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    Koh-I-Noor Polycolour Pencils Lanscape Colours 24's

    Manufacturer: Koh-I-Noor
    This set is designed to be include all the pencils you need to draw fine-art landscapes. It contains 24 shades of artist quality, water-resistant colored pencils, out of the 72 available; all of which have an excellent to very good lightfastness rating.

    Koh-I-Noor Polycolor pencils are top quality colors because their dense and evenly dispersed pigments are carefully selected from renowned producers across the globe. They make unique marks beautifully on paper (or on any other another medium) and can be used to build up delicate layers (moving from light to dark) without the necessity of high pressure. Additionally, they can be blended with a tortillon or colorless blender to create a range of effects.

    The 3.8 mm leads provide the pencils with a longevity that makes them excellent value for money and because they are made from noble fir wood they are easy to sharpen.

    Contents Include: 24 x Assorted Pencils
  • 1 x Dark Brown 33
  • 1 x Burnt Ochre 64
  • 1 x Light Brown 31
  • 1 x Raw Umber 66
  • 1 x Dark Green 26
  • 1 x Olive Green Dark 27
  • 1 x Grass Green 59
  • 1 x Meadow Green 25
  • 1 x Apple Green 62
  • 1 x Yellowish Green 22
  • 1 x Flesh 139
  • 1 x Sapphire Blue 19
  • 1 x Cobalt Blue Dark 54
  • 1 x Ice Blue 15
  • 1 x Cerulean Blue 16
  • 1 x Azure Blue 52
  • 1 x Light Blue 18
  • 1 x Mountain Blue 57
  • 1 x 351
  • 1 x Vermilion Red 6
  • 1 x Chromium Orange 42
  • 1 x Light Ochre 29
  • 1 x Lemon Yellow 2
  • 1 x White 1
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