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    Kitronik :VIEW Graphics 128 OLED display 128x64 for micro:bit

    Manufacturer: Kitronik
    The Kitronik :VIEW Graphics128 OLED display gives the user the ability to add a monochrome 128x64 display to the BBC micro: bit. The onboard edge connector allows the micro:bit to slot into the board without any additional fixings. The board also features a micro:bit style I/O connector which means it can be slotted into any other micro:bit accessory that has a slot for inserting a micro:bit. All of the pins from the BBC micro:bit are tracked through to provide the edge pads with the full usage of the BBC micro:bit, with the addition of a display. As the micro:bit slots directly into the board, no tools, fixings, or soldering are required.
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    Display meaningful output from your micro:bit project with the Kitronik :VIEW Graphics128 OLED display.

    Kitronik has generated custom blocks and example code for MakeCode and MicroPython (see the datasheet for more details). The blocks can be added via the add Extensions function in the editor by searching “Kitronik”, or from: GitHub. More information about our custom Python functions can also be found at: GitHub.

    Power to the board can be provided via the edge connector or from the micro:bit. The board requires a 3V supply and has no voltage protection on the board. The board features an LED to indicate when the board has power. With every display, pixel turned on the board has a maximum power draw of 40mA.

    The 128x64 display uses the SSD1306 driver on an I2C interface. At the centre of the board are the breakout pads for the I2C lines, along with two ground pads and a 3V power pad. These pads are on a 2.54mm pitch, which means they will fit either wire or a pin header for jumper cables (not provided). This can be used by those who wish to add more I2C devices and functionality. It is possible to change the default I2C address of the board (see the Selecting Display section of this Datasheet for more details).


    • Add a monochrome 128x64 OLED display to the micro:bit.
    • The micro:bit slots into the onboard edge connector.
    • The board features a micro:bit style I/O connector allowing it to be slotted into other micro:bit accessories.
    • It can be coded with MakeCode blocks and with Python.
    • Kitronik has created custom MakeCode blocks..
    • Kitronik has created a GitHub repo for custom Python functions.
    • It can be powered via the edge connector or by the micro:bit.
    • Requires a 3V supply.
    • The board features a power indicator LED.
    • It is possible to change the default I2C address of the board.
    • No tools, fixings, or soldering are required.


    • 1 x Kitronik :VIEW Graphics128 OLED display 128x64 for BBC micro:bit


    • Length: 58mm.
    • Width: 52mm.
    • Height: 11.8mm.
    • PCB Thickness: 1.6mm.



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    Device TypeBoards, Modules & Sensors
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