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    Kitronik Simply Servos Board for Raspberry Pi Pico

    Manufacturer: Kitronik
    Make the RiPi Pico the brains of your next robotics project with the Kitronik Simply Servos for Raspberry Pi Pico.

    The compact Simply Servo board for Raspberry Pi Pico allows for up to 8 servos to be controlled simultaneously, making it ideal for advanced robotics projects with the RiPi Pico. The board should be used with a Pico that has soldered pin headers, the Pico can then slot straight into the board. A Pico with pin headers already attached can be obtained separately here. The board features standard 3-pin servo connectors which allow for servos to be plugged straight in without the need for adaptors or soldering.

    As well as supporting 8 servos, the board also features 5 external connections to GPIO pins and a 3V and GND supply from the Pico. This IO breakout the 3 ADC pins and GP0 and GP1. This allows additional IO to be connected to the board and the state of these can then be read or controlled by the Pico.

    Power is provided via a terminal block connector, the supply is then controlled by an on/off power switch to the board. There is a green power LED to indicate when the board is turned on. The board produces a regulated 3V supply that is fed into the 40-way connector to power the Pico, removing the need to power the Pico directly. The board's power connections are reverse polarity protected.

    Note: This board is capable of continuous use at high currents. During such use, it may become hot. Also due to the additional current draw of a Pico W's wireless features it is not recommended to use the wireless functionality with this board. The Pico's W standard functionality will work as normal only the wireless functions are affected.

  • Control up 8 servos simultaneously with the Raspberry Pi Pico.
  • Ample IO for advanced robotics projects.
  • The board features standard 3 pin servo connectors.
  • The board also features 5 external connections to GPIO pins and a 3V and GND supply from the Pico. These IO breakout the 3 ADC pins and GP0 and GP1.
  • The board features a terminal block power input connector, with on/off switch and power status LED.
  • The board will power all of the attached servos and provide the attached Pico with a regulated 3V supply.
  • Additionally, there is built-in reverse polarity protection.
  • Kitronik has developed a MicroPython module & sample code.

  • Compatible with:
  • Raspberry Pi Pico

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    Product resources / datasheet

    MicroPython module and sample code GitHub Repo.


    Making a Cardboard Pico Drawing Robot Arm.

    Making an Advanced Pico Drawing Robot Arm.

    Pico Drawing Robot Arm Code Explanation.

    To support the board, Kitronik has developed a MicroPython module and sample code for controlling servos with the Pico. This code is available in the GitHub repo here.