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    Picture of Celestron 3-in-1 Telescope/Microscope/Binocular

    Celestron 3-in-1 Telescope/Microscope/Binocular

    CEL 22010
    The Celestron Telescope, Microscope and Binocular Science Kit is the perfect optical kit to get budding astronomers or scientists started. Star gaze through the 50mm telescope with height adjustable tripod, finder-scope and 2x powerful eyepieces.

    For budding scientists, the microscope magnifies up to 900x but can be set to 150x or 450x viewing to get a good look at a variety of specimens. The binoculars feature 4x magnification and a 30mm coated glass objective lens, offering a truly incredible viewing experience when out exploring landscapes or animals in the wild. The Celestron Science Kit is the ideal starter kit for all levels of exploration.

  • 50 mm Aperture refractor telescope
  • Focal length: 600 mm
  • Focal ratio: f/12
  • Eyepieces/Magnifications:
  • 5 mm Eyepiece/120x, 10 mm Eyepiece/60x
  • Finderscope: 2×20

  • Binocular:
  • 4x Magnification
  • 30 mm Objective lenses
  • Coated glass lenses for sharp views

  • Microscope:
  • Eyepiece: 10x
  • Objective lenses: 15x/45x/90x
  • Magnification: 150x/450x/900x
  • Batteries required: 2 AA (not included)
  • €89.95 €79.95
    Picture of Celestron Telescope Astromaster 70AZ

    Celestron Telescope Astromaster 70AZ

    CEL 21061-CGL
  • 70mm refractor telescope with fully coated glass optics and a lightweight frame.
  • Observe in no time with a quick and easy, no-tool setup.
  • Accessories include: two eyepieces (20mm and 10mm), erect image star diagonal, and a finderscope.
  • Panning handle Alt-Az control with clutch for smooth and accurate pointing.
  • Adjustable height tripod
  • Download Starry Night Basic Software with a 36,000 object database, printable sky maps and enhanced images including 3D renderings of stars, exoplanets, and galaxies
  • €185.00
    Picture of CorelDRAW Graphics Suite License (Windows) Single User

    CorelDRAW Graphics Suite License (Windows) Single User

    COREL 406398
    CorelDRAW Graphics Suite License (Windows) Single User is a versatile and powerful software package designed for graphic design and illustration professionals. This single-user license grants you exclusive access to CorelDRAW Graphics Suite on a Windows operating system. With a wide range of creative tools and features, this software enables you to create stunning vector graphics, edit photos, design layouts, and craft intricate illustrations with ease.

    Whether you're a seasoned graphic designer or a novice looking to unleash your creativity, CorelDRAW Graphics Suite offers an intuitive interface and robust functionality. It includes essential applications like CorelDRAW for vector illustration and page layout, Corel PHOTO-PAINT for photo editing and retouching, and more. You'll have access to a vast library of fonts, templates, and clipart, making it easy to bring your ideas to life.
    Picture of Hama Star 63 Tripod with Bag up to 166cm

    Hama Star 63 Tripod with Bag up to 166cm

    Camera tripod for non-jerky images and a steady hold on uneven surfaces, suitable for photo and video cameras - The 3D tilt head allows perfect alignment for landscape and portrait shots - Quick-release plate for quickly changing the camera

    For serious photographers a good, sturdy tripod is a must have for certain photos, preventing camera movement to minimize blurring and creating a sharp, high-quality photo. This makes them ideal to use for capturing self-portraits or group shots, where there is no one to hold the camera, as well as for slow-speed exposures or when capturing wildlife and other scenes where details need to be crisp and clear.

    Become snap happy and produce beautiful professional looking shots with this versatile and ultra portable Star 63 tripod. Suitable for use with both video and photo cameras, its rubber feet permit a firm grip on a range of terrains, with an aluminium structure that creates a strong and sturdy support for cameras up to a maximum weight of 4kg whilst also remaining lightweight for easy and convenient transportation and great pictures on the go.

    To allow you to achieve a range of heights (from 66-166cm) and to capture pictures and videos from the perfect perspective in a variety of situations, the Star 63 comes with a fully adjustable centre column which can be easily altered by using the simple crank, along with a spirit level to ensure even alignment of the camera and a 3-way tripod head which can be repositioned at a number of different angles and smoothly panned for the creation of a smooth and professional film. Furthermore, with its standard 1/4” (6.4mm) thread, mounting your camera no longer needs to be a chore as you can attach it to the tripod and even switch between different cameras in an instant, ensuring that you never miss that all important photo opportunity.

