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    Helix Oxford Set Square 60° 26cm 10"

    Manufacturer: Helix
    The Helix Oxford Set Square 60d 26cm is a precision measuring tool commonly used in mathematics, engineering, and design. It has a 60-degree angle, making it ideal for drawing and measuring equilateral triangles, as well as for creating angled lines and shapes. With a length of 26cm, it offers a large enough surface area to make it easy to use and accurate, while still being compact enough to be easily stored in a pencil case or desk drawer.

    The set square is made of durable, transparent plastic and features a raised edge for easy gripping and precise placement. It is an essential tool for anyone who needs to make precise measurements and drawings in their work or studies.
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    1. Set squares are often used in conjunction with a ruler to draw straight lines at precise angles. They are essential tools for architects, engineers, and artists who require accurate drawings and designs.

    Picture of Helix Set Square  60° 26cm 10"

    Helix Set Square 60° 26cm 10"

    HLX L81040

    Helix Set Square 60 degrees 26cm


    Set squares are matched 45° hypotenuse to 60° upright. Each set square has engraved metric scale.

    Please note these engravings will rub out with use over time.