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    Jakar Swivel Knife 360 Rotation

    Manufacturer: Jakar
    This Jakar Swivel Knife has a blade head that can fully rotate to a complete 360 degrees. Thus making it fantastic for precisely and accurately cutting curves and circles within a wide array of media such as card, paper, plastic, balsa wood, cloth, thin metal and film and acetate. With the sheer amount of options available to this knife, anytime you need to cut some difficult shapes the Swivel Head Knife by Jakar will be your best friend. The Swivel Knife also comes complete with 3 replacement blades should you have any accidents, you can also buy spare blades which are available to buy in packs of 5. As the blade is very sharp please handle it with caution.

    - Knife for cutting a wide range of material
    - Blade can rotate 360 degrees
    - Sharp blade inside handle with care
    - Great for cutting shapes like circles or curved shapes
    SKU: JAK 7320
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