials, including wood, metal, fabric, and more. With its quick heat-up time, you can start gluing in no time. The included glue sticks ensure a consistent and secure bond, making it a must-have tool for crafts, repairs, and DIY projects.

  • Includes glue gun & two super long glue sticks (200mm)
  • Two minute drying time
  • Ideal for wood, metal, fabric, ceramics, leather, plastics and more
  • Easy squeeze trigger action
  • Smooth and even application
  • €21.96
    Picture of Loctite Glue Sticks (Pack of 6)

    Loctite Glue Sticks (Pack of 6)

    EV HA17
    The Loctite Glue Sticks (Pack of 6) are essential companions for your Loctite glue gun or any standard-sized glue gun. These glue sticks offer a reliable and strong adhesive bond on a wide range of materials, including wood, metal, fabric, and more. Each stick is designed to provide consistent melting and smooth application for effortless bonding. With this pack of six glue sticks, you'll have an ample supply for your crafting, repairs, and DIY projects.

  • Contains 6 super long sticks
  • 20cm long and 1.1cm thick
  • €9.95
    Picture of Rapid Glue Gun & Pack of Glue Sticks

    Rapid Glue Gun & Pack of Glue Sticks

    The Rapid EG111 Glue Gun is a perfect all-round glue gun for DIY jobs and easy repairs around the home. It is compatible with all Rapid 12mm diameter glue sticks. It has a lightweight design and is easy to use, it heats up in less than 5 minutes.

    The silicone nozzle protects against burns and it has a removable metal stand, for better stability when standing. Supplied with 500g of transparent 12mm diameter x 190mm length glue sticks.

  • Working Voltage: 220V-240V/50Hz
  • Heating Time: 5 minutes max
  • Glue Stick Diameter: 12mm
  • €49.95
    Picture of Rayher Metallic Glue Sticks

    Rayher Metallic Glue Sticks

    RAY 33496999
    Hot melt glue sticks and hot melt glue guns are ideal for crafting and decorating. You can create sparkling stars, glittering lettering, individual cards, decorated glass jars and much more.

    Bag of 10 hot melt glue sticks, 10 cm, ø 7 mm, melting temperature: approx. 90°C, maximum temperature: approx. 120-130°C.

    Not only suitable for gluing, but also for designing lettering, contours or surfaces. Can also be used as a sealing wax. When the glue has dried out, it can simply be peeled off a paper or disc.

    The final result is sparkling stars and ice crystals as Christmas decorations or glittering table decorations for festive occasions. Lanterns and greeting cards also get sparkling gloss
    Picture of Silverline Glue Sticks (Pack of 50)

    Silverline Glue Sticks (Pack of 50)

    TSM 698462
    The Silverline Glue Sticks (Pack of 50) offer a generous supply of reliable adhesive for a variety of projects. With their standard size, these glue sticks are compatible with most glue guns, ensuring easy and hassle-free application. Whether it's crafts, DIY tasks, or repairs, this pack of 50 glue sticks provides ample support to tackle multiple projects with confidence.

  • 100x11.2mm Hobby Glue Sticks
  • Pack of 50 Sticks
  • €14.26
    Picture of Glue Spreaders (Pack of 10)

    Glue Spreaders (Pack of 10)

    EV CB19
    These Glue Spreaders (Pack of 10) offer a convenient and precise way to apply adhesive for various projects. These spreaders feature a durable and flexible construction, allowing for easy and even distribution of glue. The pack of 10 ensures you have enough spreaders to handle multiple tasks and projects. With their ergonomic design, these glue spreaders provide a comfortable grip and help achieve smooth and professional-looking results.

  • Pack of 10
  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • €2.76
    Picture of Mini Glue Gun Low Temp

    Mini Glue Gun Low Temp

    CR 391165
  • Mini glue gun
  • Melts glue at 130°C (low temperature)
  • Includes 2 sticks of 10cm and adaptor
  • Lead should not rolled tightly, as the insulated conductors can be damage
  • €7.24
    Picture of Gun Glue Sticks 7mm Pack of 200

    Gun Glue Sticks 7mm Pack of 200

    CR 391365
    7mm-thick Glue Sticks, designed for hot melt glue guns. These sticks deliver rapid, cost-effective, and sturdy bonding for a variety of household materials. Each pack contains 200 sticks, ensuring a lasting supply for your adhesive needs.