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    LightKey Educational 1 Year Licence Range

    Lightkey, the AI powered multi-word prediction software offering up to 18 words including punctuation in advance. Lightkey also offers spelling and real-time grammar corrections ensuring your work is contextually accurate.

    Lightkey is a software that offers intelligent text prediction. It is intuitive in that it learns from what you type into it, meaning it can offer intelligent word predictions. Not only that, it is able to predict commonly typed phrases. This software supports users that struggle with spelling and those that struggle with the time it takes to produce essays. The user is always in control of their work and they make an active decision whether to use the predicted word rather than having it changed for them. The number of keystrokes needed to produce written work is reduced using this software meaning attention can be spent elsewhere. This software is an effective, time-saving solution for those composing written work.

  • 60+ Subject dictionaries
  • 80+ Languages
  • Inbuilt calculator
  • Read-Aloud Predictions & Corrections
  • Compatible with other AT products & Screen Readers
  • Real-time grammar corrections
  • Phonetic spelling corrections
  • Works with all your native applications
  • Predicts up to 18 words including punctuation

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