    A fantastic piece of kit for the money, it even comes with its own travel case which it folds neatly into so that you can carry your tripod around with you safely with no hassle. Whether you are hiking up a hill, attending an important event or jetting off to your next holiday destination, you will always be fully prepared for any photographic eventuality thanks to the Star 63!

  • Camera tripod for non-jerky images and a steady hold on uneven surfaces, suitable for photo and video cameras
  • The 3D tilt head allows perfect alignment for landscape and portrait shots
  • Quick-release plate for quickly changing the camera
  • Spirit level integrated into the tripod head and spirit vial at the base
  • With crank for continuous height adjustment of the centre column
  • Lockable leg braces and flexible rubber feet for a firm and steady grip on uneven surfaces
  • With the functional quick-action leg locks the tripod legs can easily and quickly be fixed at the required height or position
  • With hook for weighing the tripod down in strong winds and on rough terrain
  • Max weight: 4 kg
  • Maximum height: 166 cm
  • €57.95
    Picture of Padcaster Studio iPad Pro

    Padcaster Studio iPad Pro

    PAD 102083
    Transform your iPad into an all-in-one mobile production suite with the Padcaster Studio. Perfect for schools, broadcast journalists, companies of all types and sizes, and more, the Padcaster Studio lets you create professional-quality videos from anywhere.

    The entire Studio is built around the Padcaster Case, the most rugged, versatile and secure iPad support of its kind. The Padcaster Case provides you with the ability to attach a wide variety of key video production accessories that will dramatically improve the quality of your video content.

    Included in the Studio's comprehensive ecosystem are an extensive array
    of audio and video accessories:

    Audio Accessories
    Padcaster Parrot Teleprompter Kit
    Optics Accessories
    Stability & Mobility Accessories
    Lighting Accessories
    Padcaster Green Screen Kit
    Protection & Portability
    Picture of UZBL ShockWave V2 ipad case for 10.2inch 7th Gen

    UZBL ShockWave V2 ipad case for 10.2inch 7th Gen

    SHOCK 600208
    The AirWave case for iPad 10.2 7th Generation iPad is snug fitting and has great corner protection. Composed of soft silicone material, the inside of the case has deep grooves that absorb accidental drops and falls.

  • Logi Crayon or Apple Pencil seamlessly nest in the case
  • Flexible silicone housing with Groove Air Cells 
  • Wave pattern for extra grip and comfort 
  • Grooved silicone keeps the device at safe temperatures 
  • Ultra-slim design 
  • Covered protected volume buttons 
  • Integrated stand holder
  • Rugged Lightweight Protection
  • €59.00
    Picture of Adesso Cybertrack Webcam H2 480p

    Adesso Cybertrack Webcam H2 480p

    AD 500073
    Full HD 1080p : Chat and record in full high definition 1080p at 30fps or 720p at 60fps

    Autofocus: Adesso’s CyberTrack H2 Desktop Webcam features 480p Video Resolution that allows you to record and share colorful VGA quality video with fine detail. This webcam offers you broad Instant Messenger compatibility, so you can enjoy video conferencing with today’s most popular Instant Messenger applications. This webcam also includes an integrated wide-angle microphone that lets your voice be heard loud and clear, whether you are chatting with loved ones or doing business on a video call. With all these great features, you can easily record and transmit your videos to everyone!

  • 480p High Definition Video Resolution
  • 300K pixel CMOS Sensor with Maximum resolution
  • Ideal for Video Conferencing
  • Built-In Microphone
  • Image Sensor: 300K CMOS Color Sensor
  • Resolution: 640 x 480
  • File Format: YUY2, MJPG
  • Interface: USB 2.0
  • Frame Rate: 30 fps
  • Dynamic Range: >72db
  • Focus: Fixed Focus
  • Features: Saturation, Contrast, Acutance, White Balance, Exposure
  • Dimensions: 2.17 x 2.17 x 1.97″
  • €59.95
    Picture of ELMO CRA-1 Wireless Slate/Tablet

    ELMO CRA-1 Wireless Slate/Tablet

    ELMO CRA-1
    An interactive link to better teaching, better learning The CRA-1 is easy to set-up and provides a wide range of convenient functions like stamping, text input and insert image. Attached with a document camera, the CRA-1 can perform tasks like draw on live image of a the document camera, easily controlling the document camera and its functions to create lesson materials containing real objects and digital images.

