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    HoverCam is a leading brand at the forefront of visual learning technology. Their product range includes innovative document cameras, visualizers, and presentation solutions designed to enhance teaching, learning, and collaboration in classrooms and beyond.

    What sets HoverCam apart is their dedication to transforming the educational experience through cutting-edge visual technology. Their products empower educators and presenters to engage their audience with dynamic and interactive content.

    Explore the world of HoverCam and discover the future of visual learning. Whether you're in a classroom, boardroom, or online meeting, HoverCam's solutions redefine the way you share and interact with information, making every presentation and lesson more engaging and effective.

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    Picture of Hovercam Duo A3 Visualiser

    Hovercam Duo A3 Visualiser

    HoverCam Duo a Dual Output Document Camera, Lightning fast 4K HDMI output to any interactive flat panel, interactive whiteboard, projector, TV, or monitor. Schedule, start, or run Zoom meetings right from our software, and show your face with Picture-in-Picture.

    With 12-megapixel camera sensor for stunning 4K image clarity over HDMI and USB. Includes useful software features like lesson recording, annotation over the live camera image, and more.

    Perfect for Distance and Hybrid Learning! Now With Zoom: Schedule, Start, and Run Zoom Sessions Right From our Software’s New Zoom Button, Also Works With Skype, Google Hangouts, Google Meet App, and Microsoft Teams.

    Duo features DUAL simultaneous output to both USB and HDMI, which has often been a requirement for AV in lecture theatres. Able to connect to an HDMI Large Display or Preview monitor as well as a PC or MAC
    Picture of Hovercam Ultra 8 A3 Visualiser

    Hovercam Ultra 8 A3 Visualiser

    HOVER U8
    Ultra 8 is the HoverCam you can use without a computer. Ultra 8 is the world's first document camera with HDMI, VGA and SuperSpeed USB 3.0 video outputs with 8.0 MegaPixel resolution and 60 frames/sec speed. Connect it directly to a monitor or projector without a computer using an HDMI or VGA cable, or, use it with a computer with the USB cable to display live HD video for instruction, training and presentations.

    It includes software for scanning, taking 8MP snapshots and recording full-motion no-lag HD video over USB directly to the computer, which is easy to share. Or, take snap shots and record video directly to a SD card. It includes a LCD preview monitor that is also used for touch screen control. Calling the HoverCam a document camera doesn't do it justice - it does so much more. It's also a scanner, HD webcam and video recorder.

    The HoverCam Ultra 8 works with a laptop/ PC and can display direct to a HDMI source, but not to an iPad.
    Picture of Hovercam Solo 8 Mount

    Hovercam Solo 8 Mount

    The HoverCam Solo Mount is used to securely mount Solo series visualiser to a lectern, table or AV cart. The camera may be rotated fully while bolted to the mount. The mount is made of metal and is durable, secure and stylish.

    The mount is easily bolted by using predrilled holes. All mounting hardware is included. The Solo document camera securely slides into the base. You have the option to lock the document camera in the mount or to unlock and remove the unit. The inside of the mount is padded so it will not damage the base of the document camera.
    Picture of Hovercam Solo 8 Plus A3 Visualiser

    Hovercam Solo 8 Plus A3 Visualiser

    HOVER S8
    The HoverCam Solo 8 plus is new to the Irish market with revolutionary features and incredible capability. To name just a few, it's the world's first USB 3.0 visualiser, with up to 480 times zoom, allowing up to 1080p resolution, with stunning detail not possible without USB 3.0. That detail is maintained in full motion with a rock-solid 30fps (frames per second) which does not drop even at 1080p resolution.

    The world's first USB 3.0 Visualiser and the only one on the market with an 13MP sensor. This allows for video and images to be outputted at 4k Clarity, and it can be used as a video camera at 30 frames per second, whilst maintaining 13MP resolution.

    Capture photos in clear 13 MegaPixel resolution (while still storing each image under 1MB). Capture multiple images based on time intervals or motion triggered shutter and using OCR to scan documents. Save in .jpeg, multi-paged .pdf, .png, .tiff and others. The Solo 8+ works withWindows PCs, MACs and Chromebooks. The Solo 8+ is not compatible with iPads or tablets.

    Zoom selected  the Solo 8+ as the preferred document camera for American Primary and Secondary schools and smaller higher-ed classrooms for up to 25 students, and this same technology can be used right now in the Ireland too! In particular, Zoom selected Solo 8+ because they were impressed by the camera's stability and straight forward design.

    Picture of Hovercam Solo Spark II Visualiser

    Hovercam Solo Spark II Visualiser

    Solo Spark II from HoverCam offers an 8MP, Full HD A3 Visualiser at an affordable price.

    The Solo SPARK II is an 8mp Visualiser, capable of viewing up to A3 Documents at Full HD. It works with the Flex11 software, so is capable of recording video, annotations, time-lapse and slow motion video. And the microscope adaptors fit - so you can view down a microscope if you wish. The device has the same footprint and dimensions as the popular Solo 8 Plus, meaning accessories such as the secure mount will also work seamlessly.

    The Solo SPARK II works with Windows PCs, MACs and Chromebooks. The Solo Spark is not compatible with iPads or tablets

    It is the perfect visualiser for subjects that require a very quality presentation. It would be perfect for subjects like Maths, Accountancy, Science and Geography. Technology subjects such as DCG, and also Art, may find the Hovercam Solo 8 with the 13mp camera a better quality option. The fine lines and colour will be maintained better on the Solo 8.

    €499.00 €399.00
    Picture of Hovercam Orbit A3 Visualiser

    Hovercam Orbit A3 Visualiser

    Meet the HoverCam Orbit, the world’s first and only wireless USB and HDMI document camera. Nearly lossless clarity and virtually lag-free casting up to 100 feet, at speeds 50x faster than the competition. Absolutely zero WIFI interference.

    Automatic configuration from the factory for a plug-and- play, zero effort setup experience. Accessible By Any App On Windows, MacOS, ChromeOS, and Android With No Special Software Required. InvisiWire is the only technology that emulates a wired USB connection.

    Effortless Setup: Orbit includes a wireless transmitter that you plug into a PC, Mac, Chromebook or Android Interactive Panel via USB, or to your display via HDMI. And unlike other “wireless” document cameras, you don’t have to sacrifice anything: no time setting parameters, no entering passwords, no software changes, no drivers to install, no security issues, no MiraCast, no hassle on IT Staff,

  • 13 Megapixel Camera Sensor: Provides stunning details, crisp text, and remarkable image clarity.
  • Incredible Zoom With Optical Clarity: 800x total zoom. And thanks to our patented Adaptive Sensor Resolution (ASR) technology, you can zoom-in 4x before losing resolution.
  • Onboard Recording and SSD: Record videos, take snapshots, and adjust the camera image with the built-in microphone and convenient onboard controls. Store hours of lessons on the integrated 16GB Solid-State Drive (SSD).
  • Integrated Battery: When we say “wireless”, we mean it. Get 6+ hours of all-day wireless teaching thanks to the powerful 9800 mAh battery.
  • Compact Yet Sturdy: Nobody likes giant document cameras. Orbit folds down to stuff-in-your-bag size for use on the go.

  • €1380.00