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    Picture of Algebra Tiles Magnetic

    Algebra Tiles Magnetic

    LER 7641
    Magnetic geometric shapes reinforce modeling algebraic principles.

    Creates concrete models right on your whiteboard. Supports whole-class demonstrations and hands-on student work

    Includes 72 geometric shapes in a variety of sizes. Features write & wipe surface for your own labels. Largest piece measures 12.5 cm x 12.5 cm

    These are great for teaching factoring quadratics! It is a concept hard to grasp but many of my students learn much easier when they can see their thinking by using tiles.
    Picture of Algebra Tiles Set of 30

    Algebra Tiles Set of 30

    LER 7547
    Students build geometric models of polynomials exploring firsthand the concepts related to them.

    Includes enough sets for 30 students.

    Each classroom set also includes our Overhead Set and a 40-page book enabling students to be actively involved in teacher-directed lessons.
    Picture of Bingo Bus Geometry

    Bingo Bus Geometry

    Get on Board the Bingo Bus™! The well-loved game of BINGO is transformed into fun topics for Math.

    Each set includes 30 Bingo cards and markers.
    Picture of Catching Up in Maths 1A to 5C (15 books)

    Catching Up in Maths 1A to 5C (15 books)

    The series of 15 differentiated titles in five units contains follow-up work and reinforcement work for all the main topic areas of the Maths National Curriculum at levels 1, 2, 3 and 4.

    Three titles per unit - A, B and C. Each is at a different NC level to facilitate work with pupils of varying ability. Every title has 8 units - each unit consists of 3 pages at 3 different levels.

    Record sheets with desired learning outcomes for each page are useful for record keeping and planning a programme of work. Tests help assess where pupils are in the NC and help them become familiar with SAT-style questioning techniques. In addition to using the correct numbers for a given National Curriculum level the author has used and highlighted the correct mathematical language for that level. Answers are included.

    Unit 1 Numbers and the Number System 1A, 1B, 1C
    Unit 2 Calculations 2A, 2B, 2C
    Unit 3 Solving Problems 3A, 3B, 3C
    Unit 4 Money and Measurement 4A, 4B, 4C
    Unit 5 Shape, Space and Handling Data 5A, 5B, 5C
    Picture of Classroom Clock Kit

    Classroom Clock Kit

    LER 2102
    Hidden gears maintain correct hour and minute relationships as you demonstrate time-telling concepts. Color-coding supports student understanding and durable, geared clock hands are designed to last!

    Kit includes:
  • Demonstration Clock
  • 24 Mini Clocks

  • Plastic Demonstration Clock measures 13 1/4 ''H with easy-to-read hour (red) and minute (blue) markings, and removable stand.
    Plastic Mini Clocks measure 4''H.
    Includes Activity Guide.
    Great visual aid for students as they learn to tell and write time.
    Picture of Connecting Cuisenaire Rods Multipack (Set of 6)

    Connecting Cuisenaire Rods Multipack (Set of 6)

    LER 7481
    Help students make connections in math with these colorful, engaging manipulatives. Plastic rods snap together to clarify addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions, decimals, geometry, measurement, patterns, algebra and probability concepts in a visual and tactile way.

    Connecting feature makes manipulation and demonstration easier. Rods are marked in 1-cm increments on one side.

    Economical Multi-Pack contains six trays of 74 durable rods for use with 12–18 students, Teacher's Guide and six convenient storage trays with lids.
    €49.95 €29.95
    Picture of Creative Maths Problem Books A & B

    Creative Maths Problem Books A & B

    The purpose of this two-book photocopiable resource is to assist students to develop the skills necessary to confidently investigate any maths problems they are presented with. There are opportunities for students to engage in independent or cooperative learning, pose new problems for investigation, or engage in classroom discussion or debate. The resource is divided into six comprehensive sections.

  • Book A explores number, measurement and geometry.
  • Book B explores algebra, statistics and logic.

  • The many problems presented in the books are designed to be fun and engaging, and to increase student confidence, participation and enthusiasm for maths using real-life maths problems.This series will increase student confidence, participation in class and enthusiasm for maths by using these clever real-life Maths problems.Each problem includes background information on the mathematical problem, detailed solution and teacher notes.
    Picture of EdpaxTrundle Wheel  without counter

    EdpaxTrundle Wheel without counter

    EDX 25694
    Designed for durability with a rubber tyre to maintain accuracy. The pointer on the wheel helps children to measure intermediate distances. Ideal for calculating distances, shapes, areas, and angles. Incorporates a clicker that can be adjusted from OFF to every 10cm and to every metre.

    Size: Overall assembled length: 83cm.
    Picture of Equivalence Trios Flash Cards

    Equivalence Trios Flash Cards

    EV T1222
    A set of 36 plastic playing cards comprising 12 matching trios - decimal, fractions and percentage.

