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    LEGO® Education BricQ Motion Prime Set

    Manufacturer: Lego Education
    LEGO® Education BricQ Motion Prime immerses secondary school students in the world of STEAM learning by exploring forces, motion, and interactions within the realm of sports. This program offers straightforward, hands-on learning opportunities that ignite those satisfying "aha" moments, all without relying on technology.

    It encompasses an array of resources, ranging from captivating videos and printable worksheets that captivate and motivate students, to meticulously crafted lesson plans, teacher videos, assessment criteria, and extensions in math and language arts, all designed to bolster and assist educators. BricQ Motion Essential is complemented by a robust professional development initiative.

  • Comprehensive STEAM Learning:Each lesson cultivates a wide range of STEAM skills, using familiar LEGO® components and minifigures to bridge abstract concepts with real-life situations.
  • Streamlined Adoption:Simple classroom and school-wide implementation, supported by scaffolding and professional development, lets teachers prioritize their students' learning success.
  • Versatile Learning Tools:Utilize a connected suite of solutions to unlock limitless STEAM learning opportunities that foster familiarity over time, suitable for all grade levels, whether with or without technology.
  • Continuous Learning Journey: Inspire students of all ages with dynamic STEAM solutions that build knowledge and skills progressively each year, whether in classrooms or through national and global competitions, encouraging collaboration and teamwork.
  • Joyful Playful Learning: Engage both students and educators with solutions backed by over 40 years of expertise in creating enjoyable learning experiences rooted in play-based learning principles.
  • Trusted Brand:Rely on a well-known brand celebrated for its playful, hands-on learning experiences and top-quality products supporting creativity and critical thinking year after year.

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    •562 LEGO® elements in the set include 4 minifigures and special mechanical elements, like gears, springs, wheels, balls, weight bricks, pneumatics, fan blades, measurement elements and more.

    •Sturdy storage box with color-coded sorting trays for easy classroom management.

    •Printed building instructions for models used in the lessons plus additional building inspiration.

    •Replacement elements also included.

    •1 unit of 7 x 45-minute lessons plus math and language arts extensions for additional learning.

    •Informative briefing materials in each lesson plan give even the most inexperienced teachers the confidence they need to deliver engaging lessons

    LEGO® Learning System

    As a component of the LEGO® Learning System, this series of solutions seamlessly collaborates to provide immersive, hands-on STEAM learning adventures suitable for students of varying ages. It integrates curriculum units aligned with standards, stackable LEGO bricks, a user-friendly coding pathway, intelligent hardware, and professional development, offering boundless opportunities for enjoyable STEAM education.


    Explore how an education system built upon the iconic LEGO® brick is transforming the way educators approach teaching:

    Empower Students for the Future with STEAM and 21st Century Skills

    Through limitless opportunities for hands-on, enjoyable learning, students evolve into self-assured, lifelong learners.

    Adapts to Their Development

    The system's design ensures adaptability, expanding in tandem with students' growth. It guides them from basic explorations to tackling progressively complex real-world challenges as they advance through various grade levels.

    Effortless Integration

    Its flexible design simplifies integration into classrooms, schools, learning centers, and pop-up workshops.

    CURRICULUM-ALIGNED LESSON PLANS- This introductory STEAM experience offers 2 curriculum units of standards-aligned lessons that include engaging videos and printable worksheets to excite and inspire students, and lesson plans, teacher videos, assessment rubrics, and math and language arts extensions to support and scaffold teachers. LEARN MORE

    PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT- LEGO® Education Professional Development empowers teachers to learn, practice, and master competencies for hands-on, playful STEAM learning. This personalized program cultivates transferable instructional skills that support student success. Explore LEGO® Education resources LEARN MORE