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    Introducing LEGO Education A New Dawn for STEAM Learning!

    06 Oct 2023

    Join us in embracing this fresh approach to STEAM education, as we partner with  LEGO® Education

    to inspire the next generation of thinkers, creators, and innovators.

     This innovative system is set to redefine classroom experiences, offering students a hands-on, immersive journey into the realms of STEAM subjects.

    Understanding that true learning goes beyond mere memorization, the

    LEGO® Learning System encourages exploration, creativity, and problem-solving.

    By meticulously nurturing students' knowledge, abilities, and self-assurance, the system promises an enduring passion for learning that remains vibrant throughout their academic progression.


    For Primary Learning:

    SPIKE™ Essential BricQ Motion Essential

    Crafted to introduce younger students to the wonders of collaborative problem-solving and the foundational concepts of real-world mechanics and motion.


    For Secondary Learning:

    SPIKE™ PrimeBricQ Motion Prime

    Advanced tools designed to dive deeper into STEAM subjects, challenging students with intricate projects and concepts.


    For Budding STEAM Enthusiasts:

    LEGO® Education STEAM Park & LEGO® Education Coding Express

    Perfect for the youngest learners, these sets lay the groundwork for a love of STEAM, igniting curiosity and excitement.




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