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    Kitronik Jumper Wires 20cm F/F (Female to Female) Pack of 40

    Manufacturer: Kitronik
    These are 20cm long jumpers with female connectors on both ends. Use these to jumper from any male header on any board to any other female header. Multiple jumpers can be installed next to one another on a 0.1" (2.54mm) header.

  • Female to Female connectors.
  • 20cm Long.
  • For use with breakout boards with a standard 0.1" (2.54mm) pin spacing.
  • 1 x 40 pack F/F Jumpers (four of each colour).
  • SKU: KI 4166-40
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    Device TypeCables, Switches & Motors
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    Picture of Kitronik Standard Diffused LED 3mm Range

    Kitronik Standard Diffused LED 3mm Range

    Standard Diffused LED 3mm single - choice of colours

  • Red (KI 3501) 3mm standard diffused LEDs have a forward voltage drop of 2.1V and at 20mA output 275mCd. They fit neatly into a 3mm holder and have a 60° viewing angle.
  • Green(KI 3502 ) 3mm Standard Diffused LED with a viewing angle of 60°. Luminous intensity 35mCd.
  • Yellow(KI 3503) 3mm standard diffused LED with a viewing angle of 60°. Luminous intensity 125mCd.
  • White(KI 3564) 3mm Standard Diffused LED with a viewing angle of 60°. Luminous intensity 700mCd.
  • Blue(KI 3565) 3mm Standard Diffused LED with a viewing angle of 60°. Luminous intensity 500mCd.

  • Compatible with:
  • Raspberry Pi Pico
  • Micro:Bit
  • €0.17
    Picture of ElecFreaks IOT:bit for Micro:bit

    ElecFreaks IOT:bit for Micro:bit

    IoT:bit is an expansion board based on IoT micro bit. Iot boards uses ESP8266 as a WIFI expansion board and serial port to communicate with micro:bit. It also has extended all available IO ports of the micro:bit which is led by GVS and you can extend various 3V E-blocks as LED, photosensitive, and servo by using it. At the same time, the IoT:bit with an on-board buzzer for outside sound and an on-board RTC clock for timing without a power supply. Let's create your own IoT micro bit by makecode!

    IoT:Bit: A RELIABLE TOOL TO ESTABLISH CONNECTION ACROSS DEVICES The IoT boards can help anyone fully grasp the digital apparatus of computers. Establishing interconnected networks amongst devices can be crucial in data analysis. IoT-based components are often used to speed up this task for a micro bit. IoT bit is a device that works as an internet extension for a micro bit. It is applied on circuit boards to improve the means of productivity by creating valid communication with the micro bit. IoT bit is a very compact tool that is made with complicated circuitry within itself. Anyone who wishes a reliable internet WIFI extension board for their micro bit should try out this component. Various sorts of tasks done by them can be improved manyfold through this seemingly minuscule module.

    DESIGNED WITH A VARIETY OF FEATURES The IoT-based module is equipped with many handy features that can ensure the efficiency of the micro bit. The IoT bit uses an ESP8266 as a board for WIFI expansion for data transactions through the micro bit. Led by GVS, the board also has extended IO ports for the micro bit, which lets you add a variety of other parts. The onboard buzzer can be triggered from the outside, and the RTC clock within can stay functional even without a power supply. The IoT bit also has an earphone jack and an integrated buzzer. The design is very simplistic compared to the functions, as you can construct them any way you please. The four LEGO-like holes make them very adaptable when used in a micro bit.

    RELIABLE HARDWARE The IoT:bit is a valuable component that itself is made out of smaller components. The hardware of any electrical entity can be deemed very important. Through the micro bit, the direct current is supplied via a USB at five volts. The expectation for maximum current is around 800mA, which is appropriate to keep the micro bit functional. The hardware stays operational from -25 to 80 degrees Celsius. The WIFI module used for the micro bit is labeled ESP8266. The ESP12F is very reliable as it is widely used in components similar to IoT bit. The passive buzzer is worth mentioning too. The RTC timing mechanics lets the device memorize the pace of time even after cutting off the power supply of the micro bit. RTC battery for the micro bit is something you can add in yourself. The battery requires a CR1220 cell. The coding port is a serial port in the micro bit that can delineate the IO slot.

    EASY TO INSTALL & ACCEPTABLE SIZE Adding components to a micro bit can be difficult as it is a miniature computer. The IoT boards are very sizable addition to the micro bit. It has a surface area of fewer than 50 centimeters and is 23 millimeters in depth. The printed circuit board is an essential part of the entire system. The PCB thickness is about 1.5mm. IoT bit has four adaptable slots, which let them get attached to the micro bit. Each of these holes is 2.4mm in diameter.

    INTERPHASE VARIABLES There is much to discuss a variety of functions visible on the interphase of IoT bit. The micro bit you use will probably have lots of potential in it, which you could not utilize because of not having the right component. IoT bit has a GVS leaded function had grants access to the electronic building module and also a functional 12C communication device. No need to reset the time every time you start the micro bit because of the RTC timing system.

  • Integrated ESP12F WiFi、RTC and passive buzzer module
  • Extended most IO ports by GVS
  • Silk-screen indication onboard main components
  • Separately lead IIC interface, directly plug in OLED, BME280 and IIC, etc
  • Integrated buzzer and earphone jack
  • Adaptive for LEGO (4 standard spacing fixed holes)
  • €16.95
    Picture of Kitronik Alligator Clip with Pigtail Pack of 4

    Kitronik Alligator Clip with Pigtail Pack of 4

    KI 2480
    This is a 4 pack of wires that are pre-terminated with an alligator (crocodile) clip on one end and a hookup pigtail (male jumper connector) on the other. Alligator clips are a staple part for any workbench and with these cables you will be able to easily incorporate those clips into a breadboard, development platform, or anything else that you would normally be able to attach a male jumper connector to.

    Each Alligator Clip with Pigtail cable has a wire length of 30cm (that’s a little less than 1ft) and a male pin that easily inserts into a standard 0.1" connector. Each pack consists of two red cables and two black cables.

    These connector wires can also be used to connect a BBC microbit to a prototyping board as an alternative to an edge connector.

  • Wires with a croc clip on one end and a male jumper cable connector (pigtail) on the other.
  • Enables you to connect a BBC microbit to a prototyping board as an alternative to using an edge connector.

  • Contents:
  • 2 x Red alligator to male jumper connector leads.
  • 2 x Black alligator to male jumper connector leads.

  • Dimensions:
  • Length: 30cm.
  • €4.95
    Picture of Kitronik Flat Profile Tact Switch Buzzer

    Kitronik Flat Profile Tact Switch Buzzer

    KI 3420
  • A low profile Miniature PCB Mount TACT Switch.
  • Single pole normally open contact.
  • Max voltage = 24V DC.
  • Max current = 50mA. L 6, W 6, H 4.3 mm.
  • L 6, W 6, H 4.3 mm.
  • This part is found in the Kitronik Inventors Kit
  • €0.50