    Teach anywhere - the ELMO CRA-1 wireless tablet allows you to walk around the classroom to take a closer look at what the students are doing and engage them easily.
    Easy setup- After activating Image Mate Accent software, all you have to do is insert the wireless adaptor (USB dongle) to the computer USB host.
    ELMO Integration- The ELMO Tablet partners effortlessly with an ELMO document camera for dynamic, smooth-flowing lessons.

    Wireless interactive whiteboard capability To help teachers get their points across, whiteboard mode offers a choice of six lesson-reinforcing backgrounds- including musical score, horizontal lines, and graph paper. Teachers can write and draw on those whiteboards from distance while walking around the classroom. Furthermore, wireless control function allows you to use any educational materials stored in your computer such as Power Point slide, PDF and Word files etc. Online educational materials are not exception.
    Picture of IPEVO Totem 180 Panoramic Conference Camera

    IPEVO Totem 180 Panoramic Conference Camera

    IP TOTEM 180
    The IPEVO Totem 180 is a conference camera designed for use in classrooms, offices, and other educational and professional settings. It can capture the whole room via two 4 MP cameras that provide a seamlessly stitched 180° view, free of spatial distortion. IPEVO TOTEM 180 is a unique, portable conferencing camera, that can be instantly deployed in the meeting room where it's needed.

    TOTEM 180's two omnidirectional microphones come with a built-in noise-reduction, which ensures that everyone's voice is clearly heard on the other end of the online conference. With it's AI auto framing, when the AI Stage is activated, it automatically keeps everyone in front of the camera in the frame. This helps the online participants get the best view of the people present in the meeting room.

    Two Camera Modes for Meetings of Different Sizes
    180° Full Room View For standard sized meeting rooms or up to 8 people. Place TOTEM 180 at the head of the table, on the side where the conference room screen is located.
    120° Small Group ViewMode for huddle rooms or up to 5 people. The viewing angle of TOTEM 180 can be switched to 120 degrees to get a more narrow and focused view

    Easy to Use, Plug'n'Play - plug and play compatible with Zoom, Google Meet, Skype, Microsoft Teams, Webex, GoToMeeting, and more - on Windows, Mac, and Chromebooks.
    €295.00 €245.00
    Picture of Double Power Socket

    Double Power Socket

    Lapcabby double power socket for Lapcabby.
    Mounted inside electrical department
    Picture of Kensington Mouse Wireless

    Kensington Mouse Wireless

    The Wireless ValuMouse is ideal when you need a comfortable mouse that also reduces cord clutter. The three-button/scroll wheel setup offers silent clicking when you need to get work done and don't want to disturb anyone. A high-definition optical sensor provides reliable and responsive control when you're navigating and the comfortable, contoured shaping feels great for either right-handed or left-handed users. It offers Plug & Play installation with a 2.4 GHz USB nano receiver
  • Three Button/Scroll Wheel setup
  • Colour Black
  • PC and Mac compatible
  • Includes 2x AA batteries
  • Sculpted ambidextrous body for all-day comfort
  • High definition sensor provides smooth and sharp cursor control
  • Scroll wheel with integrated third mouse button for easy browsing
  • €37.95
    Picture of Kensington Mouse Corded

    Kensington Mouse Corded

    The Kensington Wired ValuMouse features a three-button configuration and a high definition optical sensor for reliable and responsive control. It offers multi-use plug and play operation with a standard wired USB connection. The ergonomic shape provides a comfortable fit in either hand. The mouse is great value and is built to last with a limited lifetime warranty.
  • High definition sensor provides smooth and sharp cursor control
  • Scroll wheel with integrated third mouse button for easy browsing
  • Sculpted ambidextrous body for all-day comfort
  • 150cm wired USB cable for easy Plug & Play setup
  • PC and Mac compatible
  • Plug & Play installation with reliable, wired USB connection
  • €19.95
    Picture of GripBase Stand for iPad

    GripBase Stand for iPad

    GRIP 160030
    Gripcase Gripbase Stand for Mobile phone/Smartphone, Tablet/UMPC,
  • Passive holder
  • Universal
  • Black
  • €35.01
    Picture of IPEVO Uplift Multi-Angle Arm for Smartphones

    IPEVO Uplift Multi-Angle Arm for Smartphones

    Hold up your phone without holding up your phone. Many things can interfere when you showcase your work. Shaky image, neck twisting angles, or camera in motion are just some of the examples that make video communication appear less professional. Don’t settle for second-rate solutions, and let IPEVO Uplift help you make your presentation as good as can be.

    The multi-jointed body of Uplift allows for easy angle and distance adjustments. Frame the image the way you need and display your work clearly and in full. By rotating the Uplift’s head, you can switch easily between vertical and horizontal orientation and go from showing your desk to showing yourself in a moment.

