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    Picture of Crown Marking Gauge

    Crown Marking Gauge

    CROWN 135
    The gauge’s 8" shaft is made from the finest kiln-dried beech wood. The scoring blade is made of hardened steel and features a bright yellow thumbscrew. 8" long Kiln-dried beech wood Hardened steel marking blade
    Picture of Crown Mitre Square 254mm 10inch, Walnut

    Crown Mitre Square 254mm 10inch, Walnut

    CROWN 134
    The Crown Mitre Square is an excellent tool for checking the accuracy of your mitres. Made from high quality Rosewood and hardened, tempered and blued steel blade to help prevent corrosion. Also has brass fittings. Size: 10" (254mm)
    Picture of Crown Try Square 305cm 12inch Walnut

    Crown Try Square 305cm 12inch Walnut

    CROWN 127
    Rosewood Stock. Hardened and tempered blued steel blade to prevent rusting
    Picture of Geomag Magicube Magnetic Box of 30

    Geomag Magicube Magnetic Box of 30

    GM 120
    Magicubeis the magnetic evolution of the traditional game of cubes. Each colourful cube can be attached from any side and allows you to build, in a fun and easy way, 3D structures and new shapes.

    Geomag has re-invented the construction game with new magnetic cubes, making it more fun and most of all magical! The cubes can be attached together from every side and even remain suspended!

    This helps to make wonderful constructions that are easy to build for everyone. The set is fully compatible with, the story building set, word building set and number building set.
    Picture of Geomag Pro-L Panels Skyline New York 174 pieces

    Geomag Pro-L Panels Skyline New York 174 pieces

    GM 027
    Geomag PRO-L 75 pcs, will stimulate your child's developing mind and channel their creativity. Your little engineer-in-the-making will gain the tools to build architecturally sound structures like a bridge using panels, magnetic rods, and non-magnetic steel spheres. With a little imagination, they can build something more fantastical and abstract!

    This certified toy is designed to help children develop hand/eye coordination, motor skills, problem solving, and visualization through the science of magnetic construction. certified toy that helps in the development of creativity, fine motor skills in addition to stimulating imaginative play and curiosity through the science of magnetic construction.

  • Magnetic construction platform that helps kids grasp science concepts in magnetism and magnetic polarities
  • Helps kids gain knowledge in engineering concepts by creating a remarkable number of structures and configurations through trial and error
  • 30%+ stronger than previous classic line allowing for larger creations
  • Designed to help stimulate children's creativity by allowing for expanded play possibilities
  • Promotes hands-on learning and offers a creative approach to problem-solving by building 2D shapes, 3D shapes and graduating to larger and more complex structures
  • €199.00
    Picture of Keva Brain Builders

    Keva Brain Builders

    KEVA 66009
    Approach KEVA from a whole new angle with this interactive STEM tool! Brain Builders combines 20 KEVA planks with a set of double-sided puzzle cards.

    Each stimulating card features a 2-D challenge on one side and its solution on the other. The goal is to recreate 2-D patterns into 3-D structures. The 2-D cards show the design from different angles highlighting the front, side and overhead view and increase in difficulty from beginner to expert. Manipulate your KEVA planks to successfully duplicate the balance, proportion, composition and geometry featured on each card. Once you think you've solved the blueprint, flip it over to check the solution—try to resist the urge to peek!

    As each build becomes more challenging, patience and confidence is gained through trial and error. From picnic tables and rowboats to swans and snails, you will be amazed what your brain will build! Time to put your 3-D imagination to the test!
    Picture of Shapes Dont Bug Me Geometry Activity Set

    Shapes Dont Bug Me Geometry Activity Set

    LER 1762
    An engaging way to introduce geometric shapes to young learners!

    Children will create artistic master pieces while becoming familiar with 2-D geometric shapes
    Geometric shape pieces are relational and translucent
    Pictures can be completed in more than one way, increasing the challenge

    2-D geometric shapes activity set includes:
    20 double-sided activity cards
    14 different translucent shapes (five different triangles, two different squares, rectangle, hexagon, trapezium, rhombus, circle, semi-circle and quater circle)
    Activity Guide

    Activity cards measure 20cm square
    Picture of Shapes Up - Tangram Game

    Shapes Up - Tangram Game

    EI 3106
    Think carefully, but think fast! This exciting strategy game will have students racing to fit shapes together and cover their boards, the first to do so wins! Role the die and select the shape it shows. Role the hand symbol and take a piece from another players board! For 2-4 players. Game board measures 27cm square.