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    Jakar Flexicurve (100cm)

    Manufacturer: Jakar
    The Jakar Flexicurve is a versatile and flexible tool designed to assist artists, designers, and architects in creating smooth and accurate curved lines. Measuring 100 centimeters in length, this flexible curve is made of a pliable metal core encased in a durable, transparent plastic covering.

    The Flexicurve can be easily bent and shaped into various curves and arcs, allowing users to effortlessly trace or draw custom shapes onto paper, canvas, or any other suitable surface. Its flexibility and ability to hold its shape make it an essential tool for freehand sketching, technical drawing, and drafting.

    With the Jakar Flexicurve, artists and designers can add dynamic and flowing lines to their artwork, creating organic shapes, precise contours, or smooth architectural curves. The transparent covering allows for easy visibility and alignment with existing elements on a design or drawing.
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