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    Lefranc Bourgeois

    Lefranc Bourgeois is a distinguished brand dedicated to providing artists with high-quality art supplies. Their product range includes premium paints, brushes, and materials designed to inspire creativity and bring artistic visions to life.

    With a legacy of excellence in the art world, Lefranc Bourgeois is a trusted choice for artists, whether they're professionals or enthusiasts. Their commitment to quality ensures that every stroke is a masterpiece in the making.

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    Picture of L&B Deco Silk 50ml White

    L&B Deco Silk 50ml White

    LB 3319
    Lefranc Bourgeois Deco Silk White is a high-quality silk paint known for its smooth and lustrous finish. Specifically formulated for painting on silk fabrics, this versatile paint offers excellent coverage and vibrant color intensity. Whether you're creating wearable art or home decor items, Deco Silk White provides a beautiful base for your silk painting projects, allowing you to achieve professional and visually stunning results.
    Picture of L&B Deco Textil 50ml Meadow Green

    L&B Deco Textil 50ml Meadow Green

    LB 211485
    L&B Deco Textil Meadow Green is a beautiful and vibrant fabric paint perfect for adding a touch of nature-inspired color to your textile projects. With its rich and luscious green hue, this paint brings a refreshing and lively element to fabrics. Whether you're painting on clothing, home decor items, or accessories, L&B Deco Textil Meadow Green is an excellent choice to infuse your creations with a lively and organic feel.
    Picture of L&B Vitrail 50ml Covering White

    L&B Vitrail 50ml Covering White

    LB 210794
    Imitate the beauty of real stained glass colours. Vitrail is a range of 17 deeply luminous solvent based colours for glass. They have been reformulated to provide incomparable brilliance, transparency, durability, fade resistance & shine and display excellent adhesion to almost all surfaces. Suitable for use on transparent surfaces, such as glass, acetate, stained-glass and most plastic.

    To obtain a lighter colour mix with colourless medium. To make muted colours add grey. Swirl colours for a marble effect.
    Picture of L&B Decco Silk Anti Fusant Medium 50ml

    L&B Decco Silk Anti Fusant Medium 50ml

    LB 210500
    L&B Decco Silk Anti Fusant Medium is a valuable tool for silk painting artists. This medium helps prevent the bleeding and spreading of colors on silk fabric, allowing for more precise and controlled designs. By applying the Anti Fusant Medium before painting, artists can achieve sharp and well-defined edges, ensuring their silk artworks maintain their intended shape and form.
    Picture of L&B Vitrail Cern Outliner 25ml Range

    L&B Vitrail Cern Outliner 25ml Range

    The outliner is used to create contours that imitate the lead of stained glass windows. Outliner colours can be used to set creations, making them stand out by imitating the lead used on old stained glass windows. Its tube with an applicator nozzle and its viscosity means that this product can be laid down in thin, even lines. Leave to dry for 12 hours before applying the pain
    Picture of Vitrail Glass & Tile Paint White Lead (20ml)

    Vitrail Glass & Tile Paint White Lead (20ml)

    LB 211592
    Vitrail colours are composed of transparent, colouring-agent based glycerophtalic resins which endows them with unrivalled brightness and transparency.

    The colours can be used on all smooth supports, for example glass, porcelain, tiles, but also metal and some plastics
    Picture of L&B Texture Medium (50ml)

    L&B Texture Medium (50ml)

    LB 210775
    The Lefranc & Bourgeois Medium Relief Rilievo (50ml) is a high-quality artistic medium that allows artists to create captivating textures and three-dimensional effects in their artworks. This 50ml bottle contains a medium relief gel that can be applied directly onto a variety of surfaces, such as canvas, wood, or paper. The gel has a smooth and creamy consistency, making it easy to apply with a brush or palette knife.

    Once dry, it creates a raised surface that adds depth and tactile interest to paintings or mixed media pieces. Artists can use the Lefranc & Bourgeois Medium Relief Rilievo to enhance their artwork by adding texture, highlights, or sculptural elements. Whether you're a professional artist or a hobbyist, this medium offers endless creative possibilities to bring your art to life.