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    How To Draw Dinosaurs

    Lovely book teaching How To Draw Dinosaurs in simple to follow steps by Dandi Palmer. The step-by-step way to learn how to draw a fantastic collection of dinosaurs. This visual and practical approach will have you reaching for drawing tools time and time again.

    Since people first started finding the bones of these long dead creatures dinosaurs have held a fascination. Our love of monsters and fabulous beasties is well served by these animals that once trod the earth millions of years ago and with new ones being unearthed all the time this is very much a live subject. Capture these amazing creatures on paper with this helpful book. This is the latest entry in the series that shows in six stages how to create a drawing from a few shapes to the finished graphite pencil or colored drawing stage. Helpfully each step shows the earlier lines in green with new details added in purple ensuring that you can see what is happening at each stage and thus be inspired to have a go yourself. These pages are bare of words but then they are not really needed as the drawings speak for themselves.
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