    For 2-4 players to collect the cards in groups of three.

    The plastic cards are durable and washable and are contained in a storage box with instructions.
    Picture of Folding Geometric Shapes

    Folding Geometric Shapes

    LER 0921
    Perfect for hands-on learning and illustrative teaching of symmetry, perimeter, surface area and volume, this set of eight 2-in-1 geometric shapes shows both 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional solids.

    Each shape is in both fold-out net form (shows 2 dimensions) and clear plastic casing (shows 3 dimensions). Includes cylinder, square pyramid, cube, rectangular prism, cone, hexagonal prism, triangular pyramid and triangular prism.
    Picture of Fraction Formula Game

    Fraction Formula Game

    EI 3220
    It’s a race to make a whole!
  • Players draw a card and find the corresponding fraction tile, then drop it in their cylinder.
  • “Hold” if you think you’re as close to one whole as you can get without going over, or draw another card if you think you can get closer by adding another fraction tile. The player who gets closest to one whole wins the round. A great visual way to present fractions or parts of a whole.
  • Includes four cylinders, 52 fraction cards, 52 fraction tiles, 20 scoring cards and Activity Guide.
  • For 2-4 players.
    Picture of Geoboard 9 11x11 pin

    Geoboard 9 11x11 pin

    LER 0917
    Sturdy plastic, transparent geoboard is perfect for use on an overhead projector. Features a 23cm 11x11 pin grid with raised edges to protect knobbed pegs. Elastic bands included.
    Picture of Geoboard With Bands

    Geoboard With Bands

    LER 0153
    5 x 5 Pin Geoboards (Set of 10)

    Sturdy plastic geoboards in assorted colours feature a 5 x 5 pin grid with raised edges to protect knobbed pegs.
    18cm geoboards are labelled with letters of the alphabet for easy identification.
    Elastic bands included. Ages 5-13

    Extra Elastic Bands available separately!
    Picture of Giant Foam Dot Dice Set

    Giant Foam Dot Dice Set

    LER 2228
    Colourful 4cm dice add fun to game play and maths activities.
    Set of 2.
    Ages 3-7
    Picture of Invicta Clinometer

    Invicta Clinometer

    INV 50659
    A compact Clinometer with no external moving parts and a combined sighting angle-reading eyepiece.
    A viewing window on the side of the Clinometer allows a second person to check a reading.
    All angles in degrees followed by a plus or minus to indicate an upward or downward slope.
    Complete with product guide.
    Picture of Invicta Geostrips

    Invicta Geostrips

    INV 014159
    What better way to learn about shapes than to make them?

    The set consists of various sizes, a box of connectors, a protractor, and a set of 11 carefully graded work cards
    Picture of Invicta Isotiles

    Invicta Isotiles

    An innovative maths resource designed by Maths experts for teachers, with a comprehensive CD-rom that explores the 'Golden Ratio'.

    The Classroom Pack includes 10 Individual plastic containers each with 20 ISOTILES®, 10 of each shape plus 1 CD-ROM Workbook.

  • 65 pages of Teachers notes and student exercises
  • Tiles are approx. 50mm and 80mm long, 3mm thick
  • Both shapes in two contrasting colours
  • Help understand shape and geometry
  • Demonstrates tessellations, reflective and rotational symmetry
  • Suitable for Special Needs teaching
  • €49.95
    Picture of Litre Measurement Set (4 Piece)

    Litre Measurement Set (4 Piece)

    LER 1307
    Make a real live application of learning with translucent plastic bottles that mimic familiar water-bottle shapes. Provides concrete representation of liquid capacity measurement, equivalencies and comparisons.

    Durable, sealable bottles include 2 litre, 1 litre, 500ml and 250ml.
    Activity guide also included
    Recommended for Ages: 6 - 10 years
    Picture of Living Maths Set 1-8

    Living Maths Set 1-8

    Please note this is now exclusively offered as an e-book.

    A series of 8 books suitable for upper primary pupils up to adult students providing additional support for maths in everyday tasks and situations.

    Each book contains 7 units, each presented over 3 pages. The first page provides a detailed picture. The second page provides simple maths questions based mainly on observation of the picture. The third page provides more complex problems.
    All 8 books are at the same level. Reading Age 7+. Interest Level 7 - adult.

  • Book 1 At home
  • Book 2 At the theme park
  • Book 3 In town
  • Book 4 On holiday
  • Book 5 At the supermarket
  • Book 6 At school
  • Book 7 At the post office
  • Book 8 At the factory
  • €210.00
    Picture of Ludo Transparent Counters

    Ludo Transparent Counters

    LER 0131
    Use as a counter or for basic maths operations, these 2cm counters come in 6 transparent colours, ideal for colour sorting.

    Set includes 250 counters