    IPEVO Uplift is equipped with a metal base that provides high stability while keeping its footprint small. This way, the base stays out of your creative space below the camera lens, and you can always move it to the most optimal spot on your desk.
    Picture of CPU Stand with Wheels

    CPU Stand with Wheels

    Q-Connect CPU Stand. Fully mobile CPU holder with four swivel castors (two of which are lockable) and fully adjustable side brackets (from 132mm to 220mm).
    Can take up to 15kg
    Picture of Q-Connect Wireless Laser Pointer

    Q-Connect Wireless Laser Pointer

    Q-Connect Wireless presenter with laser pointer. The wireless presenter has a control distance of more than 20m and holds 2 x AAA batteries (batteries not included).

    The pointer has 5 buttons:
    (1) To activate the laser pointer.
    (2) Page up/down in the presentation.
    (3) To start/pause the slide show.
    (4) To go full screen.
    (5) To go black screen.

  • Wireless presenter with laser pointer
  • 5 buttons: activate, page up/down, start/pause slide show, full screen, black screen
  • Has a control distance of 20m
  • Requires 2 AAA batteries (not included)
  • €24.94
    Picture of Elmo Replacement Pen

    Elmo Replacement Pen

    The Elmo 1320 Replacement Tablet Pen is designed for use with CRA-1 Wireless Slate / Tablet. This precise and lightweight pen provides mouse functions and makes writing smooth and easy.

    Teachers can use this pen to annotate online educational materials and images captured by a document camera, or to enhance their own digital teaching materials. For added emphasis, adjusting the amount of pressure applied to the pen when writing changes the thickness of the lines.

    This Tablet Pen also works as a computer mouse to operate all your computer functions.
    Picture of Laptop Stand Desk White

    Laptop Stand Desk White

    ISO LDM1420 W
    Multipurpose Laptop Table Study Desk, Caster Lockable Wheels, & Height Adjustable for Breakfast Table, Work from Home & Online Classes

  • Best For - Work From Home, Study, Watching Movies.
  • Ideal For Best Eye Focus & Body Angle with Comfort.
  • Comes with Lockable Wheels And Floor Adjusters.
  • Easy to Adjust Height & Angle.
  • Can Be Used As Study Table For Students.
  • €95.01
    Picture of Olympus Digital Voice Recorder with Micro SD Card Slot

    Olympus Digital Voice Recorder with Micro SD Card Slot

    OLY WS853
  • 8GB of Internal Memory
  • True Stereo Microphone
  • Auto Mode Adjust Microphone Sensitivity
  • Simple Mode
  • This version suits a user who wants to record directly onto a micro SD card.
  • MicroSD / micro SDHC card (up to 32GB)
  • Internal memory - 8gb

  • €105.00
    Picture of Olympus Digital Voice Recorder

    Olympus Digital Voice Recorder

    OLY VN541PC
    The VN-541PC is the latest addition to the VN series intended for beginners using a digital voice recorder for the first time. Similar to previous VN series recorders, the VN-541PC is engineered for smart functionality, intuitive operations, and one-touch recording. This model includes a one-touch slide switch for an even faster performance. Also included is a micro USB cable, this cord allows you to easily transfer recordings onto your computer.

    Built for instant dictation
    Simply slide the REC switch – the voice recorder instantly starts recording even when the power is off. The switch is located on the front of the recorder, thus enabling blind operation. You will never miss a conversation again.

    Optimized settings for tailor-made voice recordings
    Make sure your voice recordings are fail-safe by choosing one of the provided scenes MEMO, TALK, MUSIC or LP (“Long Play”). Saved folders are sorted by recording scene so you can easily search from recording scene. This can shorten the file search time.

    Easy connection to save your data
    Simply connect your voice recorder to your PC with a micro USB-cable. Like this you will be able to manage all your data, in an environment you are used to.

  • Perfect Fit - Easy to hold and easy to operate
  • Simplified GUI - To focus on recording the graphical interface is designed clean and easy
  • REC Switch - One-touch direct recording available
  • Easy Scene Select - An easy-to-operate button to ensure fail-proof recordings
  • Front-Mounting speaker - Large speaker in front offers clear playback
  • Micro USB connector - Easy transferring data to a PC
  • Low-cut filter - Less noise, more sound
  • Perfect Shaped - Shaped to fit your index finger
  • Low power consumption - Never miss out on anything with longer battery life.
  • Built-in connections - Extend the recording capability
  • €89.00